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  1. For people that wants to add addon cars, you just need TDUF for that. You just need to understand how it works and then it's friggin' easy. You DON'T EVEN NEED TO REPLACE cars. You can add some. Just need to make sure that their name ISN'T the same as the name of a model that's already in game. Heck finding ALL the info on the IRL car is the most difficult part!
  2. That's been said once, but I'll say it since you didn't see, but she can ONLY add cars that were made by modders. If no modders have done those, then she can't add them.
  3. Even then, Win10 wouldn't let me change anything. But then again, I always had weird, rebellious computers! So what I do when I want to change things, I transfer TDU to the desktop, do my changes, then put it back where it's supposed to go.
  4. Aww. And here I thought it was making the cars fly, or summoning C'thulhu. XD Reminds me when I toyed with the '68 Caddy's Vinyl Rooftop colors to the body colors. As the top color is assigned to the second color in the color, if I left the second color set to "nothing", the rooftop's color would be that of the previous body color in which I had set the 2nd color to something. Tho, I got to admit that I didn't try to buy that -incomplete- body color and take it out of the garage to see what would be the result.
  5. Depends if someone (a modder) has made said cars for TDU. If no one converted or scratch build said cars to the game, then, there's no models to work with and as thus, there's no way to add said cars.
  6. Strange behavior? It's getting me curious! Tell us more, I want to know. lol Did you register the rim in the program? Is the "number" of the rim the same as something else's "number"? Did you check for any errors in the database with TDUF before saving? Don't worry tho, if TDUF finds an error you still can fix it.
  7. I see. But it seems overhang lengths aren't really cared about IRL, so they're HARD to find. That is, when you find them.
  8. Yes, it is if you use TDUF. But it can be long and more or less complicated. But once you get used to it, it become easy. The worst part is finding the IRL tech specs and data for the vehicles. Some are hard/impossible to find (Like the '82 North American Scirocco) and the vast majority don't have the front and rear overhang (seems like those are not used much in vehicle measurement).
  9. So, will we be able to add colors, or will it only be replace colors?
  10. You DON'T need to install TDUPE in the game folders. you only need that it know where are said folders. Plus, TDUPE is a fan made program, so you won't find anything on TDUPE in the original game files.
  11. Hey. I just want to know: Is it possible to make a copy of one of the race, then mod which class of car can participate and then use it along with the original of the copy? Thanks for the answers.
  12. NIce, but you should also keep the original colors for people that have difficulties with colors.
  13. @Djey Will this allow us to make our own paint colors? Like Panther pink, or Ice Blue met?
  14. But it's quite easy when you finally understand it. When Milli release 2.0, instead of replacing the data in the ready to use slots, I'll make brand new slots for the cars I want to get in.
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