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  1. [ATTACH]27229[/ATTACH][ATTACH]27230[/ATTACH]
  2. OMG These car packs are so awsome and it's also an horner to me that you use my sound for the A45 AMG :D Its a great work you did
  3. nice work you did i would like to see the Alfa Romeo tz3 in the game forza horizon have a model of the car so it musn't be produced just convert the car wenn i don't know how hard it is to convert or even to produce a carmodel for tdu 2 but i think that the converting is mutch easyer than to produce a complete new car
  4. OMG Can't wait for the next version of this anyway awsome Patch really nice work of you guys
  5. well i would like to see the new golf 7 GTI or the polo R WRC edition some more small city racer you know :nuts:
  6. it's awsome but will it work on the unofficial patch 0.4 or is that a completely new patch ??
  7. thats right man you got it but i look really forward to that day when you all will release the unofficial patch 0.5
  8. so did this all means that there is no up 0.5 patch comming anyway and you will quit this project ?? that would be really sad for me and i think for other community members too
  9. Thats right The GTI only hase a smaller turbo than the S3 witch makes it less powerfull but it's the same technique inside both cars cause all parts for audi cars are produced by VW it's the same company VW baught audi years ago
  10. Another new sound mod [TUBE]/watch?v=5l3avQnBTy0[/TUBE] Download http://www.mediafire.com/download/na9n4x84cu7yofa/s3_high.bnk
  11. Hey there I made two new sond Mods Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series Download sls_amg_high [/url]
  12. hahah you guys are going to get crazy haha :D anyway its an awsome car you made there
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