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  1. Have you tried on a clean install? You use some kind of modified executable, maybe it creates some issues.
  2. There you go - Hawaiian Bliss v3.0 HDU Expect a big performance hit. I dropped 10 FPS further from HD300.
  3. Hawaiian Bliss does include HD300. I could make you a version with HDU, however the game may become too heavy. I'm on a laptop with a 960m and HD300 is the maximum it can handle before dropping below 60 FPS. Either way, if you want to try HDU - tell me and I'll rar you a copy.
  4. Both should work fine. At least for the first one, I can confirm that it works. As @Tadpole said, pausing helps. I've also noticed that it's usually when there are other players connected to you when it bugs, so there's a lower chance of breaking if you're in a menu or paused. However, it's not a guarantee. You may get unlucky.
  5. Do you have MSI Afterburner running? Any overlay display may create issues with d3d9 injections. Try closing them. If it works without MSI Afterburner running, go to "Riva Tuner" (it's in your bar next to the clock while MSI Afterburner is running). There's an option in there called "Custom Direct3D Support", see if it works after enabling it.
  6. Limit your FPS to 60. You can do that by enabling V-Sync in the Project Paradise launcher. Traffic goes crazy in this game if FPS is above 60. It seems like they made calculations rely on frames, not time. Therefore, game runs differently on different systems. Try the 60 FPS limit, it fixed it for me.
  7. Nah, not your project. I just have issues because the domes are usually specific colors which are very hard to manipulate. For instance, if you want a purple sky with some orange at the bottom, you can't do that. That's because to make a purple sky, you remove a lot of green and red. And when you remove the red color, the orange part disappears. I thought of doing it like you did, but never got around to it. I'll try to see if I can make some better looking combinations this way, tbh it should open up a lot of opportunities. And yeah, so far I love how the cars handle. Great job!
  8. I haven't tried it with a wheel yet, but the new physics are pretty great with a keyboard. Definitely better than UCP. I'll see if I get a chance to plug in the wheel one of these days to see how that plays. Also, what you've done with the domes is something I've been thinking about for a very long time, but never got around to trying out. If I get some time, I may capitalise and do something similar, would prevent a lot of the issues I'm currently dealing with in terms of the sky at least.
  9. Oh boy! I can't wait to try it out tonight! I'm curious if we'll see new highs of online players these days because of this!
  10. I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do. Are you picking on TDU modders for leaving? People do this as a hobby, they want to make a car and they do so. They share it with the community so they can make people like us happy. It is a LOT of work to do that and the work itself is not fun, I can assure you that. The end result is the main driving force. When a modder has gotten bored of a game and doesn't have the motivation to do a mod for it, why should he do that? Also, keep in mind that TDU has very few active people anymore. And if you put on 50 or 100 hours of work into a mod and put it online just to get a single reply, it is underwhelming. You are very proud of the work you've done and you want to see that people have enjoyed that and that it was worth investing those hours. If you don't get anything in return, you will lose interest in doing the work as well. GTA San Andreas on the other hand has a huge player base to this day. If you were to make a good mod for GTA SA, you'd get thousands of downloads and hundreds of comments. Therefore, you'd be very happy yourself, because you know you've made so many other people happy.
  11. Oh, I've never thought of that. Either way, happy you like it!
  12. Hawaiian Bliss v3.0 Changes to V3.0: ~100 new textures imported and edited from TDU 2 & Hawaii Beauty Enhancement - these include road, rocks, trees, grass, bushes and many more! Fine-tuned darker weathers for better visibility Nights have a moon (TDU 2 texture) This mod includes HD100 patch V3.0 Pictures (showcasing textures mostly): Link to album of pictures. Vegetation (trees/palms/flowers/grass): Moon: TDU 2 Road Texture: DOWNLOAD LINK V3.0
  13. That sounds like a lot of work and fixes! I've actually come across only the third one, but then again, I don't play with automatic transmission and repaint the vehicles with custom one quite often. And hey, if you need help with the weather, I've messed about with that quite a lot.
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