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The official TDU World group.


Welcome to the official TDU World group, the home of the TDU2 Online reincarnation project.

Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/TX2QDB6

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  2. That's a weird issue @JagHondIt's most likely caused by your TDU2 installation. Hardware doesn't cause things like that. Are you running a legit version of the game and is it updated to the latest version (DLC2 v034)? I know plenty of people who use new RTX cards and don't have any issues. There is, however, one known issue, and that is that opening the map crashes the game. This can be fixed with this .dll (I will attach it to this post). It's called the Vulkan fix, copy it to your TDU2 directory and it should fix that map crashing issue (if you have it). d3d9.dll
  3. Thanks for this, but I was misunderstood, I'm afraid. I haven't told that TDU was not compatible with Win10. I said that there are flaws, described in my post and still currently unsolved. The most annoying, to me, are that I can't see the Ferrari brand in the Italian tuning shop any longer even after applied the proper patch several times, and I can't run some of all championships. Weird, I was able to before. That's all. Oh, well... all the Community here knows well that, just hoping someone can fix this also one day, or better soon. With best regards.
  4. Nice! I also hope it will be compatible in full with the last generation of graphic cards and their drivers... playing TDU2 with its actual flaws is a real pain nowadays, you know. I tried all the kind of tricks and hints available, but with no results. And I don't want to go backwards to Win7 and a less performing card either. With best regards.
  5. Progress is being made behind the scenes. We hope to bring an update soon!
  6. any update? I have had tdu2 on steam since it was available and would love to be able to play it again haha
  7. I can help out with some SQL server
  8. Yep, I've got discord but not so many free time to vocal, as most of my time already discussing remotely with my team mates @ job. I could interact with text messages however and join chat when I can. Is this discord you're talking about ? https://discord.gg/TX2QDB6 See you! Edit: now solved and joining
  9. Thanks! If you have a Discord We'd be extremely happy if you wanted to hop on board and join us with our project, there's lots going on not just on the code side but lots of REing and modding for our pack.
  10. bonjour si c'est un développement du jeu avec le Server si possible de créé des piste de drag de 400 ou 800 mètre je pence serais fun et une autre détail si possible monté jusqu'au 10 stage de puissance des voiture pour amelioration des puissance merci beaucoup d'avance
  11. My knowledge in terms of server development is very weak... but I think I could help with reverse engineering game files at some point, so try asking me. Always keeping on reverse enginering TDU and improving my current tools, I might apply some of my skills to TDU2 as well. Anyway good luck with it! There's no reason people did make it for TDU1, thus for TDU2 a server will come out one day I'm sure.
  12. The time has come for TDU World to expand their team. We are looking for a software developer who has experience in Server Development to volunteer their time. Ideal Candidates should be efficient in: Visual C# Coding (Server instances and services, which use end to end encryption) SQL Server (Scripting and or Database Management) Have at least some knowledge and understanding of load balancing proxies and request brokers You should also have understanding of memory debugging, reverse engineering and Packet Tracing/Analysis. The TDU World S
  13. hi it will be very good I have tdu 2 on steam it will be compatible I hope so yes
  14. Hey There! I am Rokas, also the only Duce in turboduck discord server, huge fan of racing games. How I discovered TDU2? Well, back when I was younger I was searching for videos which were longest in youtube (don't say anything, lol), and the video which was a longest one day was TDU2 Beta video. I really liked this game by just watching it, it became my favourite game even I haven't even played it. Got the PS3 disk in 2013, and I was extremely disappointed by controls and physics. Took a huge break, and started playing agian only in 2017. Now, I pretty much expect what surprises
  15. Interesting, that shouldn't happen. Can you try uploading it again? File size limit is higher now.
  16. Umm.. Can just tell that how I can post my photos? I mean whenever I go to post a photo it says the file is too large! Help me!
  17. 'Cooky', I've never heard of that before But I guess you mean the filter, I'm using a strong ReShade filter here.
  18. Dude It's so cool! But how the visual so cooky?
  19. No, not useless to join our server. But there is no official way to obtain the game, so I would recommend going with a Steam key.
  20. thanks for your reply so if i am understanding it can only be done through steam these legit atari keys are useless in order to join your servers...will ask for a refund
  21. Oh I forgot this document that was released after the game was out, seeing people had troubles to configure their controllers! Will have an eye on it once more ... thanks.


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