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  1. There is no plan for the multiplayer, at least for now. Thus, there are no plans for online clubs. I will add the house modding and single player clubs to the wishlist.
  2. Great job to Mili and to the authors of the 3D models. IMO, it is better TurboDuck host the file as it will add credit to both TDU Platinum and TurboDuck.
  3. Hi there, Does anyone know where to get these cool road and environment texture mods? And Great job @Milli!! I suggest adding these great looking road and environment textures to the mod. (Notice the roads and the McDonald textures) Regards. - Dan.
  4. Do you see this small step that is shown in the red rectangle in the ToDo list below? It took me more than a month to be done! - well, still it is not really 100% done. in case you don't know what's the point of this modding feature, then I suggest you watch the video below: After 2 weeks of continues working, +10 licenses and thousands of lines of codes. You now can add your Blender or 3DS Max models (or literally any new FBX file formats) directly to this software as car mods. Read my previous post to know more about that ToDo list.
  5. NFS Carbon #Throwback BlackBox Studios, the only team that designed "real" Need For Speed games. I edited these screenshots ofc. I'm not "spamming". Had to fix the post as the new forum update removed all the images, but I didn't upload new images due to the new attachment size limits so I've reused old screenshots for it. I'll share new never-seen-before screenshots of it here with less texts so that it won't looklike spam.
  6. //ATG:Kish A Community Simulator project! Check it out in this official TDuck thread!! *The nurburgring scene (screenshot #2) and the cars are not part of the final version of the project.
  7. I wish I had enough free time during the day to do so. But here is the 1st thread, and I guess all the "Archived" section of the gaming division should be "Read Only" - according to the description.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, there are no Privacy options here. And you should have sent an e-mail to the old TurboDuck users to make them aware that their birth date is publicly visible. As far as I checked, it appears that after the new Forum upgrade, all the birthday dates are visible publicly unless they edit it. I speculate most older members of TurboDuck are not aware of this. Unless they spent their time checking the new account options here, like me. lol For the highlight color, use the code below in your CSS inspector: ::-moz-selection { background: black; } ::selection { background: black; }
  9. Still, I don't think this is a good approach. Perhaps adding character count, image and media tags, and text-formatting limitations (except hyperlink, color, and font-weight codes) would be a better choice than disabling it altogether. Best.
  10. I loved Digimon so much that my whole life was about Digimon lol. I still like Digimon much more than Pokemon!!
  11. Well, I used it to make people aware of my indie videogame project here by hyperlinks to the thread and the Discord channel. Perhaps it is better to add limitations to the signature instead of completely disabling it.
  12. @Diablo would be glad if you bring back the ability to add account signature to the forum.
  13. Hi, After the new TurboDuck update, I decided to contribute a little to this section of the forum just because. I remember decades ago I used to love this DIGIMON anime. I'd prefer Digimon over Pokemon, Not sure why Digimon never got a chance to be as famous as Pokemon. I used to gather all Digimon stickers, And make a DIY album lol. Good times...damn time flys lol. Best.
  14. I'd hire/ask a group of people to clean up the forum after the new forum update because there are a lot of duplicated/invalid* threads like this, which just wastes server bandwidth and hard drive space. This is only my suggestion to you and I hope it is useful. *By "Invalid threads" I mean the ones which - prior to the forum update - were read-only but now they're not, Or the stuff like that.
  15. This movie is good - not very good though IMO, I recommend watching it.
  16. Unity can't handle big scenes by itself. if you put a super huge scene in Unity, it'll eat RAM and it won't calculate mathematics well. I believe every other game engine behaves the same. To solve this issue, I use a custom streamer addon for Unity to load/unload objects - just like the GTA V's streamer system. Not only that, I am going to upgrade the streamer from CPU-based to GPU-Based, which greatly improves the streaming speed as nowadays normal CPUs have 4 to 10 cores while GPUs have 700 to 4000 cores! :)
  17. Just a small note: I was watching this DDE video and this 110% shows one of the motivations behind the devising my ATG project. As you can see in the video below, they did a magnificent job on creating an exalted vehicle, that means, they envisioned a GT 3 version of the older 993 Porsche. Yet not everyone is an automotive engineer to create their dream vehicle, a vehicle that does not exist but if it existed, it could be a masterpiece - just like the car in the video below - and I would happy to see everyone could do this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=V923hopV9Sw;t=190 Of course, you have to be familiar with 3D modeling and you have to know some basic car terms like engine torque and the related expressions for designing a vehicle and consequently, simulating it in the ATG project.
  18. Actually, thank you for your concern about the project. I appreciate the motivation of your reply. And I can't wait to share a beta version ASAP, too! :) However, you have to understand that if I make the game and nobody knew about it, then nobody could play it. Therefore, I have to make those accounts right now for the future of the project. This way, more people will be aware of the project in the future. I hope you learned why I set up those currently useless accounts. Don't worry about it, I continue devising the project until February 2019. After that, I have to move to somewhere else and work fulltime, which may cause to temporarily stop the development process of the video game for a quite of time. Hah :D ____________________________________________________ Guys! Thank you for all your support. :) Stay tuned for a bunch of updates until Feb 2019! :)
  19. Check out the project schedule of this indie passion project here. Visiting the link above, you can explore and figure out the "ToDo list" of this video game project! _________________________________________________ The project's Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/ATG_simulator . The project's Twitter account here: https://twitter.com/ATG_simulator . A Facebook page is set up but it has not been published, yet. Its URL is https://fb.me/ATGsimulator . For your information, I've planned to organize the social media pages but not soon. Reminder: This Turboduck thread is the official modders thread and it will remain the official modders thread of the project forever. Notice: The project will take a temporary break sometime soon as I have to do some work in real life, follow me and the project's social media for further information.
  20. I did both modeling the roads and using the tools of the game engine. If you need help, ask and I'd be glad to talk about the technical stuff! :)
  21. Here is a TDuck exclusive screenshot of the island of ATG: Kish. I'll share more in my Twitter later. Hah!! That's indeed a huge (~92 Km2) steak that uses ~8 GB of RAM, But it takes ~128 MB when a normal player streams its chunks in their laptop during playing the project.
  22. Here is the full map of ATG: Kish!! This map has not been finished, yet. _____________________________________ Yes, they all do, as long as the modders add them to the project. (G-Meter is like TDU1 and always is available)
  23. Go for it man, that could be a good start for you and maybe better vehicles for TDU3 ! :)
  24. Learn more about *potentially* TDU3 on this official page of KyloTonnGames.com. ________________________________________________________________________ Not sure if it's correct or not but here are the customization concepts. ________________________________________________________________________ While that could be true about the physics and graphics, I disagree with this specific statement. In my opinion, Test Drive Unlimited is not about just cars (and certainly it is not about Hotwheels track like in FH3 and Hotwheels cars!). In TDU you buy and sell houses, you customize houses and apartments, you kinda experience a rich life in exotic islands and that is the tradition of TDU. Furthermore, I love the way TDU kept stuff realistic, Adding the real concept cars made it an up-to-date game for its era. I expect TDU3 to keep the tradition.
  25. The next TDU is officially confirmed!
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