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  1. Hay guyyyys. Been a while. Recently decided to give TDU2 a go again, and my radar thingy isn't radaring. The wreck finder thing. Anyone know the requirements to unlock it or whatever? I've got all the licenses and done the first championship, still not working.
  2. Holy crap I've been exhausted lately. But sort of feeling up to this again now. So let's get some suggestions for traffic cars. All I can think of are Dodge Caravan and Honda Civic. Need more of those sort of cars that are everywhere and you'd never looks twice at. Suggest away. Since I won't have to model the interior I should be able to do a decent model without crushing frame rates, and I can usually bash out a reasonable exterior in a day or two, so motivate me and we'll see where this goes :p Also, Combat, will definitely PM you about getting cars to work, as I've never managed to do it before.
  3. Yeh, should give a little update on this, shouldn't I? No news at the moment. Been busy with work, life, etc. Hopefully will be able to do a bit more over the next month or so, but looking in to other things than traffic at the moment.
  4. Bro, do you even Nitzkit? Get on GTAS. Find posts from 2006-8 Those were the best times. TS were "da bomb" /offtopic
  5. I might actually buy this, especially since it's coming just a bit after tax returns.
  6. Cockpit, close 3rd person if I need to look around or something.
  7. Can you post an example of the bug? Not sure what you mean
  8. ^What he said. As long as I have free time, at least. Ryz knows from TDU cruises that I can be on and off in a flash
  9. There's a few, they're in commonworld.BNK and commonworlddiv2.bnk - r_c_00 - r_c_d - r4_d_00 - r4_d_01 - r4_g_00 - r4_g_01 - r5_d_00 - r5_g_00 Those are for the surface itself, the lines are in the same BNKs, but in different files. - r_m_00 (IIRC) Aside from these, for anyone wondering the rest of the road textures are under - goudroncrossroad_color - goudroncrossroad_colornoir - goudroncrossroad_detail - goudroncrossroad_gloss - cachecrossroad_color - cachecrossroad_detail - cachecrossroad_gloss - cacheundercrossroad_color - cacheundercrossroad_detail - cacheundercrossroad_gloss Road patches (man hole covers, cracks, etc.) are in Euro>BNK>Details>RoadPatch.BNK If I'm wrong let me know and I'll dig around a bit.
  10. I thrashed my F150 for about an hour last night, threw it off mountains, head on with trains, top speed into buildings, etc. Managed to lose a total of 6 out of 100something health points. Useless system.
  11. This makes me want to post my 8C and not want to at the same time.
  12. I took mine apart years ago when it was slated for the trash. IIRC, you need to take apart the main housing, then you should be able to detach the wheel and see some screws to take the two halves apart.
  13. Version Xero.3 released. All in one package now Updates: Finished road signs (no love for MPH, sorry guys) Highway Gothic font for speed signs, and highway signs New grass and grassy stuff Road details updated, a LOT less messy now FX file to go with new grass And best of all, an all in one installer. No options as of now, but there isn't really enough being changed to need options EDIT: Pictures incoming, forgot.
  14. I've looked through some forum posts and through the games files a bit, that shouldn't take too long. There's already an unpacker and a lot of the files are in regular ol' formats, or seem easy enough to make legible
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