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    BEight,your doing fantastic work for TDU1 ! i really like this backroads! in "Dillingham Airfield Resurfaced 1.00" , Now you fixed the , like "air wall" ? (close to main road), great job! Postscript:but i found a new bug in same area of Dillingham Airfield, Maybe it's an issue with my Intel graphics?
    Fantastic!This sound voice is very close to reality i was run your McLaren F1 engine sound MOD about 1 year?much better than the TDU1's original version(like Lamborghini Gallardo engine sound tuned). Your F1 GT (with transmission Whine) sound has been slightly modified, which may be more suitable for the F1 GTR long tail race car. Unfortunately, tdu1 does not have this F1 GTR LT model, I've been searching for years but haven't found F1 GTR LT yet
    thanks for your new windows in F1 GT! i forgot capture interior of F1 GT for last time, Rear view still bug... can u fix it? thank you very much! mabybe make F1 GT's rear view like the F1 or LM,GTR? If TDU1 has F1 GTR Longtail with gulf, it would be even better
    awesome cobra~! can you fix bug in F1 GT? The engine is empty, please! thanks for your nice work again!
    cool^ awesome work! v1.0.1 Has some bug? i drive my car through the "Road" area, can't discover it in TDU GPS map... hope u will fix it, please ! New reply 1(because i don't know how to reply ,my english is poor) Unrecognized roads are existing roads in the Original TDU1( Blue line in new 2 captures ),not your new road
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