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  1. Will this ever get finished, or is it abandonned?
  2. So, I'm trying to add to the database a rim that do not exist in it yet. Put it in the Ford folder, which is in the vehicles folder itself being in the bnk folder, in euro, in TDU main folder. I used the mapping tool, made it look for what was missing in the database, then add what was missing in the database. Everything worked as far as I understand. Now, HOW do I find them in the database with TDUF? The rim database had 4719 entries, so I thought it would add another one for my new rims, but nope. IF I have to add that entry myself, how do I tell the database that I want to use the rims I have added? I haven't seen something that ask for a path to find the file in the folder or anything. Anybody can help here? Thank you.
  3. Most likely your databank got corrupted. I think you can fix it with this tool. Else, re-install a clean copy.
  4. Hey, Milli. Just a question. For addon cars, when I add their base rims to the database, should I use the rims category or the TDUCP rims option category? wouldn't want to mess up the database. Thanks.
  5. @Djey Thanks for the answer.
  6. @Djey Hi. I'm trying to understand your program for the perf. packs. I asked a question a little bit above the question you answered today on this page. I guess you didn't see it. Would it be possible for you to answer? Thank you.
  7. Ok, some questions. Basically, car packs are made out of 3 level per packs, which TDUF call Tuning Package. Now, there's info in the pack for the three level of the car, aka default, pack 1, pack 2, pack 3. Under pack 1 to 3, we have price, acceleration, etc and what tuning package it needs to "call". That I understand. But in the tuning package, you got these: Pack_ID --> Self explanatory. Pack_Name --> again, self explanatory Then: Speed_ratio Power_ratio Acceleration_ratio Free_ratio CX_Ratio Weight_ratio Suspension_ratio Braking_ratio Now, should I tweak each of those values for each package, or only tweaking the packs is what's needed. IF I need to tweak the entries in the tuning packages, what are they for and what numbers should I not go over or under? Thank you for answering.
  8. Hey, Milli. BTW, saying that I got my upgrade packs to work on the addon car I put in the game. That said, I think I have an older version of Platinum. IF I want to use the newest version, can I keep the databank with my "mod", or do I have to use the new one and re-install everything I did thus far? Thanks.
  9. Hello. Now that I'm having more time to figure out modding and all, I'm dabbing into this once again, but I got confused. What is "Car_File_Name_Swap" in the carpack default part of the program and what is it used for? Also, I've noticed that most pack use TRAFFIC Compact 1, in the "Model Change" field. Does that mean that when I toy with those settings, and create something new, I have to use this value as well?
  10. Just telling me that the increase is made in % actually help understand a little bit more. I don't have as much time as I'd want to learn all of this, 'cuz I'm preparing to move. But I'm looking at it when I have a little free time.
  11. The car is a Ford, so it should work. The problem I had, is when I did the perf. pack, it somehow turned all of the car's data that I had added back to TDU Custom car 1. Which I don't get. Do I have to create entries in the database for each level of the pack I make?
  12. Hi. Is this still active? If so, is it possible for you to help me figure out how to make performance packs? Thank you.
  13. Since the site was re-worked like last year or so, all the links in the first thread you link to lead to "page doesn't exist" page. Second one is working since it's newer, I think I may be able to find what I want, at least for the wheels. Tho, since TDUPE doesn't seems to work correctly anymore in editing the database, I used TDUF, but with TDUF, I don't understand how you can create and add a performance pack, so that you can "upgrade" the car using TDUF.
  14. ... So anybody can link me to the tutorial I asked about? Unless they don't exist? I'd really appreciate...
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