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  1. Just telling me that the increase is made in % actually help understand a little bit more. I don't have as much time as I'd want to learn all of this, 'cuz I'm preparing to move. But I'm looking at it when I have a little free time.
  2. The car is a Ford, so it should work. The problem I had, is when I did the perf. pack, it somehow turned all of the car's data that I had added back to TDU Custom car 1. Which I don't get. Do I have to create entries in the database for each level of the pack I make?
  3. Hi. Is this still active? If so, is it possible for you to help me figure out how to make performance packs? Thank you.
  4. Since the site was re-worked like last year or so, all the links in the first thread you link to lead to "page doesn't exist" page. Second one is working since it's newer, I think I may be able to find what I want, at least for the wheels. Tho, since TDUPE doesn't seems to work correctly anymore in editing the database, I used TDUF, but with TDUF, I don't understand how you can create and add a performance pack, so that you can "upgrade" the car using TDUF.
  5. ... So anybody can link me to the tutorial I asked about? Unless they don't exist? I'd really appreciate...
  6. Hello. Well, I asked the question somewhere else in this forum, but I didn't get any answer. So, I was able to get a car to replace one of the "dummy" cars. But, right now my car have no upgrade pack thing. So, is there a tutorial somewhere on this site where I could learn how to do such pack? I mean, majority of the links aren't working anymore since the layout of this place was changed a year ago or so. So, would be really nice if someone could point such tutorial to me. And one to add more rim options to the cars I'll add a later on. Thank you.
  7. Hello. So, I was able to get the car I wanted to get in TDU Platinum, and it went fine, had to try and try and try and well, I did it. However, my car has no performance pack and therefore can't be upgraded. BUT I want to be able to upgrade it, so I need a performance pack. Therefore, I thought I'd make it myself. But I dunno how. So, is there some tutorial(s) on how to make such thing and then how to add it with TDUF? Thx for the answer.
    Work really well. I'm a noob in TDU file editing and well, I was able to set up the entire physic of a car I added to TDU Platinum. Now to learn how to do performance packs for that car.
  8. Hello. It's me again! I almost got the '72 Gran Torino working to replace the Custom car 1. BUT when I try to change the perf of the car with TDUpe, the game don't even load (change my screen's setting as if it's starting, then, just change the setting back) and crash. The TDUpe I use is the one given within the Platinum patch (V2.77). I tried to find what's the problem here (on other pages of the forum), but all that I find has link to pages that "don't" exist, since this place went thru a complete overhaul like 1-2 year ago. So, if someone could help me learning what I'm doing wrong. I'd appreciate it. Thx.
  9. Thank you. Just another tiny question. I have d/l a '70RR and a '70RR F&F hood. Is there a way to use the F&F one as a visual upgrade to the stock one when we tune them? I mean, I saw that some cars had 2-3 branchs to choose from when we upgraded them and that those branchs sometimes had different bodykits.
  10. Euh... So... How do I add cars to this mod to replace the placeholder cars/dummy cars and not change the cars that already in there? 'Cuz all the cars I d/l replace cars that were in the released game. That would be nice.
  11. Hey. I'm new here. I downloaded this and installed it. I love it. That said, I wanted to add some more cars. The ones I found replace original cars in the game but there's 2 shops full of "dummy" cars and I'd like to know how to replace those with the cars I downloaded, WITHOUT erasing the cars native to the game. Also, I d/l the '70 Road runner and the '70RR with F&F hood. Is it possible to make the one with the F&F hood a tuning upgrade to the basic RR? Thanks.
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