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  1. TDUMT no detect, some vehiculesID for example brabus slk b55, i have to make installers updating the carshop, carcolors, ect.. Is possible make TDUMT read all carphysics data?
  2. How unlock Brabus, and hennessey viper slots? I set the bitvalue to 111, but no appears on TDUMT
  3. Ty, works! WTF add new car without colors(xDDD)???? Atari and Eden games........
  4. Its not about the camera, its about add new car (sry if im not explain on previous post), i add buick regal, car appear , physics ect... but i cant buy this car, i can only test drive.....
  5. Download and Install Tdu paradise project: Test Drive Unlimited: Project Paradise [v0.03A PUBLIC BETA AVAILABLE!] | turboduck forum
  6. First select the car and click on blue button In black you will move the camera right to left In red on top you will move the camera down to up, red on bottom will move the dashboard down to up In yellow will move the camera close or far. Then you click on midle button Tip: if the values on top is: 160938 change to 160928 will make the diference, on red bottom you have to change 360938, 460938, depends the car. And close TDUMT AND TDUPE before use it. I found a bug with aston martin db7 ar1 slot, i cant rotate the camera and open the doors. I dont know how to fix it...
  7. Maybe we need start add cameras, but i dont know if it is possible.
  8. We can use Motocycle slots too, but is very tight, to put the cars.
  9. No, i didnt see that part, i will try :) WORKS!!!!!!!!!
  10. Diablo_GT.bnk, Diablo_GT_I.bnk, Diablo_GT_F_01.bnk and Diablo_GT_audio.bnk Yeah, i fix it on US Independents.
  11. Yes. [ATTACH]22338[/ATTACH] I put lamborghini diablo gt on US Independents dealer, when i run the game, no appear the US independent dealer....
  12. I make a backup bnk1 file, i did MappingTool fix-missing --bnkDir "D:\Jogos\Atari\Test Drive Unlimited\Euro\Bnk" too many times and doenst work... Someona have idea what's the problem? Its compatible with paradise project?
  13. somehow i cant see the car slots, how i can make appear again? I reinstall the game twice....
  14. The physics ins't a problem, you can fix them on TDUPE, but nice work!
  15. That it is a connection between carphysics and files, anyway i dont know how this tool make TDU accept new files....
  16. but facel vega and bugatti replace exist files, default.bnk and default_bike.bnk.....
  17. [ATTACH]22318[/ATTACH] Its not 100% black....
  18. You can make a version with interior all black?
  19. I think the TDU still didnt accept new files with this tool, i try many times and the car (with the new files) no appear...
  20. What the value you put on center of gravity (x-axis)?
  21. Nice choice, What about update gallardo superleggera with stickers?
  22. --- Post Updated --- Yeah i dont like spyker. Anyway, i find the problem, i have to install Paradise Project, this file d3d9.dll make appear the impreza and will make appear future mods with oversize files.
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