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  1. My problem is that the traffic cars cannot brake probably because I installed the break fix. (I didn't make a backup of the physics.cpr..yes i am an idiot) I also know the reason for it. I f you set the driver's aid to "driver's aid" the rims of the car will block, but if you set the driver's aid to "hardcore mode" (I'm sorry, I don't know the right terms on english because I play Tdu2 on german) the rims of the car don't block. That is why I have my settings on "hardcore mode". But it seems like the traffic cars have their settings on "driver's aid". And that is why their rims block when they brake. Is there a way to change this setting of the traffic with TDU2VPE? I hope you guys understand what I mean..
  2. Is there any chance to change the Point of View to have a better feeling of speed? Tdu2 cam hack v.1.3.1 gave this oppurtunity but it doesn't work anymore.
  3. What do you mean with mocking? Set it on "0"? The thing I noticed: When you are in 1st gear and change the gear at 2000rpm to the 2nd gear it goes very fast. If you do that at 6000rpm there is an interruption when changing gear.
  4. Anyone can help me? How do I have to set the settings to have the result of double clutch gear changing? Like this:
  5. I really like that Pack! It's awesome. But I have another question: Is there any possible way to modify the gear change? In TDU2 the gears are changed very slowly and that is really sad.
  6. First test of amg sound mod... sample from: http://blog.caranddriver.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/11/Mercedes-Benz-C63-AMG.mp3 TDU2 - Amg Sound Mod WIP - YouTube Still a lot to do... ;)
  7. Well, that the sounds in tdu2 are pretty bad and unrealistic knows everybody. But its not only the exhaust sound which is bad it's also the ratio of wind noise to speed/exhaust sound. For example: If you drive 250 you won't hear the pure exhaust sound. And that's what i did in these 4 sound mods and i think i will do that in every sound mod in future. You will notice that the 8c with 8 cylinders is still louder than the mito with 4 cylinders or the brera with V6. Don't be surprised when you switch to a car with original sound after u used one with my sound mod. Because the original sound is much louder. SO when you use a car with my sound mod just turn up the volume and the ratio of wind to speed/exhaust will be realistic. Also thx to viper1 for the samples from forza 4. So here are three sound mods where i changed the exhaust sound and made the wind sound louder. Compare it with the reality: Alfa Romeo Brera 3.2 V6 Sound Mod: TDU2 - Alfa Romeo Brera 0-160 - YouTube brera_italia_independent_high alfa romeo mito quadrifoglio verde Sound Mod: TDU2 - Alfa Romeo Mito 0-150 - YouTube mito_quadrifoglio_verde_high Alfa Romeo 8C Sound Mod: TDU2 - Alfa Romeo 8C 0-272 - YouTube Change the name to 8c_competizione_high.bnk! 8c_competizione_high(2) So, I hope it makes the game a little bit more realistic, also when you can't feel the speed :(
  8. Wow, I think my last Sound Mod was 2 years ago :) Thanks to viper1 for the samples ;) YouTube v12_vantage_high
  9. Nope it doesn't work :/ Is there any other way to change the field of view (fov)? I loved that...when you changed it you could really feel the speed...but with normal field of view 300 feels like 50 :(
  10. So can i play it with 1.3.1? Cause when i click on the MEGA link it gets me to V1.2 :para:
  11. I think you didn't replace the sound, you replaced some thing at the vehicle. :D Did you backup?
  12. You know that Shift 2 and Tdu2 has nearly the same sound? That's why it doesn't sound different to normal sound.
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