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  1. Sounds like you need to forward your ports. Check the FAQ here: https://turboduck.net/guide/test-drive-unlimited-r3/
  2. I had that happen to me pre-Platinum; I was never able to get rid of it. But, one thing I didn't try was to sell it from the house, in the trade menu. Try that and lmk if it works. If not, then you gotta revert to a backup save, or start a new game/profile.
  3. That sounds buggy to me, like the framerate is uncapped. When traffic signals a lane change, it always fully commits. Check if your vsync is enabled.
  4. 1.) No one really uses fuel because the island is lacking stations up north. So, its not possible to get from station to station if you drive the coast. 2.) Try checking "Vsync" in the Project Paradise Launcher. It sounds like your framerate is uncapped; that causes all sorts of traffic problems. You need it capped at 60, checking "Vsync" should cover it.
    Great layout, not to mention it's a new island lol.
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