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Severe crashing/hanging problems

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    Hello, I've been running into multiple issues with the publicly released TDU World mod. The past few days I've been troubleshooting/understanding some problems and seems to get worse the more I play to test stability. I really want to do a let's play on twitch to revisit TDU2 (with online working), but feels like it really hates new pc hardware compared to playing TDU1 Platinum with no hiccups on game problems.

    Game version: TDU2 DLC2 v034 | TDU World Launcher v0.061R


    Issue 1: Map freezing/hanging or flatout crashes to desktop while in map screen. I'm aware of switching out dll files (dxvk 1.7.3) for RTX gpu's and do have them located inside the modded folder. They seemed to work for about an hour or two while reloading the game a few times, but issues returned the very next day during more tests and been that way ever since. Also done the tab out method from the video posted here, which rarely worked before the next problem below happens.

    Issue 2 - Main problem: Random game crashes. Doesn't matter if I run the lowest quality settings... it will still crash at random times if I race, drive in freeroam (usually within 2-5 minutes) or attempt watching most cutscenes. The videos I have attached shows a basic routine after my second reinstall and it's absolutely horrid. Right now the intro is crashing from the house, garage and trying to leave the cutscenes before I could even drive. 

    5th crash (on 2nd reinstall) - Locked up while driving the Ferrari California

    13th crash (on 2nd reinstall) - Couldn't even start the engine and fully move (don't think I can leave past this spot now)


    Issue 3: Game crashes to desktop while pressing start in-game before loading your save file. Did see there was a thread about this as well, but my game is like russian roulette to see if it wants to load the gamesave or not. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


    Main things I've done so far:
    1: Replaced DLL files
    2: Tried multiple screen resolutions and quality settings across 720p to 1080p while testing lowest to highest quality.
    3: Freshly downloaded and reinstalled the game twice (And yes.. it's a steam copy and not pirated)
    4: Everything hardware wise is up to date


    PC Specs:
    GPU: Nvidia RTX 3090 FE
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3950X
    Ram: Corsair Vengeance LPX 64GB (2x32GB) - 3600MHz
    Motherboard: MSI MAG X570 Tomahawk
    OS: Windows 10 Home
    With standard Xbox One controller

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    Hi DJKustoms,

    Let me try to help you as well as I can. My system has similar specs, architecture wise. So we should have the same instability issues.

    Here are my specs:

    • MSI X470 Gaming Pro
    • AMD Ryzen 7 5800X
    • Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
    • Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB 2x8GB

    Issue 1: Personally I got rid of the DXVK .dll since it caused major instability for me as well. Much like the crashes you posted a video about. I now use the Alt+Tab method, the video you linked about that was mine.

    Some tips to make the Alt+Tab trick more reliable to use:

    • I have grown to open the map right after launching and loading into the game. So when it does crash, it's not during actual gameplay.
    • Sometimes the trick does not work, but I have noticed that once you got it working once after launching, you can get it every time during that session.
    • I noticed it works better when the settings are at a highest quality, thus more demanding.
      • It probably takes longer for the game to load back in like that, granting you more time to zoom out in the black window.
      • Turning refresh rate from 60 Hz to 59 Hz seems to help with success rate, though this might be placebo.
    • I'm using a ReShade with my TDU2. This might also put extra load when loading back into the game, since it has to load the preset.

    The biggest pro for using the Alt+Tab trick for me, it that you know when the game might crash. This way you can prepare, and save before if needed. With the DXVK my game could just crash at the most random moment, like your videos show as well.

    Issue 2: Sound and look like DXVK issues. Are you still using it here?

    Issue 3: Could also be related to DXVK.

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    Hey Aquarious,

    You got rid of the DXVK files? I'll remove them again and test some more over the weekend. Since you also mentioned making the game more demanding I'll attempt 4k settings + 59 Hz as well because I did skip 3840x2160 testing all together due to the age of the game. To be fair, I didn't stick long in 59 Hz because that was during the first reinstall and that's when I had dll's inside the folder too. 

    I did in fact have the dll's equipped for both of those video clips. Before downloading those files it was still crashing a lot, but not to this level after reinstalling. During the very first install I had 4 crashes by the time I got to the driving school tutorial, then all went downhill after completing the first 6 driver tests and entered freeroam. This is where i started searching around topics and flipping settings in-game. 

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    Yup, delete the DXVK d3d9.dll completely. Then start testing the Alt+Tab method.

    TDU2 can handle large resolutions fine by the way, so no need to worry about game stability on that front. 🙂


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    Wasn't able to test over the weekend since you guys had maintenance on the backend, which is completely understandable. I removed the dll's, installed the 4GB patch and seems to work smoothly besides that one massive map hang per start up. Not sure how your team is going to handle fixing the map hang because that can be a major turn off to many players (Including content creators when they realize about the mod). I will say this created a new set of problems while trying to alt+tab the map for your very first boot up.

    1: In most cases during alt tabbing the screen will go black and my monitor will attempt shutting off like there's no signal for 10 seconds. You can still hear game sound but monitor will turn on and off for a good 40 seconds before game reacts normally again. The success rate of regaining game control is below 50% when you mix the other 2 problems below.

    2: Sometimes during the alt tabbing it will straight reboot my pc with no blue screen/warning when I click back onto the game. This is happening almost every 3-4 game start ups now.

    3: Game will become unresponsive where I'm forced to go into task manager and close it there. Then gamble on map working as attended again.


    At this point in time it's a major gamble on streaming if it has a huge chance of restarting the pc without warning.

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    It's indeed not the way to go for streaming.

    1. When that happens for me, I just alt-tab again. Bringing back my screen, then going back into the game while zooming out again.
    2. Ouch. That's interesting, that never happened to me before. Not sure if I can help there
    3. This indeed happens sometimes, but most often it works fine (for me atleast). But yes, for streaming it is really not the way to go.

    We'll need to further look into the issue to find the underlying problem. But sadly this is lower on our list at the moment.

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