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    I working on new physics to TDU2 Here is new 1.05 version Features: Braking can block wheels More powerful handbrake Some optimization of traction control Edited ForceFeedback Edited aerodynamics Good for drifting Realistic understeer New motorbike physics and handling Important: Hardcore setup is now really hardcore and it's good for drifting with 4wd cars (e.g. Bugatti Veyron) Sport setup is made for drifting with rwd cars and for perfect lap times Full assistance is for normal cruise around city and it can also be used for perfect lap times easily It works online and also with Unofficial patch and AutoPack. I was originally inspired by Veno physics mod and thanks to him I could understand how it works. Used modifications: Unofficial patch 0.4 Tested on Logitech G27 I still working on Clutch/Brake linearity and car suspension. Now I work on version for normal (slow) driving with smooth brakes and steering. I'll release it soon. Video: Installation: Copy downloaded file to TDU2 main folder and overwrite original Physics.cpr file You also need different laucher e.g. Knyazev Universal launcher or the TDU World Launcher
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/download/5kjdh88vhgbbqb4/Physics.cpr This should fix your problem. Put downloaded file to your TDU2 main folder.
  3. Ok, thanks for feedback. I'll fix it tomorrow.
  4. Czech female voice for GPS (navigation) It was really easy I just synthesized Czech voice and recorded it into TDU2 via Audacity. After that I added some effects. [ATTACH]21374[/ATTACH] I can also do this with other languages :) Important! You must have extracted version of the game! Installation: Download file Copy downloaded file to TDU2 directory \Euro\Bnk\sound\voices\us\ Overwrite original file Play :) (If you are using a different language version of the game, extract file to folder of your language) For example: E:\Games\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\sound\voices\us\ or E:\Games\TDU2\Euro\Bnk\sound\voices\ge\ In Czech Republic we use metric unit so imperial are still in progress. Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/cwfwlst2a9qzwhq/gps.bnk version 0.9
  5. No, unofficial patch uses original TDU2 physics but you can download and try my physics if you using unofficial patch :)
  6. Hi The only solution for now is an older version (version 0.81 with old steering) but I working on new version.
  7. Ohh thanks, but I have bad English so I think that could be problem in communication and I already have 3 testers. Do you have Skype?
  8. I have a G27 and when I tried 900 degrees so I thought it was playable.
  9. Yes it's primary made for unofficial patch. I still don't know why you have this problems with 900°, yes I admit that it isn't perfect but I think it's way better than original.
  10. I don't know, are you using unofficial patch because in retail game original launcher always download original TDU2 physics.
  11. For 900° you must change steering linearity so change your steering sensitivity slider in controller settings more to left.
  12. You must set H-shifter + clutch in your gameplay settings :( it is the only way
  13. Set sensitivity to right (in fact it is not sensitivity but linearity in TDU it's wrong named) or try use old version 0.81 with old handling model.
  14. Thanks but I already have 3 testers
  15. Ok... I apologize to all and especially to Veno. Now I hope that it should be ok.
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