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    Post Your Screenshots Thread!

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    Btw i found out the Ferrari F40 looks really bad in FM7 :D [ATTACH]30262[/ATTACH]
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    Is Forza 7 worse than previous Forzas?

    the game is actually alright now that I get to play it even after my refund :D It now makes sense as a free 2 play game, I like the slower progression. I always thought forza needed that. Career mode is pretty much the same though, no improvements there same with multiplayer lobbies, in fact if anything it's a downgrade from fh3 where you could customize the events. I really hate the fact that I have to race in SUVs and trucks in order to progress. As for the graphics, they are definitely a downgrade, it's more apparent in 4k, all of the textures are blatantly resized, details have been removed and still has the same problem of cars having too much detail and rest of the world having non. I guess they should've worked on that instead of adding fireworks into circuits that everyone hates. The prize crates/mods situation is pretty ugly, but then again I can't complain since the game was free for me. But those are the only things that annoy me, I'd say this game is noooooooooooooooooooooooo way worth $60, since it is just an fm6 expansion pack. I guess the ball don't lie --- Post Updated --- Same metal flake semi-gloss Brass in the past 3 Forzas - Album on Imgur I didn't think the downgrade went onto the shaders and environment mapping. Holy cow
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    Is Forza 7 worse than previous Forzas?

    It makes sense in this case... it's easy searching the internet for bugs and errors but I've actually been playing the game and the only "errors" I've seen were deliberatly found. Sure it's not good that a game has errors but exploiting them from the sideline is odd, if you had actually played the game you would know those little errors can't bother anyone when you're doing what FM7 is about: racing.
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    Damn those bugs made me laugh really hard
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    Is Forza 7 worse than previous Forzas?

    it has been around forever : [ATTACH]30264[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]30265[/ATTACH]
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