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  1. It doesn't contain the virus as the installer itself is a legit DLC installer from Atari, but the file is so old that the modern Windows machines detect it as a virus. Sorry for a late response Don't know what issues you having there, but i've been using this patch ever since it came out and it always worked for me greatly. I did noticed that this patch isn't functional on "Portable" versions of TDU. I recommend to install an ISO of the game somewhere on your SSD or HDD and install the patch. Sorry for a late response
  2. it is if you modify the sound file
  3. With your Megapack thing, I recently reinstalled the game and got some cars from my previous save back.

    Some of the others are that maroon/yellow placeholder that looks like an Audi.

    I originally used a key someone bought back in the day.

    How can I obtain the rest of the Megapack's cars?

    1. Nick1999


      SORRY for a late reply.

      I dunno what you mean by that. Please define it more.

      The patch itself is official. It works for me all the time

  4. Thanks for this simple tutorial! I hope we can inspire many other modders to make more sound mods!
  5. obviously, cause you need to copy the .exe i provided to work
  6. then i dunno. it has to be something with your PC itself. for me it always installed nicely
  7. thats strange, never gotten that error before. you tried re-doing it perhaps?
  8. Greetings! Over the past week i've learned myself how to make sound mods for TDU and so will you! Anyway let's start with few basics tools you're gonna need; 1. Sony Vegas 17 (If you don't have legal copy, you can always get a free trial which lasts for 30 days, or you can crack it) 2. TDUMT (Test Drive Unlimited Modding Tools) 3. Samples from Video Games! I RECOMMEND GETTING SAMPLES FROM GAMES SUCH AS GRID, DIRT, GTR2, NFS, FORZA etc.. I'M USING SAMPLES FROM GTR2 FROM SIMBIN! BEFORE YOU DO ANY MODDING, PLEASE DO A BACKUP! Befor
  9. cause you have to crack it. i included a crack in the file. overwrite it
  10. Nah, not really. A cracked version of TDU will work just fine
  11. Well good thing is that Platinum has an option where you can add 10 custom cars. But honestly i have no idea how that works. I recommend asking Millie for that on TurboDuck Discord channel
  12. if you install MegaCar Pack into Platinum, the whole game is gonna corrupt. As i said before. This patch is made for people who want to play Vanilla version of TDU only.
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