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  2. Bit late to the topic, but the main thing would be the race/speed/timetrial events as they were in TDU 1, just races scattered across the map rather than all being tied in a bunch of championships. Hated that in TDU2. And make them repeatable for the same cash reward. In TDU 1 I did the island time trial for 1 million to get money, in TDU2 I had to do a ton of casino to get the stuff I wanted. It'd be fun if you could tune the looks of cars like in NFS, and to some extend FH. The return of motorbikes. For some reason I like discovering roads better on motorbikes. Also, if there's off-road again, dirt bikes would be neat. Allow people to use DLC offline. It's stupid I paid good money for the casino DLC and the motorbike DLC and I couldnt use either after the servers went down. If it has storydriven content, please make it have a better story than TDU2 which was simply horrible. I liked the way in TDU you could do the white icons driving people around for clothing and the races, delivering packages and cars for money. It worked. I feel TDU2 emphasized the fashion aspects a little too much, and I don't care for it. (especially annoying in FH4, hope they steer clear of that way) Surely can think of more but this is enuff for now....
  3. Thanks for this TDU World, after having bought the DLC and then being unable to use them offline, I was pretty psyched to see this, and being able to enjoy my motorcycle again. Now..., the only car I've ever wanted in a game is also the one that is never in one. A '94 Toyota Starlet. On the off chance that could ever be represented in a game I'm posting it but I don't expect it to be possible. On a side note, any ETA on the casino being added to TDU World?
  4. The server went down unexpectedly. nothing on your end. i also don't think that server status actually works on the launcher lol so keep that in mind for next time.
  5. Played for a bit, after some time the game said that the servers are not available at the moment and it took me straight to the start screen. When trying to load the game again, it always shows me this: The game won't let me go into offline mode either; it always loops in this way. Disconnecting and reconnecting to my ethernet didn't work, and using WiFi instead didn't fix it either. In the launcher, it shows me that the servers are online now, however. Could it be maintenances or something else? Nevermind, I'm in now after 9 or so hours. Might just be some internet problems at home or connection issues. Thank you anyway!
  6. Thanks a lot, Aquarious, for all your hints and the fix. Actually this was the only issue I always had, also with the former (Steam) version). My experience with TDUW is this: - installed TDUW on my 32Gb RAM, Win 10 Pro and GTX 2080Ti PC/system. No nVidia Manager enhacements added. No administrator privileges ticked, no other compatibility adjustments made. - that ALT+TAB tip unfortunately didn't work. - without the fix, the game ran as a charm, all the graphic details were awesome. Opening the map drove me in deep troubles, black screen and freezing. - with thhe fix, the game ran a little more slowly, but always stable. The graphic details became a little more "grainy", let's define them this way because I can't find other words to. If worse, let's bear it this way. Hopefully this will be better one day. With best regards to all.
  7. Hi there, hope you are having a good day I would love to see cars such as: Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno GT APEX Honda Civic Type R EK9 or EP3 Honda Integra Type R DC2 Honda S2000 Renault Megane RS / Clio V6 or Trophy Volkswagen Golf R Volkswagen Golf MK4 R32 Volkswagen Polo GTI Audi RS3 Toyota GT86 Fiat Coupe Fiat 500 Abarth Ford Focus MK2 ST or RS Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 Volvo 850R Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Alfa Romeo 4C Mercedes Benz A45 AMG BMW 140i M Sport BMW M5 E60 V10 BMW M3 E30 Ford Sierra RS 500 Cosworth I hope you guys take these cars into consideration. Many Thanks for your hard work, take care guys
  8. @xXBeefyDjXx Thank you very much for the advise. I always keep a backup of my saves, so I will try to run a bit with old profile, and create a new one if something breaks. Congratulations for the work you and your team is doing. It's impressive how polished everything is.
  9. Parts of Unofficial Patch will make their way to the TDU World ModPack, though it will be heavily modified in line with our plans.
  10. Hi, This was fixed in a patch that went out March 2021 alongside several Profile related fixes.
  11. Official Stance: Read our rules! We do not allow any other modifications, cheats and such on TDU World besides our planned TDU World Mod Pack. Anyone found cheating money, vehicle stats, garage vehicles, DLC etc will be subject to a ban.
  12. It's not yet confirmed if this is a bug or a patched out feature. Please keep an eye on the news and Discord posts for any updates regarding bugs/functionality updates.
  13. Whilst it's possible to reuse an existing (atari) profile on TDU World, we strongly suggest not doing so because there's an extremely high possibility your saves will corrupt. If you're absolutely sure you wish to do so, as above, you just sign up using the exact same name you did for your Atari Account, and then log into the old save with your new login details.
  14. I'm new here, and didn't find any information about the possibility of use an old save. So I'm sharing what I found... I installed tduworld yesterday, played few minutes with my old online save (from original TDU2 online), it worked. I created my username in tduworld exactly the same as in old tdu2 online.
  15. I have Xbox one controller and it's detected as Xbox 360 controller. So no issue. Like said just before, you'll have to map every function manually if 360 profile does not work by your side.
  16. The Xbox One controller doesn’t have a preset. You need to bind the buttons yourself. Make sure the controller is on before launching the game, then manually bind all buttons ingame.
  17. I have tried, and tried, and TRIED to get this game to detect my xbox 1 controller. Its detected and functions fine in every game but tdu 2. Can anyone help PLEASE?!? works fine on my friends pc on tdu 2, but not mine
  18. Hello, this might not be a problem that occured because of TDU World, but i haven't played the game in a loooooong time and back then that feature was working. My Probelm is that, when you arrive at a garage with a car and the garage was filled with other cars, that car would show up at a dedicated spot, so for instance when you arrived at the starter home with a different car there were 3 cars in the garage, that doesn't seem to work anyomore, was it patched out in an Update or is it a bug? Either way, is there a way to get that feature back? Thank you in advance.
  19. I've tried every single fix on this forum. The "Just zoom out" method doesn't work, wether I'm doing it with a controller or with a mouse. The game freeze, ALT+TAB, zoom out, then it dies. Not matter what. The famous D3D9.DLL doesn't work either, as the game WON'T launch when the DLL is in the main directory. (See pictures attached) My GPU "graphics device" is an RTX2060 6GB. From my earlier digging I found out that RTX GPUs are the culprit for crashing the map. I really REALLY want to play TDU2 again with people. But without the map there's only so much I can do. Please, please help me to fix this. I'm starting to loosing my nerve here and I don't know what else to do.
  20. Hello I have a friend on TDU2 but i can't play with him could you help me ???? Rogze
  21. I have created a new save. It has the same name. Is there a way to manipulate it so I can keep my cars and progress? Will the game ever update so you can use your old savegames??? Not worth me starting over again. I just want to drive with other players.
  22. Just wanted to give an update that I am able to play the game again. I guess it took a few days to register that my password changed.
  23. Basically whenever i load into a dealership ind TDU2 while in Hawaii the game immediately crashes and the only way to fix it is deleting the DVXK map fix. help?
  24. I had to reset my password because I wanted to login on the website and when I went to play the game it won't let my play. When starting the game and hit start it says server in not available. I click ok and it brings me to a profile select page. I click edit on my profile to use my new password (username is already there (greyed out/cannot be changed)) After I type in my new password it still says the server is not available. I just get stuck in that loop.
  25. Just yesterday I uploaded several radio options for the game. Maybe someone will like it ...))) https://sites.google.com/view/addons-for-tdu2-rs There are files to view the content of the radio. The file names are game and do not correspond to the content.

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