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  1. Game crash may not be related. I get that too in that area. Do you by any chance have Hawaiian Bliss installed? It seems like I've made a mistake and there's something loading in that area that makes the game crash, unfortunately.
  2. Currently no. I thought about it for a split second when I was making the mod, but it didn't really fit the warm, tropical vibe I was going for. My issue with the foggy weather was, I can't really do anything with it. I can just throw in a fog, white/greyish dull look and it will be somewhat realistic looking foggy weather, but it wouldn't look good and it wouldn't look special in any way, unfortunately. =/ I have seen a foggy weather mod somewhere around here though, you can try looking for one
  3. I'm not sure how the servers operate, but profiles are stored locally, so I'm not sure if there can be important data lost. There's probably a backup of the server itself somewhere, just needs to be hosted elsewhere. Of course, that's just a random guess, but hopefully I'm right. Would be sad to see Project Paradise die like this.
  4. Should be about 30 minutes. Keep in mind that, if you're using the Project Paradise launcher, you need to boot up the game with the "offline" option ticked, if you want your time scale to be with offline settings. Otherwise, it will just sync with online time of day & timescale.
  5. That's weird. For the inside sky, it usually uses the default weather, which is not altered from the original, stock TDU. As for the outside sky, that does look weird. It kind of looks to me like this isn't daytime, but a transition between day and night. Could you go into photo mode and try changing the hour to see if you can find the day there, maybe you're just in the wrong time of day when you log in?
  6. Ah, that's interesting! My game does the same, but I thought my copy had gotten corrupted over the years. That's weird though, I haven't removed absolutely anything, I've just changed some of the textures with ones from TDU 2. Thanks for sharing, I may take a look at that in the future, when I have some free time.
  7. Hello! Sorry for the very late answer. The DEFAULT weather should be left as is. You don't see that weather type out in the open world. I'm not sure where exactly it's being used, but I think it's in the house (sometimes) and probably some menus, etc. Either way, you don't need to touch that. I think by default they were all lower case, so probably that should be "more correct". It works both ways though, so it doesn't really matter. What that does is, it selects a "file to read". It doesn't check for lower/upper case characters, it just looks for the name, so both sun_M and sun_m are correct. They need to be the same as the three parts of the same day. So DRYDAY1P1, DRYDAY1P2 and DRYDAY1P3 for me have the same sun core and sun halo. They should be the same for you as well, if you haven't changed anything. Each different weather type can have different sun settings, however I've made sure that those that have 2 or 3 parts, all parts have the same config for this setting. The idea is that I want the day to be separated into 3 parts, which would make it longer than the sunrise for example which is 2 parts. However, the problem is that you shouldn't put the same weather 3 times in a row, because it starts to bug even more. That's why I've separated the days into 3 parts, which are very, very similar, so I can get a day that's longer than the sunrise/sunset. Yes, sun_A is the sun that I decided is least likely to be useful to me, so I replaced it with the moon texture. Because we don't have any other way to put in a moon, I decided to put the moon texture in the place of one of the sun textures. Well, you can change whatever you want if it will make your experience more enjoyable. That's why I'm trying to answer questions about the values in detail, I've made the mod according to my tastes, if someone likes something different, they should be able to tweak the mod and get the best of it. Thanks, I'm really happy to hear that! As for the road, yeah there's no way to make proper headlights. The only light source in this game is the sun and even that is a bit cheaty. I also hate that there are so many pre-baked shadows, it would've been so awesome if shadows moved properly with the sun and didn't exist during the night. Definitely would've made the environment that much more immersive. But I guess to make this huge world with such detail run on 2006 hardware, they had to compromise on some stuff. Oh well. TDU 2 fixed all of those issues at least, only if they kept the same handling model!
  8. Maybe some files didn't get replaced or something. Anyway, I'm happy you got it working! Don't forget you can force Anisotropic Filtering to x16 from Nvidia control panel, which has almost no performance cost (maybe 1-2 FPS at most?) and it makes textures a lot sharper! I hope you enjoy it!
  9. Hey! It seems like you've messed around with the weathers, because what you're seeing is the moon, but as a sun flare. I think it was "sun_A" that I replaced for the moon. To fix it, go to the TDU Directory/Euro/Bnk/FX/ and open Weather or Weather_HDRI (for HDR) and find these lines SUNHALO2DB = "sun_A" The halo is the sun flares that come out of the sun when you look at it. It seems like you've made your halo - the moon. On the weathers that you're using, replace "sun_A" with "sun_M" or "sun_I" depending on your preferences. If this doesn't work, just reapply the whole mod, something must have messed up in one way or another. Your HDR seems broken as well, because the sky is completely white, which I made sure never happens. Hope this helps!
