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    As an owner of GT 3.2 V6 I can't unfortunately recommend this sound mod. It doesn't sound as 3.2 Busso at all.
  1. Only Unofficial Patch comes to my mind, ofc if you prefer quality over quantity.
  2. Exactly yes, you're right. As far as I remember (sorry I've downloaded that file in 2007 and forgot about that) it is an official patch and it fix the freezing issue while entering the exact area of the map called Pu'uola where the race go through. Some old shit that probably only a few old players remember/ Good that it worked for you, hf.
  3. Hi, download and use that file from the link below. That's some old fix from pre 2008 time, mostly forgotten file. http://www.mediafire.com/file/wkvn00lf88x1l5f/Patch_Pu%27uloa_Fix.zip/file Have fun.
  4. Yea, kinda yes. Unfortunately I don't have as much money as I own in TDU, shame because it would be handy too. :x
  5. Hi! It's been a while since I posted something on turboduck last time... anyway, that's my car. Some may say it's a finacial mistake, but for me it's fulfilled dream and every day motivator. Even if that car costs me a lot of money and sometimes also my nerves, I never regret owning her. '05 Alfa Romeo GT 3.2 V6 (Busso engine) with some minor mods; added limited slip differential Q2 modified (larger) intake manifold with bigger 89mm throttle body from Porsche modified air intake for bigger throttle body + pipercross filter CF2 exhaust manifolds (decated) exhaust 2x2.25 -> 2.75 on 3 silencers + Ulter duplex at the end AP coilover suspension and few more mods
  6. I have some problems with new launcher file, because when I'm using external program which help me to hold limited 60fps in game(vsync in Catalyst don't work) my game just crash. It's compulsion, I mean using that program for me because when i have more than 150fps the game is unplayable. Help guys :(
  7. To make the best acceleration time you should often start from 2nd, 3rd or 4th gear... especially when you're driving with american car. It's not a glitch in Z06 it's just a little bit of practise and skill. Skyline is normal. Nothing changed in tdupe or tdumt. I'm just using manual gearbox and manual clutch :) cheers!
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