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  1. Hi guys. Long time no see on forum (some of you may remember me :P). I am trucker for a loooong time, so I forgot about Test Drives... Here is my MAN :) [ATTACH]24785[/ATTACH]
  2. Everyone should do this for all original cars in game. Thx, fantastic work!
  3. One of the best cars ever! Just is it possible to make original-TDU2 plates version instead of russian plates?
  4. Thank you so much for these cars! It's wonderful to be back to TDU1 and drive your mods! :)
  5. Thanks ClothesMadMike!

  6. Happy Birthday! :)

  7. I hate new series as Friends or How I met your mother. My favourite shows are Only Fools and Horses, 'Allo, 'Allo, Black Adder, Top Gear, Black Books, Green, green grass, South Park. I only like Breaking Bad of modern series.
  8. Hello guys! I will re-install TDU1 just because of this project. It's bloody awesome :D I just want to ask (sorry if someone before me already did and I repeat it) is it possible to do lights and indicators inside? Or something similar, because it would be great for cruise, more realistic. Cheers!
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