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    Awesome pack ! Mindblowing work ! Transform the TDU experience and give enormous car diversity ! Contains 11 years of modding in this incredibly massive community effort to produce a high quality pack. Massive thanks to Milli for compiling the best of TDU mods and enhancing TDU's experience. Massive thanks to Djey who created awesome tools and patches to extend TDU's modding possibilities. Thanks to civicmanvtec who was the very first person who added a brand new car slot into TDU and sharing with everyone else how to do it. Another massive thanks to all the modders for creating all these cars and bikes with sound, gauges, physics and models. Thanks to MagicV8 who kept all the mods and provided a few of his collection into this pack.
  1. Hey Tob just wondering if you still have the Solstice and the Diablo GT mod for TDU. I didn't even know they converted those two lovely beauties into the game until I saw your reply on this thread about the Xbox 360 cars. If you still have 'em please let me know, I'd love to do a photo shoot with 'em. :-D Thanks!
  2. Hi :) Inbox full :D I'm replying here: Well, I've already released a sort of carpack where you can install mods on it: http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/32967-REL-BETA-Car-slots-Add-On-V061-TDU The Audi RS5 You saw was just for some testing and won't be in a car pack. There is a big issues with TDUPE and my mod that annoy me a lot and I'm trying to figure out where is the problem by using Combat's RS5 because it have different sets of rims. But yeah today you can officially create slots and add more cars in TDU ;) It's quiet easy to do it. And yea TDU is on a new l
  3. sorry man but I got the link from another user before you wrote a post in this topic, so it is not seen. But anyway, thanks a lot for all the rest ;)
  4. Another thing. Do you have iLLusion's RS6 Avant? I really can't find it anywhere, anymore. :/ I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
  5. Alright then :) Enjoy !
  6. Sorry man, i was on my phone and i just can't post visitor messages it's givin me an error that i don't understand. Now i'm on pc so, thank you for the link :D Appreciate it.
  7. Did I send you something ? The word "Thank you" do exist mate...
  8. Hello Tob. Can you send me the download link of Tool's Shelby GT500 RK please? Thank you.
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