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  1. View File TDUPE - Easiest way to fine tune vehicle physics! - Unlike specified above, I'm not the author, just uploaded this (djey) - A great tool by Dredgy, partially powered by TDUMT Libraries. Submitter Djey Submitted 05/17/2019 Category Tools
  2. Version 2.77


    - Unlike specified above, I'm not the author, just uploaded this (djey) - A great tool by Dredgy, partially powered by TDUMT Libraries.
  3. $70000 for a Corvette convertible is dirt cheap. Here I can't even get a good-spec Chrysler 300 for that. Heck, my R-Class is nearly twice that price and its a boring little thing. You have it good in America....
  4. killalldude's got the right idea.
  5. I used a Thrustmaster Afterburner when I was practising in FlightSim for my PPL. Haven't used in a year or two though.
  6. And thank Allah for it. They are the only people who actually make their cars unique, interesting and generally completely riced out. You spend time in Europe or the States and you see a load of boring, normal Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, Bugatti's and whatnot - you never see someyhing that's bright pink with a massive spoiler and some pointless body kit. It's so much more boring than Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Doha.
  7. It's never been confirmed. In fact, Wilman denied it in the "He's Ours" post. Glover's article is here: Stop Picking on The Stig Of course whether Wilman's trustworthy on this matter is debatable.
  8. Same, a Veyron is a car that works when it's been completly riced out. Which is why both this and the super sport work well.
  9. If you upgrade to 2.77, you can just select the installation directory and all will be good :)
  10. Yeah and I threw in some of my own money to get a better car. I was slightly annoyed - it was the reason I had a Jetta for a week or so. I was just thanking God that I had taken the Merc out that morning cause if she rolled that I would have been seriously angry.
  11. I had one of them, then I let my fiancee teach my niece how to drive in it: http://i37.tinypic.com/2ii729g.jpg http://i34.tinypic.com/o6h7dc.jpg
  12. It was one line of code, which results in about an extra 10 minutes of moderation per day and more posts for the forums as welll as a fresh supply of quality physics mods. His particular request was for registration required, not 5 posts. But if people only have to register I'd rather just give them the mods for free.
  13. Hey all. The 5 post thing is a trial really, and it kind of fills an OCD thing - I have graphs that show me the forum growth and when the post graph doesn't match the user graph it bugs me a bit :P That being said though, not all mods require registration to download (though granted the vehicle models do). It's up to the modder's discretion, they can tick a box when they upload the mod whether or not to require registration. This wasn't something I was originally going to do, but it was something I had to implement to get Turbo Lag onboard with his great physics mods. I decided to have the restrictions placed upon TDUPE itself so that people who have downloaded it can easily get support, though I might take them off on the next release. Eh, there are anti-spam measures in place. I don't have email activation set since when I first switched from shared hosting to a server, PHP's sendmail() didn't work, although that should be fixed now. The current level of spam could also be attributed to the fact I am the only person actively moderating and I'm on Hey, can I please have a list of email services I have accumulated over the last 3 years ? I have about 10 so far, which is somewhat small. Cheers. Increased CPU/RAM doesn't bother me at all, since I continue to upgrade servers without issue. If they are registering and downloading straight away it kind of annoys me and I see it as a waste of database space to have one extra user but no extra posts. If they only post 5 times and then never again, at least the community gains something. PM me with both your wifes and your account usernames. I'm dealing with this for another user, not sure if it's you though. Cheers.
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