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  1. TDUPE doesn't work with Platinium. Or it kinda works but it's a complicated process to use it with Platinium as Milli said somewhere. Use TDUF 1.12 Database Editor instead and go to the "TDUPE inspired" section. Works like a charm when you import a tdupk physic file or change the values. You'll find TDUF in your extracted TDU Platinium folder in "TDU Platinium Toolkit". Brilliant tool TDUF ! I strongly recommend anyone who want to mod cars to use it. Just take less than 5 mins to understand how to use it. Of course before making any modifications, MAKE BACKUPS OF THE BNK FILES AND THE DATABASE ! Just to let know anyone: One car in the game equals one line of values in the database. So each values correspond to something. The database works like that: One value = One name or One value = Hp for exemple. So if you want to create a name like "A10" for Ascari, you can create a name and TDUF will automatically create an associated number to go with the name you create. Check out my old tutorial to understand how TDU's database works. But do not create a new car slot cause my tutorial is outdated and have a few problems. I might remake a tutorial video or write a guide in turboduck's wiki. No adjust the IK in TDU Modding Tools or TDUF to "Shelby Daytona". I Or ingame just press one of the F4 to F8 key to remove the driver.
  2. Nice to see you again ! Hope you well Just want to say a big thank you for all your work ! I still enjoy your Virage, Vantage N600, CLK 55 AMG, SLK 55 AMG, GS350 F-Sport, GTR, Quattroporte GTS and so many more... You were particularly good with interior texture. Still some of the best mods made for the community. Cheers Norby take care !
  3. Oh wait, I just did a google search of a few threads and I found them ! So I just have to edit my first post and replace the links by these ones I just googled. Thanks anyway
  4. Thanks Eudemon ! Cheers I really appreciate So pretty much every turboduck links are down. Here they are: https://turboduck.net/threads/16592-TDU-car-mod-FAQ-ver-13-What-is-neededwhat-is-possible-for-now https://turboduck.net/threads/7659-Tutorial-Importing-Creating-Your-Own-Basic-Car-Mod-For-TDU https://turboduck.net/threads/32790-How-to-create-your-own-car-for-TDU https://turboduck.net/threads/32335-Video-tutorial-Importing-your-own-cars-from-Forza https://turboduck.net/threads/29922-TDU-Performance-Editor-25-mediafire-link Thank you ! And hi @Djey ! One of your modding guide is down as well. Could you reupload it please ? https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/182347/DL/TDU Modding capitalization.pdf
  5. Hey all I know a wiki got opened recently but I'm bringing this thread back And because the wiki is such a great thing, I'm gonna use most of the first post to feed the wiki. I've already wrote a guide for TDU UT. But I would like just to get back to the original point of this thread: sharing our knowledge and hopefully use it to produce new mods. Car modders are gone from here but maybe with this thread we could see new people ? Some threads are unaccessible unfortunately like the gauges. Is it possible to fix the pages please ? @Admin Toby
    Awesome pack ! Mindblowing work ! Transform the TDU experience and give enormous car diversity ! Contains 11 years of modding in this incredibly massive community effort to produce a high quality pack. Massive thanks to Milli for compiling the best of TDU mods and enhancing TDU's experience. Massive thanks to Djey who created awesome tools and patches to extend TDU's modding possibilities. Thanks to civicmanvtec who was the very first person who added a brand new car slot into TDU and sharing with everyone else how to do it. Another massive thanks to all the modders for creating all these cars and bikes with sound, gauges, physics and models. Thanks to MagicV8 who kept all the mods and provided a few of his collection into this pack.
  6. Oh yea link is dead... I think the FFB works better with Speeder's fix so have a go with it: check your PM box then. Drop the "dinput8" file in Atari\Test Drive Unlimited and enjoy @Admin I can send you the link as well if you want to fix the original download button.
  7. Hello Did you install the G27 fix from Project Paradise ? And are you lauching TDU Paradise launcher with the Logitech app controler ? Toby
  8. Hey Milli. Hello all the other old friends Yes I've been away for so long. So many reasons made me disappear from here, life, work, depression, and so on. Plus I got bored with TDU's roads and I played too much competitive Sim Racing like GT Sport, Assetto Corsa and others... Thanks to you Milli, you've made an outstanding work here ! Absolutely mad ! You like many others (Djey, franks...) made me come back playing. I guess you never forget your first game crush. Been testing and playing for a while. No problem encountered yet since V1.00. I love that you've changed not only the cars but the general TDU experience. The race tour of the island is much better and somehow harder with a crazy fast AI that did a lap of 46mins30 with the F1 GTR. All is well and flawless. Just a little criticism: car sound wise a few cars don't sound right like I don't get why Lancia 037's 4 cylinder sound like BMW M1's Inline-6. Or some cars sound too similar like the Maserati's V8s and the Audi's V8s. So at the moment I'm looking inside my old massive TDU mods folder to see if I can get a few great sound to give a bit of variety and sense. If turboduck give me permission, I'll post a pack of sound mods for all the Platinium+Atari cars. But it's not all bad, you added some great sounds specially all the Supras. And why all the HUD's file names have "WHUD" ? In my tutorial I've name the SLS's HUD "WHUD" because they are 2 gauges mods for the SLS: one with a White HUD and one with a Black HUD. So I feel sorry for everyone putting the effort of naming their HUD "WHUD" You can give the bnk's name any names you like in reality So other than all that, BIG THANK YOU to you and all the community for this monster work. On a final note, I'm gonna help feed the wiki specially the "add cars slots" part. Cheers ! See you on the road ! Toby
  9. Hey Tob just wondering if you still have the Solstice and the Diablo GT mod for TDU. I didn't even know they converted those two lovely beauties into the game until I saw your reply on this thread about the Xbox 360 cars. If you still have 'em please let me know, I'd love to do a photo shoot with 'em. :-D Thanks!
  10. Skepsis made an awesome E46 sound a couple of years ago. Of course the links are dead but guess who still got the sound :D http://www.mediafire.com/download/6oj66vs99jmfzrk/BMW_M3_E46_Sound_%2B_gauges_%28Skepsis%29.zip Here is the original thread with a preview video For the GTR, we need a proper racing V8 sound just like the M3 GTR from NFS MW / Carbon. Would be great if someone convert this sound.
  11. Yeaaa awesome :) Great model ! nice job man ! Thank you. EDIT: Download link in tdu clan doesn't work.
  12. YEAAA !! :D Awesome ! We definitely need a top quality 250 GT California ! Can't wait :nods: Welcome back to modding mate !
  13. Tob-Racer

    Rule Work-Shop

    Interesting :) But it's gonna be a pain to make physics for it as it doesn't have any gearbox and the car is still under testing. ^^
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