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  1. Did you ran the app using Project Paradise? Also, did you copied the 4GB patched EXE file to your game directory?
  2. So with Milli's approval of my own tips on how to get cars that aren't normally found in dealerships. All you need to do is go to that car's corresponding tuner shop and then upgrade it with performance packs. I will post just a few cars that can be upgraded to a different car variant. 1. Porsche 718 Cayman S -> Porsche Cayman GT4 (Go to European Specialists tuner shop and select the first performance upgrade kit from Porsche to get the Cayman GT4) 2. Ferrari Enzo -> Ferrari FXX or Gemballa MiG-U1 (Go to Forza Tuners, then select from either Ferrari, Gemballa or Novitec Rosso and choose the first performance upgrade package to get those cars. You get FXX if you choose Ferrari upgrades, Gemballa MiG-U1 if Gemballa). 3. SRT Viper T/A -> SRT Viper ACR (Go to US Muscle Tuners, then select American Club Racing & choose the first performance upgrade kit to get the ACR variant) 4. Volkswagen Golf GTi (Mk. V) -> Volkswagen Golf R32 (Mk. V) (Head to European Specialists and select the first performance kit from VW to get the Golf R32) That's just only few of them. I'll try to see other cars that can be upgraded to another car variant. Feel free to contibute your part with other cars. It'll be easy for all of us hunting more cars until we can reach the maximum 882 cars. Update: I've reached the storage limit of cars & bikes in the garage. The max is 480.
  3. Did you ticked on the Big Bnk (Bnk1.map) option in Project Paradise Launcher? And oh @Milli, is it okay if I share some tips for those people looking for specific cars they couldn't normally find in car dealerships?
  4. Modding consoles takes a lot of time and really requires that you know what you're really doing. One wrong move and your Xbox is done.
  5. It's installed in Program Files (x86) then look for Atari folder and then Test Drive Unlimited folder. That's where the main TDU directory is.
  6. Try doing a fresh & clean re-install of your TDU first, Patch 1.66A comes after, then Megapack, next 1.68b and finally, 2.00A. I did one just yesterday and still works like charm. I can still play with my mods in 2.00A as of now both in my Win 7 & 10. But if you want 1.68b, just make sure you back it up.
  7. MEGA links have limited transfer bandwidth of up to 3GB I think. Sharemods and Mediafire to me are the best to go downloads with bigger file sizes.
  8. With this community pack, this can be on par with Forza Horizon franchise.
  9. Does anybody have that program? Please, send me the link to that download. I think it was Speeder who made that program.
  10. You should've installed Patch 1.66a first, then Mega Car Pack next and install 1.68b last.
  11. Reward cars are only given to you once for free after completing certain conditions. Once you sell it, you can never buy it again. So if I were you, don't just rid it off your garage.
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