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  1. hello, how to disable the auto-flip? And off road? to run in the grass or mountain
  2. damn, thanx!, have a lot of cars!, but, the auto-flip is annoying, how to disable it? and the off road? to run in grass
  3. heyy dudes, is possible run in the grass? i mean, off road mod? or disable grass effect?, a trainer, something?
    Sweeet!, i waiting for this, finally, but Have any liberty walk/Rocket Bunny cars? like the ferrari or aventador? nissan 240SX and silvia?, yeah, the game need more liberty walk/Rocket bunny
  4. the real problem, is the speed hack, is very, very, very, and very Annoying, i need find a form, how to bans players, like entering in offline mode obligatory
  5. i want a "Widebody" Pack too From Horza Horizon 3 and 4...
  6. Welp, i love Rally Cars, but, i dont can find those cars....i only find the BMW
  7. any can make a rally pack...? Ken Block Ford Fiesta Subaru impreza WRX Ford Mustang GT: Ford SVT Raptor: Audi Sport Quattro S!: BMW M3 E30: Sorry for big sized images...
  8. why? Welp. i have a bit of hope, tdu 1 is revive, not? tdu2 can too, the game still abandoned
  9. welp, the progress is so slow, with, a bit of member, need more member to work more faster....
  10. Welp, this page need a Clothe mods, but, everybody dont love clothes, in my case, i request my favorite helmet, And appeared in the anime: DuRaRaRa, the Helmet with cat-ears, The Company make thosse helmet, is Nitrino, a Russian helmet Company, here a examples: is easy, (maybe) is only add the Cat Ears in the helmet: Welp, Sorry for my bad english, anyway, any can make? and... for TDU2 too
  11. TDU need new psychic, like remove auto-restart, Fuse the hardcore and normal mode, auto-windows  (stop, Windows up, run in 200 km/h Windows Down) etc etc

  12. Sorry for the wrong Topic, but, how to remove the annoying Auto-Reset/Recovery? is annoying when you jump higher or crashes
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