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  1. Last movie i watched is adventures of babysitting a couple of weeks ago (2016)
  2. for driving missions that use the gauge reducer, there are bugs so, to combat this, download this trainer https://www.gamepressure.com/download.asp?ID=17751 and use f12 key it worked for me
  3. excuse the thumbnail i set it as custom on my gaming playlist, and this playlist ranges from pop to underground rap like artists from ariana grande to unaverage gang (more music will be added to my playlist in the upcoming times)
  4. For those of you wanting to know what the hidden cars are (SPOILER) heres the link to the complete car list (keep in mind its incomplete) https://www.gtplanet.net/forum/threads/test-drive-unlimited-platinum-complete-car-list-work-in-progress.388144/
  5. i think this would be a great idea to have the rwd huracan (and rwd huracan spyder) in the lambo dealership and have an upgrade preset for both for awd versions and especially the liberty walk huracan spyder (ik we have the lb coupe verson but not the spyder)
  6. I was wondering if it is possible to put your own songs onto the radio stations (not the custom user one)
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