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  1. Ah, that's interesting! My game does the same, but I thought my copy had gotten corrupted over the years. That's weird though, I haven't removed absolutely anything, I've just changed some of the textures with ones from TDU 2. Thanks for sharing, I may take a look at that in the future, when I have some free time.
  2. Hello! Sorry for the very late answer. The DEFAULT weather should be left as is. You don't see that weather type out in the open world. I'm not sure where exactly it's being used, but I think it's in the house (sometimes) and probably some menus, etc. Either way, you don't need to touch that. I think by default they were all lower case, so probably that should be "more correct". It works both ways though, so it doesn't really matter. What that does is, it selects a "file to read". It doesn't check for lower/upper case characters, it just looks for the name, so both sun_M
  3. Maybe some files didn't get replaced or something. Anyway, I'm happy you got it working! Don't forget you can force Anisotropic Filtering to x16 from Nvidia control panel, which has almost no performance cost (maybe 1-2 FPS at most?) and it makes textures a lot sharper! I hope you enjoy it!
  4. Hey! It seems like you've messed around with the weathers, because what you're seeing is the moon, but as a sun flare. I think it was "sun_A" that I replaced for the moon. To fix it, go to the TDU Directory/Euro/Bnk/FX/ and open Weather or Weather_HDRI (for HDR) and find these lines SUNHALO2DB = "sun_A" The halo is the sun flares that come out of the sun when you look at it. It seems like you've made your halo - the moon. On the weathers that you're using, replace "sun_A" with "sun_M" or "sun_I" depending on your preferences. If this doesn't work, just reapply the whole mod, somet
  5. It's hard for me to figure out what may be wrong from the info you've given. Can you take a picture? You can always remove the clouds, but the sky will look very dull. I hope I'm not misleading you, since I haven't touched this game in a long time, but I think it was this line CLOUDSPERLINALPHASTART = 50000.00000 CLOUDSPERLINALPHALENGTH = 200000.00000 If you change these to lower values or 0, skies should be clearer. You can find this line under any weather in TDU directiory/Euro/Bnk/FX, inside the weather files - Weather for no HDR and Weather_HDRI for HDR. All of the weather ty
  6. Hello! I apologize for the slow answer. MOONLIT has been removed, it was needed because DARKNIGHT was completely/too dark and there had to be a transition between the day and night, which would be middle ground. Now the night is a lot brighter and the MOONLIT would be useless. I'm not sure why you wouldn't see the night, because you definitely should, especially when playing offline. Time offline was set to about half an hour for a 24hr cycle (could be a bit less, I don't really remember). What could be happening is, if you boot up the game through the Project Paradise launcher, you have
  7. If you've already enabled "V-Sync" and this continues to happen, maybe you have a 144 hz monitor? Make sure the game runs at 60 Hz or 60 FPS max. It can't handle higher FPS properly and bugs like this one appear. You can limit your FPS through V-Sync, if you run at 60 Hz or you can use software like MSI Afterburner to set an FPS cap. Not letting the game get over 60 FPS should fix the issue.
  8. You can use Cheat Engine, it's very easy. You can do it in several ways. I haven't used that in the longest time, so it may not be 100% accurate, however you'll be able to catch the logic. Open the game and click "continue game", open cheat engine and look for the game in the app selection bar (I guess there is going to be one). I don't know if there will be a load function, if there is - click it. When the game's data is loaded, look for a "find" function. If it asks you the type of information you'd be searching select integer/int or numbers or however it may be listed, you will be look
  9. Ah, is it? I didn't check, so I must be remembering wrong how TDU works. Thanks for clearing it out, I see that he later found what he was looking for anyway. I'll edit my post to not confuse people with wrong info.
  10. Not the tuning section, edit the car that you're tuning. The base car. The base car shares values with the "tuning car" and the tuning just modifies a couple of the values. So in this case, it would be the BMW M3 E46, which when you edit, you'll see the effects on the MW edition. EDIT: What I've written is apparently wrong! Milli corrects me in the post below, read that.
  11. Maybe try decreasing the drag value, at that speed you'd need a lot more horsepower to go faster, probably car has a lot of drag.
  12. Ummm, hard to say tbh, there are so many cars. Probably Skyline R34 is best for E class, but I avoid it since we already have that in original TDU. I drove a Mercedes of some kind for E class I think. A - Koenigsegg 1:1, has insane acceleration and handling is decent as well. Bugatti seems like it may be even better, but I don't want to spend all that money on that ugly thing! To be honest, no matter what car you choose, you'll have an easy time. Challenges are easy, so just choose the cars you enjoy the most. There are very few cars that are too slow and make things hard. F
  13. Cap the FPS to 60 and traffic will be back to normal. You can do this with either RivaTuner or if you have a 60 Hz monitor, you can enable V-Sync from Project Paradise launcher.
  14. No, they're part of the weather set, sorry. I wouldn't worry about it too much though, both reflections and water are quite bad in TDU no matter what. EDIT: I just realized there may be a confusion. TDU Stock weather has all default files in the FX folder. Keep in mind that the grass will also be the default one when you revert to the stock weather. How is that different? I answered in a way that made him put more than 1 weather, I don't see the problem. And I was referring to another bug as well, which makes the clouds sometimes not appear if you put the same wea
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