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  2. After i do a fresh install of tdu2 and install tdu world, windows tell me the launcher dont work and it closes. what can i do?
  3. Starting the 1st of June, I played for hours without issues. Yesterday I had screenfreezes and CTD every 5-15 minutes with Crash ID: 744FAED8. Very frustrating to get rollbacks when you're opening roads. Today the game won't even start. I'm thrown out to desktop with a crashreport ID: 041D83D every time after the opening cinematics clicking 'START'. Any suggestions much appreciated thanks.
  4. My 6-core Ryzen laptop with 1650 GPU keeps having the same issue. I tried all the solutions but it keeps messing up on the map screen. We have to wait for a fix from the developer(s). A permanent fix. I guess an improved installer could fix this issue/these issues by applying the needed patches to specific systems. No matter what, Atari did not leave anything to desire to be lend or borrowed. The attitude with broke game developers is the same as with enriched developers. If I look at the shitty issues a game like GTA5 Online has. I quit playing that game and asked Rockstar to purge my level 400 character. The perspective here is that Rockstar don't give a shit about the players and neither did Atari. Rest in peace! I have other things to do
  5. Hi there everyone! My Apologies this is late to TurboDuck and was probably missed by anyone not in our Community Discord. Going forwards, I will continue to cross post updates. I've also updated the TDU World Website so the latest status of any features, including confirmed server issues, can be found over on the Status Page TDU World Server Update: April 2022 We're pleased to announce that after a longer than ever expected period, there is finally a update to the TDU World Server! The following is now out of Beta: Anti-Piracy has now been turned OFF! - Players using keys shared by the community will now be able to play TDU World Online. You asked, and we have listened. Notice: You will NOT be able to play TDU World with a cracked EXE. You may find a clean copy of the game on Internet Archives, Install TDU World Launcher, it will update your game as required, then when prompted, activate your game using the Key you have sourced from the internet. We cannot provide support for any cracked copies of the game, so please don't ask us directly or in troubleshooting about cracked editions of TDU2. Lobbying 2.0 - Finally Live! We're still looking into various flaws in the system, however Lobbying has been improved and should be more stable. If you're having issues, make sure you've opened Port 8889, as this is very important to being able to host and join players! Some Lobbying issues are due to the launcher being unable to properly detect NAT. A Launcher Update is coming soon, so please be patient with us. Races - Thanks to Lobbying 2.0, we're pleased to announce that public testing for Races is now under way. Please note, we're aware of a bug that may kick players from joined race lobbies with a "no game found" message. This can be bypassed if the race host starts the race as soon as you join. We're working to resolve this as quick as we can. Friends - You may now send and receive Friend Requests, Add users by Username, and Join Friends if they're online! Friends online, will show notifications when they join or leave your lobby. This is a little bit of a bug, however over time we're hoping to improve this so real time notifications will work again in the longer term. Map/Joining - We're still blowing some cobwebs out of these functions, however the Map should now start working properly once you're in a lobby, and Joining Friends, Recent Players, and teleporting to players in your Lobby, should now be semi-functional. We are aware that occasionally, Map Updates behind the scenes may cause people's games to crash, we're working on resolving this as quick as we can. Statistics/MyTDULife - At this time, basic stats such as Money, Vehicles/Houses Owned are now syncing again, however MyTDULife is not functional until further notice. We hope to have an update for this soon. Leaderboards - We're still working on implementing leaderboards, so for now you will only see a "Coming Soon" entry. No Times or Scores are syncing to us yet. Dealerships - We're now able to control what vehicles appear in any dealership. At this time, only the standard vehicles will show in each dealership, however in the future we hope to utilize this feature during special events. Casino - Until further notice, Casino is joinable, however all the functions are disabled so Casino Games, the Audi Race or the Bar are NOT accessible yet. As soon as each part of the Casino is ready, we will open each game mode up as necessary. Expect an update very soon. Racing Centers - Until further notice, Racing Centers are NOT accessible on the TDU World Server. As soon as they're ready, we will open them up. Clubs - Until further notice, Clubs are NOT Accessible on the TDU World Server. As soon as they're ready, we will open them up. Expect an update very soon. If you have any issues whilst playing on the TDU World Server, please post in troubleshooting and we will investigate. At this time, we are working almost daily to produce bug fixes and prepare more features for release, your input matters! Team TDU World are still working on the TDU World ModPack. Xarlith is now our Mod Pack Manager, continuing to work extremely hard on the pack alongside the rest of our team. As always, please do not DM TDU World Staff regarding updates etc. We will provide news when we're ready! Thanks to everyone who continues to support TDU World, we're very keen to continue working hard to ensure we bring you the best TDU2 Server, and eventually Mod Pack too.
