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  1. So, I'm trying to do the Ferrari 250 GTO #334GT '64 Targa Florio convoy mission. However, the car take damage for no reasons. I don't hit any cars, dont get off of the road, and first thing I notice, I've gonne from perfect (90K)$ to like 89 963$... Why? As I said, I don't hit anything, no cars are even around most of the time and I stay on the road. Is this a bug in the collision box of that model or something?
  2. Yeah. I was about to edit my posts, after the hamsters in my heads remembered the patch and it worked with the patch. But now this patch created a new question that my hamsters can't answer: Why are those files called 4GB patch, when they're roughly 23mb? *confused*
  3. Anybody else got problems with the Skyline GTR-34 Mine mission? At first everything is fine, then after a while, the game start lagging for no reasons, when I roughly get around 26km left to the dropping point and if I keep on going as the game lag, it end up crashing. I'm wondering if it's just a problem tha affect my computer, or if it's something everybody get.
  4. For the 1k hp Viper, the car's wheels would always spin continuously never getting enough grip. When a car has no grip, it's as if said car is floating on the road, which mean that if you try to turn, it will most likely end up with you losing control of the car. But as I said, putting 2000 in grip in TDUF fixed the issue. I just thought both issues were something you weren't aware of and was trying to help you out with your mod.
  5. Two issues with the Viper SRT 10 convertible that I thought you may want to know, Milli, if you don't already know about them. 1st issue: When you choose the Mopar upgrade option (that give stripes to the car) and you buy the final pack (after buying the pack that visually change the car), your car stay at pack 1 (wrench 1) and you can infinitely buy the pack 3, tho it don't make the car better, just a waste of money if you forgot you already bought it once. 2nd issue: The car is undrivable as it slip at ALL gears when using the Mopar pack. Manual shifts, automatic shifts doesn't matter. And as you are aware, a slipping car is unsteerable. I fixed the issue tho, by adding more grip to the car (2000). Might be a little too much tho, but I didn't want to bother and find the exact "needed" grip to stop the excessive wheels slip. As I said, maybe you aren't aware of this. If you are, then, don't think too much of it. Else, I hope it help you. Later
  6. You replace the Custom cars' files with the files of the car you want to use. So, let say you want to use a trans am to replace Custom car 1. You rename your files with the names of the custom files and then replace those custom files with your renamed car files. TDUF is to set up your cars.
  7. Use TDUF and trial and error. Once you learn how TDUF work, you can manage to even add more than 10 cars.
  8. I see. Well, then I guess I will have to switch the game to manual shifting when using this car. I have difficulty shifting gears manually in games. IRL, I have no problem, but in game I do. I'm odd like that.
  9. Question about the GT500 2010. As I understand, the 6th gear is a "cruise" gear. However, the game don't seems to understand the use of this and instead of keeping the same speed, it slowly decrease speed. So, basically, it hinder the performances of the car. At what gear ratio should I modify it so that it can act as a normal gear and instead of slowly making the car lose power, it can give more to it?
  10. And you start the game with Project Paradise?
  11. Did you install vers 1.0 before installing 1.12? 1.12 isn't complete, it's just updates/corrections to certains files of 1.0
  12. This just happened to me as well right now. Never happened before. Tho, oddly, traffic seems to be able to drive onto unloaded stuff.
  13. I see. Guess that most of those are gone then. When I write TDU Addon cars or TDU mods, I only get that Russian site with addon cars/replacement cars. All the rest is articles about Platinum.
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