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  1. Did you use Project Paradise? They created some servers, but without certains Multiplayers things (like multiplayer race).
  2. Did you tried the 4GB "tool" that are given with the game? I had issues with TDU crashing when playing for "too long" and I used those and it worked.
  3. Comme Djey dit, y'a peu de franco sur le forum. Donc, la maitrise de l'anglais est recommandée (Du moins assez pour se faire comprendre et comprendre ce qu'on te dit). Ensuite, t'aura plus de réponses à tes questions si tu va sur le serveur Discord, encore une fois, comme Djey te l'a dit (et même mis en lien). Je n'ai pas TDU2, mais, j'ai vu plusieurs joueurs parler qu'ils jouent en ligne. Il se peut que ce soit un mod ou autre. Encore là, t'auras plus de réponses si tu va sur le Discord et que tu t'adresse aux gens in Zee English.
  4. Milli has gotten herself a new computer and was able to recuperate the hard drive. If you go on the discord server of Turboduck, you'll see she's working on new things for the game. But it's not something easy to do. All the stuff she figure out, take a lot of time. She's really doing something HARD with all that customization. Give her some time. Don't forget she also have a life outside of making these mods.
  5. Milli, I'm curious about this. How did you manage that? Was it something in the scenaric/mission folder? And if so, was it a .bin? And if so (yet again) how did you open and edit the .bin file? I haven't seen any tools able to do it.
  6. So. Hadn't played TDU for a while, so, as I'm trying to understand a little more about, I decided to play on a copy of the vanilla install (1.66A) I had and make a new profile. But when I try to get to the map, the game has a map tip, and underneath it, it say game is saving, then the game close. I know TDU2 have issue with a map crash, but I couldn't find anywhere here something about TDU1 having the same issue. So, is this something "normal", if so, what's the fix. I'm asking as, else, I have to delete all and re-install, but I want to see if there's a fix before that. Thank you.
  7. I thought it might have been the case, but I wanted to make sure. Now, I'll go back to my experiments. Thank you!
  8. In my "quest" to better understand TDU and all that, I decided to play around in the vanilla version of the game instead of Milli's Platinum one. I've noticed that there's a couple of car entries that have NO models for them. Like, for exemple a 427 Cobra. Also some Audi and some Aston Martins. Among it all. Is this something normal, or did I somehow corrupt my database? I mean, I'm dumb, so I might have done something like this without knowing. Thanks for the answers.
  9. NORMALLY, when a file still is a .torrent, it's cuz your torrent didn't finish downloading it using your torrent client. Once your client will have d/l it completely, it'll become a .zip file.
  10. To be honest, I haven't played TDU for a while. I got the 7 days to die "bug", then, I got hit by the CMS2018 one. lol So many games, so little time.
  11. Hey, DJ. Did you finally figured out the custom paint, or did it returned to the "impossible to make" status again?
  12. You should ask about this in the dedicated TDU2 forum and threads. This thread is for TDU's mod by Milli
  13. Use TDUF for that. Then it's trial and error. It's a little hard to learn, but when you do, it's easy as pie.
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