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    chumwum753 reacted to Ryzza5 in Severe crashing/hanging problems   
    Also try this
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    chumwum753 reacted to MagicV8 in TDU2 Hawaii Spring Mod Stage 2   
    Unzip the mod files
    Backup your game folders / files
    Replace the folders / files in your game directory with the one you unzipped
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    chumwum753 reacted to Xarlith in How to change wheel size in my mod   
    Just wanted to make all sure.
    Tire shader exports pink, but to make fully compatible rims we need only [Default_A] shader without messing anything with Tire.
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    chumwum753 reacted to thunderhawk17382 in How to change wheel size in my mod   
    Thanks Phil!

    Best regards,
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    chumwum753 reacted to Minime891 in How to change wheel size in my mod   
    Yep just tested, all you need to do is scale the Tire and Rim dummys.
    It would be better if we could change this in the database like TDU1 or if oleg updates the [Tire] shader as it exports pink.
    -- OLD IMAGE REMOVED (imageshack) --
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    chumwum753 reacted to Shah Arkhan in MrHackTV TDU2 trainer (QA v0.55)   
    Test Drive Unlimited 2 exe crack.txt
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    chumwum753 reacted to Sayidov in [V0oDo0] Smoke Fix + Bigger drift Smoke TDU1 like   
    Two variants, white and gray

    TDU2 Big Smoke.7z
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    chumwum753 reacted to askmarcoanything 2 in TEST DRIVE UNLIMITED 2 AUTOPACK 1.85 Ferrari Red Pack Total Overhaul ""   
    Hi All,
    Just starting this mod up, is there a database for updated camera positions? The one on the Lotus Elise is a bit screwed, and I'm not sure how to fix
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    chumwum753 reacted to StarGT in C.T.R. Physics Mod   
    tdu1 physics comes to tdu2 0))
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    chumwum753 reacted to Ozzmcom in TDU 2 Physics and Handling   
    I think people have given up on that. Why not play tdu1 again?
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    chumwum753 reacted to Michal003 in C.T.R. Physics Mod   
    View File C.T.R. Physics Mod
    I working on new physics to TDU2
    Here is new 1.05 version
    Braking can block wheels More powerful handbrake Some optimization of traction control Edited ForceFeedback Edited aerodynamics Good for drifting Realistic understeer New motorbike physics and handling  
    Hardcore setup is now really hardcore and it's good for drifting with 4wd cars (e.g. Bugatti Veyron)
    Sport setup is made for drifting with rwd cars and for perfect lap times
    Full assistance is for normal cruise around city and it can also be used for perfect lap times easily
    It works online and also with Unofficial patch.
    I was originally inspired by Veno physics mod and thanks to him I could understand how it works.
    Used modifications:
    Unofficial patch 0.4
    Tested on Logitech G27
    I still working on Clutch/Brake linearity and car suspension. Now I work on version for normal (slow) driving with smooth brakes and steering. I'll release it soon.
    Copy downloaded file to TDU2 main folder and overwrite original Physics.cpr file You also need different laucher e.g. Knyazev Universal launcher or the TDU World Launcher  
    Submitter Michal003 Submitted 08/16/2020 Category Tools / Others  
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    chumwum753 reacted to Ramon1991cobra in TDU2 Remastered Mod   
    Now I am working in the 4 seasons mod, I hope to finish for this year. The summer and spring of Hawaii will be ready in a couple of weeks.
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