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TurboDuck 12th and Eudemon 9th Anniversary Update!


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Dear all members,


Well Yes, I know the anniversary post is a month late now, I have been doing marathon of coding both at work and at home.
Finally to bring you this major update since the complete system overhaul.
(Did you know both site's anniversary is in February? What a coincident!)


+ Added new home page which will pull latest feed from every area of the site


+ Added Discord login, BOT that will auto post new content


+ Added Facebook, Twitter login, user can optionally share to Twitter when making new content

+ Added Steam login, this will add a tab on your profile page showing off your libraries
(The integration will obey your Steam account privacy setting)


Note: for existing user logging in through above services, the system will check account exist or not
If it does not identify you, go to account setting and select platform to sync


+ Added dark theme as default (to switch, select theme at the bottom of page, due to compatibility issue, light theme is currently unavailable and will be added on a later date)

+ Added Animated Gif support on editor

happy bird GIF by foodieg

* Guest can now post content before registration prompt
They will then have up to a week to finish registration with reminder


+ A new staff pick page is added with content hand pick by admins and mods,
These content will also be shown at homepage block, social media and news letter recommendation


* News section is back, which allow anyone to add / edit records
Currently four categories are available
(It follows wiki style editing meaning anyone can adjust each record and it saves history of modifications)


* Donators from old TDuck all received a free VIP subscription
Currently PayPal only but more support will be added

* Consolidated unused, lesser traffics or unnecessary forums

* Latest patches that applied many improvements and bus fixes


I did not make a full explanation in previous announcement and the question has been brought up few times, so I made a formal thread about the reasons behind merger


Lastly we are hiring freelance tech blogger who can write How to guide, tech explanation etc in fields of Internet of things, Computers and Mobile devices (General software related), this is paid role with forum benefits, if you're interested, please send me a PM


Any feedback welcome!
- Diablo (Eudemon)

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