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  1. Check the FAQ here for online issues. Most ppl use Platinum online and the server is quite active most of the day.
  2. Nice to know its likely not an Epic Games Store exclusive like WRC 8. Hopefully theres no restriction like Isle of Man 2.
  3. Not much info so far but it having a 1:1 irl island location is good to hear.
  4. I use the DS4 fine. I forget how I set it up exactly but I remember setting the triggers as right stick x & y, because the normal L2/R2 buttons are recognized as z-axis (which means both triggers are bound to a single axis).
  5. First and foremost, I would eliminate this as a possible cause. Windows 10 already has issues with older games, not to mention Securom which is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you fail to launch something alongside TDU, it could be the Securom kicking in. Try the no-cd crack or base install with Platinum dropped on it. I never heard of anyone not using the no-cd, so the issue might be related to that.
  6. These days publishers try to kill modding as much as they can. They want that sweet microtransaction money, and they like to hand out crumbs like skins to pad their updates.
  7. I think it would be more likely at this point to assume "solarcrown" is for theming the site rather than the official name of TDU3. That is, it could be a pretend version of the "Solar Crown" tv show's website.
  8. The recent news is Nacon (TDU3 publisher) recently registered a website with the name "testdrivesolarcrown." Some ppl are jumping to conclusions assuming thats the official name of the game when in fact many game sites use an abbreviated name for their domain. "testdriveunlimited3solarcrown" would just be dumb.
  9. So far I haven't seen any bad signs, other than the Epic exclusivity contract. But I give their publisher the benefit of the doubt because its probably a safe business decision to do that atm. Whats interesting to me is they've really been pumping games out like crazy, and for the most part each one is relatively solid. Not perfect and the post-release support is lacking, but still pretty good efforts given their limited resources. And in contrast to that, they've been very tight-lipped on TDU 3. Even when confirming its development that information looked like it was coaxed out of them.
  10. I have no idea why that reddit rumor picked up any steam. Everything in there is common knowledge, anyone could've posted that. My guess is some South American kid lol. I doubt it because when you're resurrecting a franchise, chances are you'll play it safe with the location. So far this is all we have to go by: Edit: Also there was an image of an offroad path with rally tape. Can't find it, but anyway its interesting they did some work on Oahu. But of course it could all just be a demo area, especially because those pics are quite old.
  11. If you live in the country you can try composting.
  12. I would say make a new profile for TDU Platinum and keep your current one for vanilla. Also it would be easier to just backup the vanilla install and revert back if you need to later.
  13. Sounds like you need to forward your ports. Check the FAQ here: https://turboduck.net/guide/test-drive-unlimited-r3/
  14. I had that happen to me pre-Platinum; I was never able to get rid of it. But, one thing I didn't try was to sell it from the house, in the trade menu. Try that and lmk if it works. If not, then you gotta revert to a backup save, or start a new game/profile.
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