  6. Can't even start the game with the "fix". I have not seen a game this shitty where a fucking map opening is an issue.
  7. Heh! At the same time as the Windows update... LOL... I just wanted to go back and buy the Audi in the main hall of the casino. I understand that I can't use the casino. Thank you for the invite to Discord. I tried it, but they keep asking me if I am human. I will get the Discord sorted!! Regards
  8. Hi @Avatarzan, As of yesterday, the TDU World Server has gone through a period of updates. We're aware at the moment there is an issue with the game crashing for multiple users both in free roam and when racing. I'm currently working on reproducing the issue and resolving in a new update which will go live as soon as it is ready. The Casino and Club are currently Disabled on the TDU World Server as they are not yet ready to play. I encourage you join the TDU World Discord for the latest news and real time troubleshooting as I am most active there, as are the rest of the TDU World Team.
  9. Hi My system: GTX1060 3GB, 16GB RAM, i5-4670K, Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. TDU2 has always run smoothly. No issues. I installed TDU World last week on a clean install of my TDU2 on Steam. The game rarely crashed and I could enter the casino and club. 1. Here a week later (after a Windows 10 update on Saturday 16th) I cannot enter the casino or club. 2. And the game freezes within minutes of launching the game. I re-installed the TDU World Multiplayer Mod. And Microsoft Smart Screen blocked the install (It did not block it during the first install !!). After doing a system recovery the issues persist. I understand that the mod is a work in progress. Maybe you made some changes on the back-end at the same time i updated Windows If I need to look into NAT settings I'll do that. Firewall rules settings too. Regards!
  10. ive tried all of these and still doesnt work....ironicly im unable to zoom in or out on map, some championships work (like on the nort end of island,while others the game goes black screen and unresponsive...hella grrz cause i love this game!!!!
  11. Ah ok. I think it would be best if you head over to the TDU World Discord server and ask in the troubleshooting section. @xXBeefyDjXxmanages the server and has the ability to check your account directly.
  12. Hey Ryzza5, I appreciate this response greatly. This is the video I used to get to where I am now. I have repeatedly followed these instructions several times daily last week. I am wondering what may be causing my Issue. I clearly have an account here since I am posting. My password is correct since again, im posting here. Is there some sort of limit to what your screen name can be? Or does it take time for the website data to update to the servers? Im not really sure what else to do here.
  13. Thank you for getting back to me. I went back and tried this. It said my TDU World account was not found. What exactly is it looking for? I thought it was pretty straight forward but here we are. What do you log in with?
  14. I think you have to type your email address in the game matching the one used in TDUW.
  15. Newly made account (today). Followed instructions. Deleted my save file. I put my in game name in, then my TDU world account name from here in, finally my TDU world password from here in and it does not find an account. Did I miss a step somewhere? Im going to try and reinstall I guess. Anyone know if it takes time before your login works?
  16. I really Hope there will be a better fix one day. In my Case (RTX 2070 Super) neither the RTX fix nor the "alt-tab"-trick is working. While the "Alt-Tab"-Trick just doesn't work, the RTX fix just makes the stability so bad, that the game crashes even earlier than i would open the map for the next time. But, of course, without the map the game is just unplayable, because you can't enter any competition. So I can just mention here, that this is still a problem that is not fully solved and hope that someone will find a "real" solution finally. Best regards, TH
  17. Until I installed the multiplayer mod, everything worked fine. I activated the game with the key and it started. But the TDU World launcher does not open, it appears in the task manager for a second and disappears
  18. Not only I agree in full on all that above, but in your shoes I would follow carefully how the current TDU World's will proceed instead, because that - frankly speaking - is all what we have left at hand. About that other one "project", "initiative" or whatever it is, the most optimistic comment I have about is "Really? Let's wait and see if it will become a true thing". With best regards to all.
  19. The rights holders would laugh at your reasoning. I don't know why I'm explaining this, but they don't have to do anything. They own the property and can decide what to do with it. This includes shutting down stupid ideas like enabling online play for pirated copies. Moreover, the fact that a new game is in development only increases the chance of shutting down anything which infringes on their IP. Try to understand that you're looking at this situation from the view of someone who just wants to play a pirated copy online for free. You can't really expect anyone to take you seriously.
  20. Get in trouble with the law? This game has been cut off from online for a long time and there are no updates for it. Moreover, the rights to develop a new part have been transferred to other developers who have not been able to release Solar Crown for a long time.
  21. You know what would be even more stupid.. supporting hacked versions and opening yourself up to legal trouble after years of developing the multiplayer. Also I'm sure your demand has been noted and put to the top of the priority list.
  22. It's stupid that the multiplayer is only for the official versions of the game. I won't buy it anywhere. Do it already for the hacked versions
  23. For me, UP and the latest Autopack are also a must, but I'd like to see this mod, too:
  24. TDU World requires a legit game and serial number anyway so there's no point trying with a cracked game.

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