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  1. Hey all! I have got a simple mod request in my opinion. All i want is a simple HUD that goes to 10k RPM for all the unfinished cars that iam adding to the game, so i dont have to add a special HUD to all cars. At the moment i use the Ferrari 599 GTO HUD because it goes to 10k RPM. Something like that but not with special logos and other things would be great! No red line needed Greetz, Johandriver
  2. Nice! This works fine for me, the can drive without a speed limiter :)
  3. Yes, but i copied all the characteristics of an finished car. But for some cars it works but for some cars it wont.
  4. Thats great! Now it is workig for me as well. But there is on problem: i switched the mercedes SLR ( the unreleased version ) with the lexus LFA, nex i took over all the specs from the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano because thats the replacement vehicle. It worked expect one thing: the cars top speed is 69 km/h and i cant go faster no matter what gear. maybe somebody can help me with this problem?
  5. Thanks a lot binbow! I cant test it at the moment, so as soon i can test it i will do! I was able to test it... and it worked well! Only one weird thing happend: i accidently did i Hawaiian taxi in a Ibiza car dealer. so i just bought it to test is of it works, and yes, it worked. I can i drive my Hawaiian taxi on Ibiza and Hawaii. lol?!
  6. Nice! I like to see that, i cant wait untill the release.
  7. Okay man thats awesome! Thanks and i will wait a few days;)
  8. The game chrashes when driving Oahu cars on ibiza, but for me it is still acceptable.
  9. There is a kind of a model name for traffic cars like: Ibiza low A or Traffic limousine but i understand what you mean. And yes i know there isnt a good interior for the traffic cars but its funny to drive them so if there is a possibility you can put them in the property editor that would be great!
  10. I would realy like it if there are some BMWs in this pack!
  11. I understand that you cant change the name and brand but maybe you can change the specs and maybe put them in car dealers?
  12. Is it possible to make it possible to edit the database of traffic cars? that would be great!
  13. There are some cars that have a roof function like the countach, saleen S7, crysler 300c (panorama roof) and the bac mono. But i cant find something that changes when i use the function in the Bac Mono, does somebody know and want to tell me?
  14. Hey iam back again. It looks like the Class changer and Price changer doest work. maybe try to fix that?
  15. Yes i founded outs whats wrong but now it work fine! thx its realy awesome!
  16. I readed that all functions are working now. but for me only the name editor is working. can someone help me please?:para:
  17. Hey WROOM if i clich the libk its say there is an error!
  18. Hey Tduchicken after some mintutes of dowloading i installed the mod and it is realy awesome. Great work!
  19. Here is program that can turn your engine on/off: TDU2 Engine ON-OFF.EXE — RGhost — file sharing
  20. Okay now i (hope i) edited my post to make it more clearer for you.
  21. Hey all! As you may know there are a lots of nice cars (mods) in Test Drive Unlimited and what i want to do is convert some of them to Test Drive Unlimited 2. But the problem is i dont know how to do that and maybe somebody can help me with this?:happyroll:
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