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  1. Thats odd. If you can connect normally with your existing profile, then the only thing I can think of is the server blocking your ip from registering too many new accounts.. like some sort of spam filter. Maybe resetting and changing your ip might do something.
  2. Thats weird. Are you typing in different emails and passwords? Using a different email for each profile, and retyping the pw on each attempt might do something. When I was trying out different names, when I reticked the gamespy box, I got "The password you entered was invalid." , which was kind of strange because it wasn't abnormal or anything. Anyway, I kept manually retyping the pw on latter attempts and it went through.
  3. I managed to get a new profile working online just now. I tried a few names, got different messages at times: "The password you entered was invalid." "This nickname is already in use with another password." Then I got one through. After the rookie race and going back to the house, it said I could freeroam online.. but no one was showing up on the map. So I restarted and now its working fine.
  4. You know, there have been a record amount of people on today.. I saw 165 earlier and 150 just now. Maybe new profiles aren't going through atm. Just a guess.
  5. Don't you just make a name (thats not taken online), then add email and pw for gamespy?
  6. Nice trailer. I was wondering if you were gonna make another one for release.
  7. Now this is how you get people excited for the race this weekend.
  8. What happened, some fucking idiots were bothering him? Ah shit.. I see this happen way too often. No one wants to make shit for free when you got ungrateful entitled morons whining and demanding things all the time.
  9. So the final number is 882? Nice. Btw, is the 300 SL delivery still impossible to get perfect? I recall it triggering tiny amounts of damage just by driving normally. Either it was the car or the road.
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