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  1. OMG XBOX version3 is not due until 2010 (might be brought forward for 2009) depending on microsofts readiness with regards to the completion of they 1st handheld iphone style device which will work alongside the new so called xbox3 which will prob be called something else, as they only called this one the 360 because they didnt want its customers to feel numerically underated when faced with the PS3 CRAZY - cant call it it xbox 2 fellas playstation have a third unit ;LOL anyway if you know anything about this mystery console thats due in 2010 post it here let me read it...
  2. wow sold mine for only £100 went within 10mins of posting it on ebay wasley mate, private sale, emailed me wasnt even any bids 10 ppl watching it and he said if you agree to take it off auction today give you £100cash will pick it up in a few hours, shame it dont work with a 360 would have kept it... sold in 10mins (get it on ebay man)
  3. lol you cant sell megapack cars, but anyway since your so kind i would like one of every car in the game please...
  4. i never buy from trade only sell - use it on a fresh profile to sell 1st car for 1k to get the 10points needed to rank up, after that once unlocked all roads, i then buy all the houses in the order i wish them to store my cars... then because all the single player missions are done i sell every car i own except one of course then rebuy all the cars on the game so that they all fill up my houses in the order i want them in... leaving my fav 10 used cars to last so they all in the one house that i just make sure i finish each gaming session by driving back to that house and saving the
  5. wow i always seem to end up with this limited response that im claiming pc gaming is dead/dying... what i mean when i say PC gaming is dying i mean... whats best way to word this ? games developers are putting more and more effort into developing titles and content for the consoles rather than for the PC just lately because its proving to be more cost affective. Which wasnt the case over 5yrs ago when the majority of focus was indeed on the PC rather than the consoles of yester years. and the proof to this would of cause be the latest press release that EA Games are indeed not g
  6. A-Z of test drive unlimited improvements: AI - some things that these pesky things get totally wrong in any computer game is random spawning, when a title just makes a car appear dead front of you when your travelling at 100mph is wrong and a bus falling from the sky and crushing your prize sportscar is also bad. i dont so much think draw distance is so bad within tdu, though many have complained about this, i think the spawning issue is much more a problem BUILDINGS - more buildings are required for example places like eden island, waterfalls, beaches, etc you should be able to stop
  7. SURPRISE !!! most of diablos photos contain, well.... a diablo !!!
  8. lol poor guy - i been on the bad end of the stick on forums before, i found that regular sex helps, that and lots of fresh coffee...
  9. well i was missing some dlc cars after paying for them, and redownloading the packs worked for me, try it...
  10. Any car thats red and begins with the letter "F" has "7" letters in the manufacturers name and was designed by some itailian boffin and carrys years of racing pedigree under its hood, is just fine by me... but since your forcing me to pick one, its going to have to be... "288 GTO" i prefer other ferraris better but lets be honest the style of the 288 is simply perfect for oahu it just fits in on the island so much better. amen!!!
  11. well going to have to vote alienware - i just wanna see you suffer with a corrupt tdu experience on your high end over expensive rather nice (jealous, jealous) alienware laptop thingy... ;lol
  12. well i got tdu on xbox now - and it works, someone tell me how on earth they got it so wrong for the pc... i can switch profiles without losing my save game, it doesnt lag, hang, crash or even require a toolkit ;lol the amount of time when i leave the map and transport to a location before the other online players show up makes a high tech pc seem slower than my first kiss, even the dam graphics look the same as with an 8800 GPU which proves it simply was a console conversion. its really surprising just how much they is wrong with it on the pc version, only had one problem with my 36
  13. tdu2 will arrive soon - i can feel it in my hands already :twisted:
  14. Newsflash... Im not so sure which section to post this into has it kinda involves both PC users and XBOX360 users alike, so im going to post it here for now. as most of my future post's will be in the 360section of the forums... Over the next few days they are going to be a few changes to both, our main website and my gaming habbits. the first set of changes are already set in motion, which is basically.... * Firstly, our main toolkit disturbution website is currently geared up for hosting the TDU-Toolkit and also my previous PC-Based test drive unlimited club. Which no longer r
  15. CLICK the bold writing on the homepage

  16. YEA sorry about that ive retired from gaming (well public gaming) i still play with my friends & single player.... but, as far as games go they more like "partys" now, i attend a party and then forget all about it :)
  17. Im not going to be around much in person for a while, but the updates will be made to this website as promised, i just wont be involved in the forums, the next batch of updates will be later today and then daily for the rest of the week. thankyou for your support people...
  18. long way to go yet !!! when i get off the game based instructions, it should gather speed. man i dont feel very good, huge massive drinking session last night. but got to start updates for tomorrow. i got 3beers in fridge might drink them, should help :) yea and for some strange unknown reason i stuck 6 smileys at the bottom of this post. dont make any sense at all (¼crazy)
  19. TOPIC UPDATES: Diner challenges Making Money (under construction) Free House Forum Help View Modes Player Symbols Game HUD Eden Island Ranking up Instant Challenges ADJUSTMENTS: custom radio stations - information regarding music manager program added that allows users to alter default ingame radio station tracks has been added. no further updates until monday evening, its weekend... so time for drinking and playing and being all relaxed not working my bottom off :)
  20. just use fraps - screenshot macros and film in one key stroke, plus runs on g15 lcd and so for me no dont need the photo mode
  21. im not really waiting for any title, as much as waiting for any title to keep me interested for a very long time. theres only been one game in my life that held my interest for a serious amount of time (6yrs) the only thing and it really is the only thing thats kept me going with tdu is the programs and websites ive made. i cant actually even face tdu to play, my face just goes depressed as soon as i fasten the g25 to the desk ;lol i really dont particularly care what title is the future, i just want the future title to hold my attention. does anyone understand what i mea
  22. well you be surprised how many people didnt know various things, which is what the tutorials are all about. im trying to include every question that could arise, i feel daft sometimes. for instance when i was making the install tdu section, i was thinking christ people are going to think im treating them like kids here. but if its going to cover everything i might as well cover it. and it made a great opening tutorial section :)
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