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  1. It has something to do with the road. It does the same in TDU Gold and Ultra Community pack with the Mercedes 300 SL. It happens while you're going down the mountain. I read an explanation about that somewhere but I can't remember where.
  2. Here is a list of most of the cars and the filenames the use It is a Microsoft Excel document. Book1.xlsx
  3. What I usually do is to go into TDUPE and select a car that I know has a nice gearbox and I just put that gear ratios and number of gears into the car I want to change. I used the gears and ratios of the Audi TT for the Corvette C8 Stingray Works great
  4. maybe this will help. If you still have backups of the original installation, go to Bnk/vehicules/traffic and copy those files into your game, same folder.
  5. And now I am asking for the third time. I am wondering if anybody can tell me which file determines which cars are used for the vehicle transport missions. And how to change them so I can use the cars I want to use ? ? ?
  6. you must use TDUPE 2.5 (For Bikes) that is part of the Platinum download
  7. On the list you must go to the car you have replaced, say Custom 1, and then import the Ferrari F8 Performance pack to that spot. On the list it will still say Custom 1 but when you load that car and then click the name editor tab, it will show Ferrari F8
  8. I have the physics pack for the Ferrai F8 Tributo for you. Just install it with TDUPE. Ferrari F8 Tributo.tdupk
  9. I am wondering if anybody can tell me which file determines which cars are used for the vehicle transport missions.
  10. Try Must_GTR. The attached document shows all the cars that I couold find so far. Book1.xlsx
  11. Hi. I want to thank everyone that worked on this mod. I love it. Could someone please tell me how I can change the cars from the transport missions. There are a few cars that I would like to use in these missions but I have no clue how to do that. Thanks again
  12. I have been playing TDU 1 for about 6 months and I have downloaded a few mods since. I am wondering if anyone has a tutorial on how to recolor clothes. I want to do a few t-shirts for the upcoming Cricket and Rugby World Cups.
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