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  1. That's sad. Nothing can be pulled from any Ride models?
  2. Everything is currently undergoing some maintenance. We are still waiting for everything to come back up.
  3. I did and some of the cars turned into pink mustangs. I also found out the UP is not supported, thus that most likely being the reason.
  4. With the servers down right now, I have had no luck going into offline mode. Is there any way to do it?
  5. Hopefully this is okay create a thread for this, but I just want to thank everyone again who built/contributed to TDU World! I had a lot of fun with some people online last night as we were trying to jump the fence in the Hawaii airport. We also tried to get a Beetle above 75 mph, but that did not work out to well . I've really been enjoying this mod and I want to thank you all again for it!
  6. Sorry if this is a bump, but my request is rather unpopular. Can we please have a couple more bikes? The bike physics in TDU2 are WAY better than TDU1 making bikes a lot more fun in TDU2. Sadly, there are only like 4 to chose from with the Unofficial Patch installed.
  7. LOL we all got warned on the download page of constant rain in Ibiza, but it reminds me of a Bill Wurtz video.
  8. Hey everyone! I'm not so new here but have barely posted. I'm just a user of this mod right now and am super excited for it!
  9. After a several year hiatus, I randomly came across this forum again and found it to be online because of your amazing work! Thank you so much! I'm working on getting TDU2 unpacked and running at the moment. I joined the discord server, too, so I am super excited! Again, thank you!
  10. So, I'm downloading the update. I also realized why my TDU2 is so slow... I put it on a hard drive built for Notebooks/Laptops that only has a top speed of 5400 rpm. SLOW. I'm thinking about moving the game back onto my SSD for better performance. In the meantime, I'll totally let you know how well the update has gone.
  11. It seems like there is a slight lag in the higher rpms. Other than that, excellent work!
  12. So, am I the only one who has had lag and crash problems? Did I just install this wrong?
  13. The real one has the different size wheels. Autovista was off on proportion with some vehicles.
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