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  1. Hi everyone, I've got a minor problem with rFactor, (which is huge for me). I've sort of double posted this issue on another forum of NoGripracing.com. The issue is like this: I've installed the Leo FFB and Real Feel plugins, I've edited the controller.ini and the Leo FFB.ini of the rFactor main map. But now comes the problem, I also edited the controller.ini of the User data map from my account, which should have stayed in default. This is not what I should have done, because now I don't have any FFB of what so ever. I hope there is somebody who can help me out with this problem and send me the default configuration of the controller.ini of the User data map from rFactor, because now I feel disabled.. :sulk: Thanx in advance and keep those skidmarks on the road as long as possible. ;) Oh, I forgot to mention it, dunno if it's important, but I race and drift mostly in the Project D mod. --- Post Updated --- Hi guys and gals, nevermind the answer to my question, I allready got it. Excuse me if I wasted some data on this website, maybe I was a bit premature with my question.. But I was really desperate. For those who have the same issue, You simply create a new account on rFactor, and copy the controller.ini of the User data to your old account. ;) I hope that helps, thanx anywayzz.
  2. I played a lot of racegames, on pc, x360 and ps3. But now that my consoles are sold, and the Crew is progressing, I'm done with TDU1 and 2. I really enjoyed TDU1, although the graphics weren't that good, even with mods. And TDU2, I really liked the two Islands, especcially Ibiza, (it looked like heaven). But what I didn't like about TDU2 were the physics and the poor FFB support. I really learnt a lot with TDU1 modding and patching, I know I'm not a genius like some of u, (Which own a lot of respect in my opinion). But I came to the conclusion even with patches and mods TDU1 isn't perfect, it is almost perfect but, as I mentioned I played a lot of racegames, and came to the conclusion even with the cars tweaked to my flavor, I can't handle the cars. I can do a lot of nice stuff in TDU1, but I can't own it. And again I have to give probs to the boys and girls which do, you got my respect, and are probably the best and highest skilled drivers I've seen. (PS those were only video footage on youtube, and it was dropping my yaw 10 feet below). Anywayzz I'm now ready to look further ahead and wait for the Crew. I hope it's the perfect TDU child. I have to wait and see but my expectations are really optimistic. For now, now that I only have PC, it's time to wait and play rFactor 1 once in a while, (with all the drift mods), wich I can control better than TDU1. In fact I'm even a bit proud of my skills, I hope that I will be as good as those guys who killed the roads on TDU1 in HC. In rFactor 1 I can drift most of the tracks clean and neat, and the thing is, since I played almost every racegme on x360 and PS3, I've grown in skills, also thanks to TDU1 and TDU2. Well for now, I hope that, when the Crew comes out for PC, I meet a lot of you guys. And I hope that I even get to meet some of you legends. ;) I hope the Crew will bring me a lot of good times and nice friends. I'm not a tough guy to handle with, but more a soft and friendly type.... But in time I earned some skills on the road and I'd like to learn and play more with all you guys. I hope to see you on the road! Huge respect for every one participating on TDUCK and bringing the scene to a higher level. Kn0wLdg3 PS got a lot of nicknames, but my friends in real life call me G. ;)
  3. Thanks for the answer, I asume I can only install those patches/mods if I play the game in LowRes if I want to install them?
  4. Thanks Ryzza5, I think I will, but is there any chance to change the propperties from the HiRes folders? Or is that a silly question?
  5. I've got a serious issue with installing mods, using TDUMT and installing the 1.68b patch. Every time I try to install the patch my game launches in my standard resolution 1280x720 60 Hz, and then it immediatly turns to 1920x1080 60Hz. And then the game stops working and windows 7 gives an error message. Thing is I used to be able to use a higher resolution then 1280x720, (but that was way back), but now the game runs only standard resolutions. I want to use TDUMT to modify and to launch the game in windowed mode but it won't let me. What can I do?
  6. Thnanks Ryzza5, I think I will do that.
  7. Yesterday there was a new update for my NVIDIA GT430, but now playing TDU is a mess, an enormous increase of framerate drop/game lag. I think my standard settings where changed. I play TDU with TDUPE 2.5, HD patch and Hawaii Beauty Enhancement mod, with the Anisotropic Filter set to 16x. But still a framerate drop/game lag. My system specs are: Win 7 64 bit home premium AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 6000+ 3.00 GHZ 4 GB Ram NVIDIA GT430 1gb 128 GB SSD Crucial M4-CT128 Dunno what info else should be given, if u want to know just ask me. Please help me. Thanks in advance. Ohw BTW, I have a Fanetc CSR with CSR elite pedals and run the game in 1280x720 60 Hz w/o HDR and w/o antialiasing and with high detail settings.
  8. LOL that makes u the ultimate OS pimp. :p
  9. Running on win 7 64 bit Home Premium, used to have a dual boot with XP 32 bit, and for a while back I used to have Windows 8.1 64 bit. But I hated it. So now back to Windows 7 64 bit, but thinking about buying a new Computer with Steam OS. I know I'm a OS wh*re. :p
  10. Thanks for the answers Tob-Racer, I'd like a 240 SX (S13) '89 or a 200 SX (S14) '98. But most of all I'd like the 240 SX
  11. Thanx Dux and Stiffler123, for the answer, now let's hope it will be finished and released.
  12. Thing is I don't like the Saleen so much that's why, and I thought it would be nice if it could be replaced by a Nissan.. Because I'm more of a Nissan fan than a Saleen fan. ;)
  13. I don't know if I'm allowed to ask this or doing the right thing, I really like most of the Nissans. And what I really would like is, swapping the Saleen S7 for a drifting style/oriented high powerd rwd nissan. Because I don't like the Saleen, but I think it could be one of the better drift cars. I want to use the Saleen without editing the physics of the car, but I just don't like the looks of it, since I'm a bit of a Nissan fan-boy, I'd rather want to watch the interior of a nissan, and have a sound of a Nissan. I Like the Nissan S15 silvia the most btw and the 240 SX is at a good second place. Again I don't know if I'm allowed to ask for this request, but as far as I could read the "Read me first" I think I did it right. I'm sorry if I didn't. Thanx in advance.
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