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  1. If your machine can run normal TDU with no mods at all, then it should be alright. But experiment with the settings, so you can find the right ones for your PC. So maybe start low, and keep gradually increasing them until you notice some problems. TDU itself however, can be laggy at times but that's not down to the mod, that's just how it is.
  2. Don't know if you're still looking for a way to increase the money but by default with this savegame when you start it from the download, you should have every house on the island. I'd recommend selling off a few houses to get some more money, as you only start with 1 car to begin with in your garage and realistically you don't need all the houses. Personally I only keep 4 houses. (One in each corner of the map.) The only other way to increase money is to fiddle around with a hex editor, but like Zoqqer says above this can lead to mistakes with dire consequences, if you don't know what you're doing.
  3. The ProfileData file needs to overwritten with this profile but make sure you backup all profiles and files in the savegame location. Should work then.
  4. G - Ford RS200 (good acceleration, great handling due to 4WD, not so good top speed but that's not an issue for the G class races,) F- Audi TT 3.2 (Same again, good accel., good handling again 4WD, and good top-speed making it a good all-rounder for F class.) E - Skyline R34 (I agree with you on this one. R34 is almost unbeatable in this class. But only downside is it's dealership isn't where most of the E class races are, SE of the map.) Other classes I haven't found a good car to be recommended yet.
  5. You need to go to Documents/Test Drive Unlimited/savegame/<YOUR_SAVENAME>. Then create a folder called Radio in your save folder. Then create another folder inside Radio, call it whatever you want. Then put in your MP3's. Remembering there's a maximum limit of 32 files in there.
  6. This fixed it. Removed the compatibility on both the Project Paradise exe and the TDU one as well. Thanks! @Milli
  7. I'm not russian, I found the Gold version online as I'm trying to preserve my original TDU disc. And it had everything with it, 1.66 and the megapack. However, I haven't installed the RUS folder, as I'm not Russian, I want to play the game in English. And even then, without the RUS folder, it still crashes the game. I think my problem is something to do with TDU and Windows 10. I originally played UCP 1.04 on Win7 but since then I updated to Win10. I've done all the compatibility fixes too (set the exe file to Windows XP SP3, Overriden the DPI settings and running the game as Admin.) EDIT: Also tried putting Platinum in a normal version of TDU, (which has only 1.66A and the Megapack installed) I'd figured this would work as it has the right path that Milli mentions in her readme; "C/Program Files (X86)/Atari/Test Drive Unlimited" apart from it's on my D drive as that's my mechanical HDD whereas C is an SSD which I use only for the OS, but no same problem. Booted up through the project paradise exe and I get greeted with "TestDriveUnlimited has stopped responding".
  8. I have an issue with this mod. I've installed it into a clean Gold edition of TDU. Without the mod, it loads and boots up completely fine. But when Platinum is installed and I launch the game through the project paradise exe, it completely crashes, and I can't get to the menu. My specs are as follows; Intel i5=2500k CPU @ 3.3ghz GTX 970 8GB RAM Windows 10 64-bit
  9. You're still doing a better job of remaking NFS: Underground, than EA themselves ever will. :D
  10. If anyone using this car isn't running away from Hawaii's finest. They're lying. ;) Thanks Kurt! Now to play "Nine Thou" on constant repeat. :D (Luckily, a certain Sgt. Cross in a black Corvette is not on your tail... yet!)
  11. It's not just this mod. It's all of the links he's posted. I sent him a PM about it yesterday, but no answer yet. :(
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