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  1. I have some problems with new launcher file, because when I'm using external program which help me to hold limited 60fps in game(vsync in Catalyst don't work) my game just crash. It's compulsion, I mean using that program for me because when i have more than 150fps the game is unplayable. Help guys :(
  2. To make the best acceleration time you should often start from 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear... especially when you're driving with american car. It's not a glitch in Z06 it's just a little bit of practise and skill. Skyline is normal. Nothing changed in tdupe or tdumt. I'm just using manual gearbox and manual clutch :) cheers!
  3. TDU is unrealistic game in the most aspects, so why here is so much butthurt about S7 ? You can find many cars with faking awesome time acceleration for example; on hc without any aids - GTR-34 does 0-100kmh in 2.5sec, 0-200kmh in 10sec, Vette C6/Z06 0-100kmh in 2.7sec etc... But it's true what okar19 said about that S7 is the most difficult car to drive really fast. Not everybody could use that car in his 100% capability.
  4. Speeder/Lean - I had today everyone with bad connection -//- It's only for today or what? Two days ago I hadn't any problems at all :(
  5. Nahh, no problem man ;) I hope you enjoyed all my videos from tdu testing. btw. In my opinion we should increase the number of tdu online testers. It's hard to check connection stability with 6-10 people logged on the server in one time...
  6. That cruise was faking amazing, thanks guys! btw. I have some issues with fraps and broadcasting when im playing tdu1 online. You guys noticed something strange about that?
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