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  1. Its been delisted from the dealership in the recent patch. If you want it, temporarily replace your current db.bnk (euro\bnk\database) with the original unpatched Platinum db.bnk so you can buy it at the classic merc dealer. Then change the db.bnk back afterwards.
  2. A workaround is to use ds4windows and map the right stick x and y axis to the L2/R2 triggers. This is the quick and easy solution. The following solution is better because its native, but its hit and miss, and also not very easy to set. The DS4 triggers actually count as both analog and digital buttons. In most games which lack DS4 support when you set the triggers they show up as Button 7/8 instead of an axis. Sometimes its possible to bind them as analog if you hold the trigger halfway and then select to bind it in the game options. This method is hit or miss depending on the game, and may take a lot of tries to get the axis to show up.. but it is a possible solution.
  3. Looks like its back up. Many thanks to lean and everyone else involved with the server.
  4. Nice, planning to do the fire truck too?
  5. Saw you earlier.. looks like your connections alright now. Connecting with others is spotty for me too atm. I heard its recommended to jump into a house or dealership, then back to freeroam to rejoin a dropped session.
  6. Check the faq here Try disabling anything that may be a potential overlay. (Steam, Rivatuner, GeForce Experience, recording apps, etc.) Sounds like somethings screwing up your d3d9.
  7. I know you said that. It still sounds like a vsync issue, maybe persisting due to overlay apps you still have running, as I mentioned earlier. Try disabling anything like that first, and keep vsync checked in the launcher.
  8. Definitely sounds like a vsync issue. Vsync needs to be checked in the launcher, and also disable rivatuner or any other overlay/video settings that cap the fps.
  9. Sounds to me you're not interested in doing anything here except complaining and making excuses (for the good of the community ofc).
  10. Check the FAQ here for online issues. Most ppl use Platinum online and the server is quite active most of the day.
  11. Nice to know its likely not an Epic Games Store exclusive like WRC 8. Hopefully theres no restriction like Isle of Man 2.
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