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The official TDU World group.


Welcome to the official TDU World group, the home of the TDU2 Online reincarnation project.

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/TWxwYU9

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  2. TDU World have good faith that Nacon (The developers behind TDU Solar Crown) will deliver in due course. They have their final WRC game to get out the door first and a fairly large task on their hands delivering something the community would be happy with. Remember this is the first time a developer other than Eden Games (RIP) have worked on a TDU game and Nacon are well known for delivering some quality games with the community in mind.
  3. About one matter I'm sure: you will release this mod, those folks at TDU 3 Solar Crown won't. Their project vanished. Literally. I wasn't able to get any recent news about it. With best New Year wishes and regards to all.
  4. ooh man... i can't wait to finally relive the old days of tdu2, but in a modern way. best of luck to you guys over on the dev team!!
  5. All the best to you, dear mates... just can't await to drive what good you managed to do. With best regards.
  6. You will play online with a lot of mods. Other players won't see your modded car unless they have the same mod installed.
  7. if I use a lots of mods and play online,what will happen?
  9. good job! 加油(ง •̀_•́)ง等着大家在火奴鲁鲁重逢的那一天!
  10. i am sooo hyped for this mod, it will bring back all the fun
  11. Hello everyone! It's been a while since we've openly shared anything about TDU World and an update was long overdue, luckily we have lots of good things to show! Over the past few months we have been working long and hard and have overcome quite a few of the biggest obstacles regarding online play. Some people might already know about some of the news since we teased it in our Discord (which you can join here if you haven't already!), but there is some more stuff to talk about... We won't keep you waiting any longer, lets get into it! TDU World got a fresh new logo!
  12. Only things that come to mind is for sure the unofficial patch and the newest autopack. Really looking forward to the day we can all play tdu2 online again
  13. For your information, I'm just using the 1.8, and all is running as intended to do. Thank you again, with best regards.
  14. 1.73 works fine, 1.8 also as far as I've heard, but I haven't used that one.
  15. Dear Aquarious, and it's two. Also this last tip you suggested worked out fine. Thanks a lot for your kind attention! With best regards.
  16. I will check and do that way you've suggested to, thanks a lot for your patience with me. Is its previous version (that one just before 1.85, I mean) running fine or not? With best regards.
  17. To answer your question, Yes you can but its recommended to use an Official copy.
  18. So the brand logo is missing from the dealership, is that what you are saying? It can really only be one thing, a corrupted texture... What version of AutoPack are you running? If it's 1.85, I would suggest removing it. It's flawed by bugs: cars are missing color options, some are using the wrong rims etc.
  19. But... I still have another 'but' to be solved. After the last Win 10 Pro updates, why can't I manage to get that blessed Ferrari brand shown on the Italian cars dealer after having installed that 'tdu2 auto pack01' then? In all my previous installations I got it without any kind of hassle, I remember. Something is telling me I' better to wait and see that TDU Solar Crown... hoping it will be released, one day. But anyway it goes, why would such matters happen to me certainly? Bah. With best regards to all.
  20. I don't think it is possible to fix this, sadly. Editing savegames isn't a thing for TDU2 yet...
  21. Hello everyone, So after a looong time, I have finally decided to play TDU2 again and make my own 100% savegame. And I was doing that, until I really thought that I discovered all of Ibiza when I had 99% of the Area 2 discovered, and didn't want to look for the last piece or even pieces. So I looked up on youtube on how I could unlock all the roads in the game. I have found a video that showed me how to do that. I thought that the game would realise that all the roads were discovered, but now they're stuck like in my picture shown. Could someone go into my savegame and somehow fix this? F
  22. @Aquarious: that fix... succeeded. I got finally to navigate around the map without any kind of issues or freezing the sim and run any kind of championship of my like. Thanks a lot for your help once again. With best regards.


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