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  1. Thanks a lot! i'll look at it, i just want to paint it black like my IRL Ducati 999 xD seriously, thanks.
  2. i've done that, the 999R is not able to be painted in the Deluxe Paint shop (if thats what you mean by deluxe workshop)
  3. i've tried my luck with zmodeler but it seems like i'm only able to modify a vehicle's manufacturer color if i buy a license for it i'm trying to paint the Ducati 999R but bikes don't seem to be able to be painted at a Deluxe Paint Shop any recent mod that lets any vehicle (w/ TDU platinum) be painted on the Deluxe Paint Shop? i'm really breaking my head with this one with no luck also; if someone can guide me on how to add the colors manually i would be eternally grateful too!
  4. welp, i was in the same situation as you playing the game for some minutes, winning some races, and then the game suddenly starts to drop to 2-8fps, after some time it just crashes I solved this by lowering the ammount of cpus wich the game can run with its pretty simple, open your game, minimize it open task manager, right click the game .exe click in "go to details" set affinity unmark every cpu except CPU 0 well, this will help you if you are using a multi-core CPU this game was made for way slower cpus, so it can get confused and frustrated when you use multi-core cpus also, make sure to create a new game after you reinstalled the mod with the Megapack and the Patch this definetely fixed the thing for me i'm having many hours of joy playing this game now
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