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Found 6 results

  1. Some of you have noticed the site becomes unreachable with 502 error for short period of time recently At first I thought it was amount of traffic hitting pass above allocated resources which in some cases can be a good thing, after upping those settings, it helped for a short period of time and problem comes back The issue is when the site is having 502, my other sites that are running on the same server is completely running fine Quick glance at the server stat monitoring I noticed some spikes on bandwidth during those time My guess is we are experiencing spam attack that triggered by having a lot of files that we host (for example high number of requests to the screenshot thread at once ) Potential fixes are placing some restriction (I don't like to restrict users) on resources allowed to upload and better spam filter (which will be added when we move to new system )
  2. Hey guys, i thought id share what my plans are for my next project.. Seeing as audio editing seems to be the easiest thing to change, its what im gonna stick with for a while.. That being said my next project is gonna be a complete overhaul of the radio stations... Both radio stations and hopefully the commercials too.. Im gonna do one station for dancey type stuff like The Prodigy and apollo 440 ( cant stop the rock ) and the other station for 80's and 90's kinda rock. stuff like aerosmith, acdc, good classic driving songs, that make you wanna hang your arm out of the window while driving along.. The commercials will be the hardest part i think as ill have to make those up from scratch, but i have some funny ideas for those anyway. " rolla cola 20 litres for £1" .. "beaver dams tampons blegh" .. "cheap lobotomy at Dr drills surgery" that kind of thing... Around 65-ish songs in total, plus 12 commercials, 41 radio jingles, and 69 "in between songs" spots including weather notices, little comments before and after songs and various "spots" that only play at certain times of the day like sunrise or sunset.. Its a big project, but something has to be done about that horrible tracklist.. Not sure how long it will take. the music itself shouldn't take too long, i have plenty of tracks i can use. its the jingles, commercials and spots that will take a while to make.. If i put my mind to it i could have the music tracks done in a weekend, thats just converting audio to another format. but the jingles and such will have to be recorded from scratch. It will keep me out of trouble and off the streets for a while i guess, so thats gotta be a good thing :p Anyway, thats the plan.. Stay safe kids.. Nobby.
  3. General curiosity basically and as it'll take ages to look through everyones Rigs thought this would be good, so vote on what you've got. If you vote for other could you please state, and if you vote for the other if you could post what its is i.e. duo, quad or hd4780, GTX280, point of view, asus, etc. cheers You can vote on more than one option btw, so pick you CPU and your GPU.
  4. PS3 System Software 2.60 announced… 20 Jan SCEE has just sent us some news about the latest version of the System Software - 2.60. Click through for more info… The PLAYSTATION®3 experience gets even better with the 2.60 System Software Update: Create photo galleries and playlists and relive your video moments Access PlayStation®Store without an account! Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce the latest upgrade (system software update version 2.60) for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™). The PS3 experience is about more than just games; it’s also about movies, pictures, music, video and more. This is in part thanks to PlayStation®Network, the online space that opens up a world of new and exciting entertainment offerings. Following on from the success of the last enhancement to the service, version 2.60 is available to download from January 21, 2009 and comes with a host of new features that will give PS3 owners an even better experience. First is the new Photo Gallery application where you can group photos in various ways including by date and time, by event or by the number of people in the photos – you can even create a playlist that groups expressions (e.g. smiles) or age categories, like adults and children. You can also create a playlist of selected photos and select a photo frame for the playlist, which can also be played with your own music tracks – ideal for saving your family or holiday photos in a way that’s simple to access and easy to enjoy. But the new features don’t end there: Sony Computer Entertainment have now added the ability to play DivX 3.11 encoded video files – great for reliving some of those hilarious home video moments. Plus, if you’ve always wanted to see what PlayStation®Store has to offer but haven’t yet registered on PlayStation Network, those days are now over. Simply go and take a look at the latest trailers, games demos, exclusive content and loads more at the click of a button, before you decide to create a PlayStation Network account. PS3 and PlayStation Network are constantly evolving to sit at the heart of your entertainment world as more and more new games, new services and new entertainment experiences arrive. The features in the 2.60 enhancement are well worth experiencing for yourself. From threespeech
  5. Been surfing the interweb trying to spec this PC I'm going to attempt to build when I stumbled across this thread about what version of Vista which in turn turns into a OEM vs Retail debate on Vista. For those who cannot be bothered to read all the thread, the most important part of the thread which is an email from MS explaining what "DIY/selfbuilders" should use. So if this is the case, do other OEM components/software available on the market thus voiding any warrenty on the products you buy?? Just a thought and wondered what other fellow system builders thought.
  6. Xbox 360 System update now available (no new features) A few minutes ago, the team released a system update for the Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE. Sometime over the next few hours when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you’ll recieve a prompt to accept this mandatory update. This update contains code to ‘prepare for future growth of the service.’ There are no other changes or enhancements in this update…in other words no new features. To be clear: This is not the new Xbox experience update. That will come in the Fall. From Major Nelson
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