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  1. edit: forgot ENTRY POST Interesting :p I've just been looking in my screenshots folder and grabbing a decent-ish photo whenever I find an applicable one haha. This one has a bit too much saturation/contrast for my liking but w/e
  2. Forza Horizon 3 PC demo now available - PC Invasion Forza Horizon 3 Demo - Games on Microsoft Store Sooo it's finally here
  3. Blehh Does a Bentley Supersports count as a hypercar and if so, have I simultaneously entered for both themes? :mhmm: ENTRY POST
  4. 13/14 and 7/10. I'm kinda impressed with myself :oook:
  5. ENTRY POST Recently got a new graphics card so now I can play pretty games again yay:
  6. >That SLS interior pic You sir, take the cake. Actually take all the cakes.
  7. Why didn't I think of that :mhmm: Up until now I've always used my keyboard for other controls like menu navigation and the mouse for camera movement, which is kind of an uncomfortable business. Err thanks for the idea I'll just go now ... :run:
  8. Am I the only one here who likes all the button spam on the wheel face? Utility! :drool: It's ugly as heck, sure, but the wheel is hardly the focus of my eyes when playing.
  9. Rated S for Stupidity (my driving, that is) although my intention was to destroy
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