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  1. Okay, I think I've overseen this, but I'm already thinking that writing them a second response won't make any difference. I'm sure this entire issue has to do with the game or the wrapper running out of address space due to it being a 32-bit game, and their developer wrote on their GitHub site that it's an issue they're aware of, but unfortunately can't fix. My goal now is to find a similar wrapper that fixes both the map and random crashing. As forementioned, WineD3D fixes the map crash, but lags terribly making the game unplayable. Did you try that already yourself or have a configuration that eliminates the artifacts? In my case, I had the same issue and after quitting the game, it wouldn't start again thinking I'm using an older DirectX version. Otherwise, the game runs fine and the map wouldn't crash anymore, but I'd need to test it out for a longer period to see if the game still crashes randomly or not.
  2. I read somewhere that a similar wrapper (WineD3D for Windows) would fix both the map and random crashes, but when I played the game with it, it'll lag so badly (5-10 FPS) it's basically unplayable, even on lowest settings. They however wrote on their homepage that the DLLs are far from perfect and won't work with every game, and for errors I need to file a report to the developers of Wine, so I'll leave this out for now.
  3. After thinking a bit about how to resolve this issue completely, I came to this conclusion: The issue is definitely neither the game itself nor the OS (meaning Windows 10 or 11). It also can't be a CPU, RAM or whatever hardware failure/complication on my side because the game runs without crashes when using Radeon Vega 8 instead of GTX 1650. I can't blame nVidia for this because it's an eleven year old game which has been cut off from most platforms, and if it is a general GDDR6 issue, then it won't be the manufacturer's fault. Now, we only have DXVK left. And like I said before: The game runs stable when using integrated graphics, which doesn't need the wrapper for anti-crashing. I wrote an issue to the developers which has been removed and was probably never thought about again. I'll give them a second chance, first using their tool to read out errors when the game is crashing, and send everything to them. More information to follow.
  4. Downgrading can be a possibility but the game runs on Windows 10/11 just fine. I have a PC tower with no graphics card (just integrated Intel HD Graphics) and Windows 10, and although it needs to be set to 720p and mid settings to run the game decently, I haven't encountered a single crash. So it's definitely not the OS's fault.
  5. I've created a GitHub account to explain the issue to the developers some months ago, but my message wasn't taken into consideration and has potentially even been deleted. That's very unfortunate, because this issue persists for a very long time (basically since RTX and GDDR6 graphics in general have been released), and isn't unknown either. I really would like to find out the thing that's causing the problem, but this is a huge blockade and I honestly don't know how to proceed.
  6. I can't exactly remember, but I think this is a general issue which happens in any version of the game? As far as I know the license plate also glitched in my vanilla game before applying the Platinum mod.
  7. For me, UP and the latest Autopack are also a must, but I'd like to see this mod, too:
  8. If you go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common or wherever you store your Steam games, can you see a folder named Test Drive Unlimited 2? If so, than the game is still installed on your PC.
  9. Absowarr

    My TDU pics

    Great mod, makes the environment much better and more detailed than the original. Just having a little problem that I can't zoom in or out on the map anymore, otherwise very good work. It turns out that restoring the original FX and applying the new ones again solved the issue.
    Great work, however it causes major problems in my case. Some textures will occasionally appear glitched, causing the game to crash few moments later. I use a GTX 1650 which is also affected by the same problems the RTX cards have.
  10. Played for a bit, after some time the game said that the servers are not available at the moment and it took me straight to the start screen. When trying to load the game again, it always shows me this: The game won't let me go into offline mode either; it always loops in this way. Disconnecting and reconnecting to my ethernet didn't work, and using WiFi instead didn't fix it either. In the launcher, it shows me that the servers are online now, however. Could it be maintenances or something else? Nevermind, I'm in now after 9 or so hours. Might just be some internet problems at home or connection issues. Thank you anyway!
  11. To get Alt-Tab work again, just delete the steam_api.dll file from the root folder. This will however disable acheivments and the play time counter. It might also not work everytime you try it.
  12. Update II: Apparently, my theory that DXVK might cause the issue has been confirmed. The problem is that the d3d9.dll file is not using enough memory for the game to run, causing it to crash when running out of address space, thus failing to assign more memory. That's probably also the reason why the 4 GB patcher didn't fix the problem, as it only patches the TestDrive2.exe file and not other files. I've put the DXVK log here if someone needs it. Unfortunately, the developers of DXVK said that it's a known issue and they don't have a solution yet, so until then I'll just play with my integrated graphics when doing longer races, just to be safe. There's also a megathread regarding this issue on GitHub, and apparently the issue is on both Windows and Linux, and not only TDU2 is affected. Test Drive Unlimited 2 - Windows 10 Crash · Issue #1819 · doitsujin/dxvk · GitHub Out of Address Space Megaissue · Issue #1318 · doitsujin/dxvk · GitHub TestDrive2_d3d9.log
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