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  1. I know this is the wrong thread to make a TDUPE question, but i dont know where i can make properly, so on TDUPE/cardata file in carlist i put 0000001, but the file say 1, so its possible make this file read 0000001 instead 1?
  2. Okay, im not good making tutorial, but i will try to you understand how add lancia stratos. Give a new value to the name file on TDUMT for stratos: 0000010|Stratos and for the rims 000000100|Stratos_F01 In carphysicsdata form you replace the numbers on tutorial for this: 0000000001 - Ref 0000010 - ID car file 001 - ID car 0000000001|0000000001..... 0000010.....001(id car) Add new wheels(replace the numbers): 1000000100 - Ref 55665512 - Rim folder (AC ID) 000000100 - File rim name ID 1000000100|1000000100....55665512 000000100 000000100 Conect the wheels to the car: 0000000001 - carphysics ref 1000000100 - rims Ref 0000000001- 1000000100|0000000001 1000000100 I hope you understand.
  3. Have you instaled the 1.68 patch?
  4. On TDUMT in tdu-root you put the TDU folder like "C:\Program Files\Atari\Test drive Unlimited"?
  5. If says Bnk1.map fixing is done, the files are accepted.
  6. can work, but if you want add 50 cars, takes alot of time for the person made the job for you..... About the TDUF, you execute, then you write: MappingTool; MapppingTool fix-missing --bnkDir"C:\Program Files\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk" "C:\Program Files\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk" is where your tdu is instaled for example.
  7. You just change the instructions, i make a diferent patches to create names, another to update the rims, ect... You can do it in the same patch You need TDUF to accept the new files.
  8. 1 - Yeah, just cannot be the same number of one already exist on TDU database 2 - Yeah you need change to 000111000, because its the value you set, no cannot be the random number 3 - Yeah, you need to see all ID cars value cannot be the sabe number, if 111 no exist on ID cars, you can use. 4 - I think you can, but use a diferent ref of you carphysicsdata for example: 08858512, 10858512, 14858512, ect..., its not generate, you have to create a number. 5 - Yes, but you need give a number the rims file for example: 123|bmw_m6_f01||124|bmw_m6_f_02 you cant use.bnk
  9. Hi, here is a tutorial how add new car on TDU. First of all you need this: TDUF, TDUPE, TDUMT : TDUMT: http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/3739-Djey-TDU-Modding-Tools-1162-Extras TDUPE: http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/29922-TDU-Performance-Editor-25-mediafire-link TDUF: http://forum.turboduck.net/threads/32570-TDUF-030-Djey-New-tools-and-modding-oppo Add new car forms, you will see on the tutorial: http://www.mediafire.com/download/988353f8qml5tu5/TDU_add_new_car_forms.rar 1 - Copy the files (can got any name, bmw_m6 its a example) to TDU/Bnk folder and execute the TDUF: [ATTACH]22637[/ATTACH] 2 - Give files ID For interior, exterior, hud and sound: [ATTACH]22651[/ATTACH] For the wheels: [ATTACH]22639[/ATTACH] 3 - Add new carphysics data [ATTACH]22640[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]22641[/ATTACH] 4 - Copy the values to TDUMT instaler [ATTACH]22642[/ATTACH] 5 - Copy the ref carphysicsdata on TDUPE cardata file (to appear the car physics on TDUPE and manage them) [ATTACH]22643[/ATTACH] 6 - Now add the car slot on TDUMT (vehicule slots xml file) copy the values. [ATTACH]22644[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]22645[/ATTACH] 7 - Add new rims, copy the values to TDUMT [ATTACH]22646[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]22647[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]22648[/ATTACH] 8 - Make the conection the car to the rims: [ATTACH]22649[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]22650[/ATTACH] Its done, now you have to add new colors and spot the car. Sry for my english, i did my best to make this tutorial more understandable.
  10. Download the file, extract and see the tutorial on page 1.
  11. if you did a backup of all original files of TDU its not necessary (like i did) If not, yes you need reinstall the game ):
  12. Already have all slots available.
  13. Thank you guys for you feedback and support :)
  14. I found a fast way and easier to add new car! In future i will make a tutorial. ;)
  15. on desktop for example (i put mine)
  16. Hi, i activate lock slots on tdu, since we can add new cars on TDU, we need more space for new cars. Features: Activated new slots! Against: Install will reset all slots of each car dealer. WARNING! Before download it, make a backup of your database. Download: Alfa Romeu 1 (5 slots total) Aston Martin (9 slots total) Audi 1 (9 slots total) Audi 2 (9 slots total) British Independents 2 (9 slots total) Chevrolet/Saturn (10 slots total) Chrysler (7 slots total) Dodge (7 slots total) European Independents (6 slots total) Ferrari 2 (10 slots total) Ford (8 slots total) Italian Independent (4 slots total) Jaguar (9 slots total) Japan Import (8 slots) Lamborghini 1 (7 slots total) Lamborghini 2 (7 slots total) Lexus (8 slots total) Mercedes 1 (9 slots total) Mercedes 2 (9 slots total) Pontiac (10 slots total) US Independents (3 slots total) Volkswagen (10 slots total) How to install: Extract the winrar files, open TDUMT/Patches/File/Open patch (TDU car dealers patch)/Edit/Import instruction/generate/installer (press ok)/Test/Run patch and install it. Enjoy!
  17. And now is possible add more cars on tdu, i can imagine a dealership with a 10 supras xD
  18. yeah i did. Its possible open corrupted database?
  19. One question Combat, you will made only supra LHD, or will made another japonese cars LHD like nissan 300zx?
  20. Hi, i got a problem, i was adjust a physics on TDUPE, then appears a blue screen say a critical error, i shut down my computer start again, i open TDUPE and appears a error, then i open TDUMT and give a error too. I cant open the database....
  21. finally LHD version!!! i will replace for sure my old supra!
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