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  1. [HELP]Installing addon cars ? i want to install new cars to TDU 2. I have retail version , i extracted with tdu unpacker , there is a folder named " TDU2_Unpacked" but now what i am gonna do ? i launch game with Knzyev's launcher but what ? i dunno what to do. In TDU2_unpacked folder there is no car files here is the screen shot. here is the picture of TDU2_unpacked folder [ATTACH]17701[/ATTACH] also i want to show you "unknown bin" folder. [ATTACH]17702[/ATTACH]
  2. OMG Looking awesome ! , same as mine !
  3. i hope , i can give something for this community :)
  4. As i said , i missed here. I am Cuneyd from Turkey. I'm a modder like you but i work on GTA. I decided to make something on TDU2. I thought tducentral was a great way the start for this. I dunno what to say , have a nice day :)
  5. here it is my new convert.. it has some bugs but i will fix in version 2 -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) -- DownLoad
  6. yep , i solved it. thank you !
  7. Hey, you said you had some problems with cameras. You need to download Djey's Modding Tools (http://syfworld.free.fr/tdu/files/TDUModdingTools-1.10.2.zip) Then you need to go into "Vehicle Manager". Then you can change the camera's for cars (you can find out what camera to change it to in the mod's thread) Hope i helped! :)
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