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  1. Ey! Thanks for the follow.

  2. The full story of Need For Speed games in the BlackBox studio's era. Ryan Cooper is the main character and here is his full story-line in order! Note that most of the games and movies are made without thinking about their future or past. so it is better not to think thoroughly deep into the timelines as apparently most of the times authors just try to link the movie or video game series last minute and without a solid thoughtful logic.
  3. These are interesting videos to watch!
  4. Well... guys I have an... lets say... interesting news! As you know, Need For Speed Heat Studio is an app that is just showcased and apparently it is official. With this app, you customize your ride on the go with your smartphone. The thing is, IT IS EXACTLY WHAT'VE I PLANNED for this project 2 years ago. However, My plan was to make an app that lets you customize your car, then syncs it with the actual software and you could see it in VR and export it as a 3D printable FBX file. In other words, You not only could customize your car with the software, but you could do so with your smartphone and then make the customized car a real-word object or project it into real world as a VR object. It is very interesting that this very individual idea actually and partially is happening by someone else, that's just amazing to me!Anyways, heading back to design the garage UI!! Please check the TurboDuck's discord to express your opinion on the UI design. And as you know NFS Heat Studio previewed its AR feature. A while back I have designed an app as a test that does exactly like that. in fact - as I previously said - I had planned a companion app for ATG Kish. Here is the ATG's test AR mobile app in action. You can see my old android phone that shows a virtual car object on it. This was designed back in 2016 or so. FYI, The final UI of the HQ/Garage scene is now uploaded in the Discord channel. Have a look at it there if you like.
  5. The Fast & The Furious Timeline very smoothly explained in the video below.
  6. Another wallpaper of for you. This time it is 4K!
  7. The low-poly modelling projects are harder than high-poly modelling ones, IMO. That said, the models look great and your skills in low-poly modelling is impressive!! Keep up the good work. Not to be too picky here, but If I were to model the Nissan for the traffic cars, I'd bake its details - like the grills, lights, door locks, vents and the other small details - as it decreases the polygon count. Of course that is just me and these 3D models look excellent.
  8. Watch a new short video clip of the new 4WS system in ATG. Today I had a little bit of free time - which super rarely happens!! - and added a 4WS (rear wheel steering) system to it. Just watch it in action here, looks great and I think this is a very first of its kind. GranTurismo, AC, Forza, TDU or NFS haven't had this feature in their game, yet - the only game I know that has the feature is GTA SanAndreas which is very arcade-ish. Not that my one-man made, indie, low budget passion-project can compete with those AAA games, but it is cool to be first in the game lol. Here you can see how effective the 4WS system is, you can compare a 4WS equipped Lamborghini Aventador lp770 SVJ to the normal steering system of LP750 in ATG: Kish. This is interesting IMO. For technical reasons when tried to upload the above GIF to Instagram, it was not successful. So I made a new video for it and shared it both in its Instagram and its Twitter. Then I decided to share it here, too. Reminder: the development of this project still is paused.
  9. For those who love Monster Trucks... Don't miss this series!!
  10. Another new set of the ATG: Kish wallpapers for you! For the sake of the TurboDuck's attachment limitations, these images are not HD/High quality.
  11. I would love to finish this passion project. But unfortunately, it is not possible. Currently, there are issues in my personal life and I have to deal with them first!, hence I paused this project. Moreover, I don't have enough money to hire even one person to work on this project seriously. As I said in the very 1st post about the project here, don't expect anything special from this passion project as it is just a hobby for me, although I planned to share it for free once I complete it.