  10. It's hard for me to figure out what may be wrong from the info you've given. Can you take a picture? You can always remove the clouds, but the sky will look very dull. I hope I'm not misleading you, since I haven't touched this game in a long time, but I think it was this line CLOUDSPERLINALPHASTART = 50000.00000 CLOUDSPERLINALPHALENGTH = 200000.00000 If you change these to lower values or 0, skies should be clearer. You can find this line under any weather in TDU directiory/Euro/Bnk/FX, inside the weather files - Weather for no HDR and Weather_HDRI for HDR. All of the weather types are in there with their settings, I think it's the ones above that control the clouds. If you want to remove the big, bushy clouds (not all weathers have them), remove these lines: CLOUD3DNAME = "CLOUD_M" CLOUD3DCOLOR = 0.7 0.72 0.76 1.00000 Remove these 2 lines together, not just one of them. The values (after = ) can be different, it's the tags that you're searching for (CLOUD3DNAME & CLOUD3DCOLOR). As for traffic density, I don't know if it's possible, honestly I doubt it is. I haven't adjusted anything for that, sorry. Hope this helps!
  11. Hello! I apologize for the slow answer. MOONLIT has been removed, it was needed because DARKNIGHT was completely/too dark and there had to be a transition between the day and night, which would be middle ground. Now the night is a lot brighter and the MOONLIT would be useless. I'm not sure why you wouldn't see the night, because you definitely should, especially when playing offline. Time offline was set to about half an hour for a 24hr cycle (could be a bit less, I don't really remember). What could be happening is, if you boot up the game through the Project Paradise launcher, you have to click "Offline" if you will be playing offline. Otherwise, your weather/time gets synced to the servers and you need hours to get the 24 hours cycle on the server settings. If it is not that, check the WeatherDesc file (located in Euro/Bnk/FX), all weather effects should be there and above them is the "TimeScale" which should be set to 8. Just replace 8 with a higher number if you want days to pass faster. However, this ONLY works if you've ticked "Offline" in Project Paradise launcher. Otherwise, it syncs to server and this number does absolutely nothing. Tell me how it goes, I hope this clears it up! Hello! Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Yes, you can absolutely switch them out! That's what's cool about the many different weather effects is that if someone doesn't like some of them, they can still replace them with another one they like! It would work exactly as you described it, replacing PINKSUNSET and PINKSUNSET2 with whatever sunset you want (FINALSUNSET and FINALSUNSET2 would definitely work). Like I previously said, the order is what's important - sunrise, day, sunset, night. Now, if you want to remove the night, it gets a bit trickier. You can do it, yes. However, you'll get this annoying time where the sun is setting down, then it will shoot up in the sky real fast, go above you and to the other side so it is at the correct position for the sunrise. If this doesn't annoy you (plus, I don't know what will happen to colors when switching from FINALSUNSET colors to SUNRISE ones), you can do it by just removing the nighttime from WeatherDesc. You can just try it out and see how you like it. This will make days a bit longer, so you can adjust the TimeScale to 10 or 15. If you're playing online however, you'll have to just live with the slower time. Good luck!
  12. If you've already enabled "V-Sync" and this continues to happen, maybe you have a 144 hz monitor? Make sure the game runs at 60 Hz or 60 FPS max. It can't handle higher FPS properly and bugs like this one appear. You can limit your FPS through V-Sync, if you run at 60 Hz or you can use software like MSI Afterburner to set an FPS cap. Not letting the game get over 60 FPS should fix the issue.
  13. You can use Cheat Engine, it's very easy. You can do it in several ways. I haven't used that in the longest time, so it may not be 100% accurate, however you'll be able to catch the logic. Open the game and click "continue game", open cheat engine and look for the game in the app selection bar (I guess there is going to be one). I don't know if there will be a load function, if there is - click it. When the game's data is loaded, look for a "find" function. If it asks you the type of information you'd be searching select integer/int or numbers or however it may be listed, you will be looking for numbers. Then type in your money value, many results should show up. Now unminimize the game and do a short race, just so you win some money or spend some money on a car, your money just HAS to change. When you've won the race and received your reward, go back to cheat engine and and look for "find next" function. Type in your new money value there and results should drop down to 1 or 2. Now just edit the value (or two) which are left to your desired money amount (don't overdo it, 100 million is more than enough, game may have a limit which most likely is 2 bilion 147 million, but I don't know for sure). If there is an option to "freeze value" - you can click that too. Now go back in game, your money should have changed. If it has, go back to your house, so the game can save and turn off the game, turn off cheat engine and boot up the game again, you should have your cheated money there. I don't have to say this, but MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR SAVES BEFORE ATTEMPTING ANYTHING!!!!!!! Also, what I have said may not be 100% correct or the same, since I haven't done anything with cheat engine for way over 5 years. You should be able to do it with this amount of info though. EDIT: There seem to be tons of videos about this. This guy does it by changing the reward amount for races, not the amount of money you have, which works the same way, so it wouldn't matter how exactly you do it. You can follow this video:
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