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Welcome to the official TDU World group, the home of the TDU2 Online reincarnation project.

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  2. Hello, this might not be a problem that occured because of TDU World, but i haven't played the game in a loooooong time and back then that feature was working. My Probelm is that, when you arrive at a garage with a car and the garage was filled with other cars, that car would show up at a dedicated spot, so for instance when you arrived at the starter home with a different car there were 3 cars in the garage, that doesn't seem to work anyomore, was it patched out in an Update or is it a bug? Either way, is there a way to get that feature back? Thank you in advance.
  3. I've tried every single fix on this forum. The "Just zoom out" method doesn't work, wether I'm doing it with a controller or with a mouse. The game freeze, ALT+TAB, zoom out, then it dies. Not matter what. The famous D3D9.DLL doesn't work either, as the game WON'T launch when the DLL is in the main directory. (See pictures attached) My GPU "graphics device" is an RTX2060 6GB. From my earlier digging I found out that RTX GPUs are the culprit for crashing the map. I really REALLY want to play TDU2 again with people. But without the map there's only so much I can do.
  4. Hello I have a friend on TDU2 but i can't play with him could you help me ???? Rogze
  5. I have created a new save. It has the same name. Is there a way to manipulate it so I can keep my cars and progress? Will the game ever update so you can use your old savegames??? Not worth me starting over again. I just want to drive with other players.
  6. Just wanted to give an update that I am able to play the game again. I guess it took a few days to register that my password changed.
  7. Basically whenever i load into a dealership ind TDU2 while in Hawaii the game immediately crashes and the only way to fix it is deleting the DVXK map fix. help?
  8. I had to reset my password because I wanted to login on the website and when I went to play the game it won't let my play. When starting the game and hit start it says server in not available. I click ok and it brings me to a profile select page. I click edit on my profile to use my new password (username is already there (greyed out/cannot be changed)) After I type in my new password it still says the server is not available. I just get stuck in that loop.
  9. Just yesterday I uploaded several radio options for the game. Maybe someone will like it ...))) https://sites.google.com/view/addons-for-tdu2-rs There are files to view the content of the radio. The file names are game and do not correspond to the content.
  10. Metal, Metalcore, Heavy Metalcore & Deathcore to build on the original Road Rock Radio
  11. My problem is the h shifter not working when Tdu world is installed. When it isnt installed it works perfectly fine but when it is installed I am unable to shift at all with my h shifter.
  12. This method has no effect on TDU2 that uses dxvk files. I found that when I use dxvk (d3d9.dll). The steam interface in my game disappears and the controller cannot be used. And unfortunately the alt+tab method has no effect on my game From the sad reminder users who use 1660ti.
  13. Make sure you have the ‘key.txt’ file in your game directory. Paste the key inside it and try again
  14. Morning/Afternoon/Night, I've recently followed the guide for installation and am now ready to play, unfortunately I cannot create an account. I'm running into an issue where I "Cannot create more game profiles from this game copy". Would appreciate any and all help i can receive for this issue. Thank you.
  15. Помогите пожалуйста, при создании профиля в игре при использовании онлайн режима эта ошибка вылезает
  16. What I miss a lot is the adjustable sitting position (I drive almost only with cocpit view). For TDU2 there was the program "camara hack" - but unfortunately it does not work at TDU World
  17. In the meantime you should hard-code it to say Probably Online
  18. I'm happy to announce that the TDU World website is back online! Server status check does not work yet, do don't be alarmed by it saying "offline".
  19. Nope, not on the server side. Modpack side we could always use some extra hands. Car modding, sound modding etc. Not many people can help on that part though
  20. @Aquarious are there any other areas in which you are looking for help? I do have experience in project management as well as Web development across multiple platforms primarily utilising bootstrap. Other than that can't wait to see you and the team on the server!
  21. It's indeed not the way to go for streaming. When that happens for me, I just alt-tab again. Bringing back my screen, then going back into the game while zooming out again. Ouch. That's interesting, that never happened to me before. Not sure if I can help there This indeed happens sometimes, but most often it works fine (for me atleast). But yes, for streaming it is really not the way to go. We'll need to further look into the issue to find the underlying problem. But sadly this is lower on our list at the moment.
  22. Hi @joshylad, thanks for the application and support. Sadly we are currently not looking for any more help regarding the server development.
  23. bonjour j'ai repéré un problème sur peint shop lorsque j'ai voulue fair un audi r8 , une fois terminé la peinture s'efface en gardent les couleur , du coup le clavier le volan se bloque je ne c'est pas si ce problème a etait signalé ,par contre je dit respect le serveur marche très bien en multi hate avoir les nouvelle mise a jours

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