  12. Download a demo version!! Today I'm going to show you a demo of a physics engine, I'll be using this Physics engine for this software. This is not a part of the ATG: Kish simulator indie software yet. However, you can play with the physics engine as a beta demo. About the demo This demo only demonstrates the future vehicle physics of ATG: Kish simulator software, the graphics and all the other game-play features are obviously NOT in this demo. The physics engine is currently based on nVidia's PhysX 3.4. It is made by Edy Garcia for Unity3D. Check its website for more info. Requirements You'll need: A Logitech G27, G29 or TrustMaster TX500RS wheel (recommended), or a gamepad (not recommended), or a keyboard (not recommended). A Modern Windows operating system. However, if you go to Edy's website there are Mac-compatible demos available there. A Decent computer Download Links Visit the above website link to know more about the demos! The Pickup demo which is recommended for knowing the overall features of this physics engine. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PICKUP DEMO The VW demo, Play this if you like to set lap records and have fun in a race car! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE VW DEMO Additional Info I currently am using another physics engine for this software, it is also made by Edy but we heavily modified it to be as realistic as possible, that engine differs from this one. However, he is going to share a free version of this, And I am going to replace the current physics engine with this newer one. Very Important Notice!! This project is still paused, more info is here.
  13. So managed to add the Murcielago Roadster models as tuning cars after some hours, didn't take too much effort TBH. Furthermore, I changed the road and vegetation textures and they look great. Now gotta work on my actual projects as wasted too much time playing this hah. Regards.
  14. FYI, I've just found three mods for Murcielago roadster. It would be great if it is possible for you @Milli to add them to the TDU Platinum as a patch. I suggest to add them as tuning models to the original Murci model of the videogame. Here are the links of the models for you, I'm not aware of re-using these mods is permitted or not. Hence I think re-using the original model of the game could be the only option. https://www.playground.ru/files/tdu_lamborghini_murcielago_lp650-34570/ https://www.playground.ru/files/tdu_lamborghini_lp640_roadster_air_vents_up_v1_5-48169/ Regards.
  15. Sincerely, I have one request. I noticed that there is no Lamborghini Murci Roadster, It would be great if you bring back and add the original Lamborghini Murci roadster as a "tuning model" to the video game. The same way you've added multiple Aventador models and the other hidden cars, adding the original Murcielago roadster model to the game is appreciated. I ask you to do so because I no longer have the original files. furthermore, I am not aware of how to mod the "tuned models". Once again, Great job to the team behind this Test Drive Unlimited Platinum mod!! regards.
  16. A new set of wallpapers of ATG: Kish for you! I had to reduce the image quality to meet the attachments limits, for better higher quality images, visit the channel of ATG: Kish in the TDuck discord server. Regards.
  17. Good to know that TDuck is active. Would be even better if it gets more engagement.
  18. There is no plan for the multiplayer, at least for now. Thus, there are no plans for online clubs. I will add the house modding and single player clubs to the wishlist.
  19. Great job to Mili and to the authors of the 3D models. IMO, it is better TurboDuck host the file as it will add credit to both TDU Platinum and TurboDuck.
  20. Hi there, Does anyone know where to get these cool road and environment texture mods? And Great job @Milli!! I suggest adding these great looking road and environment textures to the mod. (Notice the roads and the McDonald textures) Regards. - Dan.
  21. Do you see this small step that is shown in the red rectangle in the ToDo list below? It took me more than a month to be done! - well, still it is not really 100% done. in case you don't know what's the point of this modding feature, then I suggest you watch the video below: After 2 weeks of continues working, +10 licenses and thousands of lines of codes. You now can add your Blender or 3DS Max models (or literally any new FBX file formats) directly to this software as car mods. Read my previous post to know more about that ToDo list.
  22. NFS Carbon #Throwback BlackBox Studios, the only team that designed "real" Need For Speed games. I edited these screenshots ofc. I'm not "spamming". Had to fix the post as the new forum update removed all the images, but I didn't upload new images due to the new attachment size limits so I've reused old screenshots for it. I'll share new never-seen-before screenshots of it here with less texts so that it won't looklike spam.
  23. //ATG:Kish A Community Simulator project! Check it out in this official TDuck thread!! *The nurburgring scene (screenshot #2) and the cars are not part of the final version of the project.
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