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Found 12 results

  1. Description:Hi guys, this mod i made for myself, but i decided to share with you. I worked one month on this mod. I hope you like it. The mod includes changes the cycle time, and also reflection and shine of car. Reflection and shine will be on your car now always, even in the night, only if you drive next to buildings and trees, because they reflect of light from the moon. The roads also illuminated from moon. Looks nice.:) Installation inside archive Link:http://www.gamefront.com/files/22852089/Time_Cycle%5BTDU1%5D%272013+by+D999G.rar Link2:Time_Cycle[TDU1]'2013 by D999G.rar Pics: [ATTACH]18360[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18361[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18362[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18363[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18364[/ATTACH] Sundown and sunrise (fast time) video: [video=youtube_share;1R40k1PQiOE] i am sorry for bad quality video. In the game, it's looks much much better
  2. Hey everyone, I would like to know if there is a way to edit or freeze the ingame clock. I would like to do edit them, so I can always drive at night (or at least for longer periods). Is there a mod or a config I can edit in order to acheive such a result? Thank you!
  3. We've been playing with robik, and a mate of mine for a while. I think it'd be great fun to add more members to our squad. We should do some kind of tduck community play day for bf4 (pc) Discuss?
  4. This mod make change time cycle:Morning,noon,evening,twilight,night. Now HDR version !!! This mod looks very nice with mod[ iLLusion - Island Paradise v0.9.5 ] Download:http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?masuk8ue55oo888 Pics: [ATTACH]18655[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18656[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18657[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18658[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18659[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18660[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18661[/ATTACH][ATTACH]18662[/ATTACH]
  5. hi all. how i can change defult start time 14:10 ? i can't found in .cpr files. sorry for my english.
  6. Well, I've just edited my very first timelapse (or something like it). Hope you enjoy, any comments are welcome! PS: There you got the link ¬¬ damn youtube
  7. Ryzza had the idea to start up the weekly competition again so here it is! Random entrant will be selected to pick the next week's car and track Car must be stock! Photo evidence is nice to have but not required, we trust you.. maybe. :evil: Have fun most of all guys, friendly competition please Week 4: Hot Hatch Hustle (green wristband) and VW Scirocco Ryzza5 - 49.498 MrSoftie - 50.855 khevolution - car is not stock: 54.016 Soundwave - 55.281 Namcolee??? - 56.514 T3hReaper91 - 57.363 ----*old*---- Week 1: Citroen DS3 Racing at North Beaumont Ryzza5 - 44.580 Clarence: 44.949 MonkeyWrench: 45.100 MrLolololXD 45.419 Week 2: Ford Sierra Cossie at BBS Showdown C Class Clarence: 1:52.410 Wrench: 1.53.299 Week 3: Stock Audi RS4 at ADIDAS Lakeside Landslide (pink wristband) Clarence: 2:25.194
  8. Okay, so, the World is currently undergoing a zombie apocalypse. Imagine something along the lines of Zombieland, except there are a few more people left than just 4... Anyway, your current car just broke down outside a seemingly unharmed car dealer, so you walk in and find 3 cars, all with 2 weapons on their seats. You must choose only 1 of these 3 cars with their weapons inside. No weapon swapping. The cars are... Mitsubishi I-Miev with a sniper rifle (idgas what sniper rifle, I'm not a gun nerd, just a sniper rifle) and 10 flare grenades (distracts and attracts zombies to it). For the nimble quiet people. Zoom around silently in your electric I-Miev, with it's short wheelbase, it's great at being thrown around through tight corners and obstacles. Enough room to carry an extra 1 survivor and your gear comfortably, and then park up on a hill out of sight and scope down those zombie buggers before you swoop in for supplies. Has a top speed of 130km/h and a 170km driving range. Takes just over 30 minutes to recharge with the special supplied charger. Hummer H1 with a machine gun and 10 explosive grenades with a pair of spiked knuckles. Forget sneaking from place to place from a distance, you're not afraid to let the zombies know you're coming, so they have a chance to run away from you, or to get up close for some zombie brain splattering fun. With enough room to carry 3 fellow apocalyptic survivors and your gear. While it does get around at what is not exactly break neck speeds, or go-kart like handling, you can withstand a lot of punishment and go places the other 2 cars can't. With the 0-100 time and fuel consumption figures, one can only imagine a high number for both. Mercedes C63 AMG with an assult rifle and 10 smoke grenades. Unlike the other 2 cars, you have speed on your side, aswell as the option to run & gun. You can get out of trouble easily by throwing down a smoke grenade and with your speed, you will be gone before the zombies even know you started to move. While not the most stealthy or heavy duty car, you can easily gun down zombies from a medium distance and swoop in, grab the loot and get away before the dead zombie's friends come to avenge them. Enough room to carry another 2 survivors and all your gear, while doing it in style. 0-100 in 4.5 seconds, a 250km/h top speed and fuel consumption figures that can only be described as reasonable. QUICK, pick one, the zombies are coming! :eek:
  9. Hey guys, just wanted to throw this out there. Basically, a week-by-week challenge series similar to the Star in a reasonably priced car series that we already have, but based around a few circuits and in cars tuned for time attack. The winner (being the entrant with the fastest CLEAN time) will choose the class and circuit, and any other variables they'd like for the next week's challenge. Pretty simple right? Let me just spell it out to make it even simpler, in the form of this weeks theme. Circuit- Tsukuba full. Car class- A600. Manufacturer's country of origin- Japan. Drivetrain- Any (drivetrain must be stock, no drivetrain swaps allowed.) This weeks winner will use that as a template, adding/removing specifications as they choose, eg. drive type, aspiration, age, etc. Also, dont be afraid to get creative with your car! I've tuned 240z's to A class and run good times with them, engine swaps are allowed unless the theme specifies that the stock engine must be used, so yeah! (drivetrain swaps must be either allowed or not allowed, no grey area, if you are found to have cheated by swapping your rwd car to awd, your time will be invalidated.)
  10. What about time machine where we can put example : it's 12:00 we press 8 and it's 20:00... Or weather where we can put rain?
  11. Well here's a little something for those that are looking for something to do :D Here are the rules: 1. Times must be recorded on the FULL Tsukuba circuit track. 2. There are 7 different classes: C, B, A, S, R3 and R2. Aswell as a special FWD D class (rules for this class below) 3. The person may use any car, with any modifications, within one of those classes to achieve the fastest clean lap they possibly can for their chosen class. 4. Extremely fast laps require a screen shot or photo to verify the time. 5. Tell which car you used for the lap. FWD D class: Only cars that were FWD from factory and remain FWD can be used. Have fun! I'll update the 3 fastest lap times for each of the classes as often as I can. R2 Class: 1. 2. 3. R3 Class: 1. 2. 3. S Class: 1. 2. 3. A Class: 1. 2. 3. B Class: 1. 2. 3. C Class: 1. 2. 3. D (FWD) Class: 1. 2. 3. Deadline for the second round is 25th of Feb! So hurry!
  12. These videos are a few months old, but i figured id post the links for all to enjoy. Basically, these are time lapses, where the camera is stationary for a length of time, and then the footage is sped up during the editing process. I have done these for TDU, Buruout Paradise, and a GTA IV and MCLA one are coming soon, but the TDU ones are below. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments either here or on the vid's pages if you have a youtube account.
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