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[V0oDo0] Smoke Fix + Bigger drift Smoke TDU1 like


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Today i want to show you my new Car's Smoke fixes.


What this mod does:

-Fix other players car Drift and burnout Smoke to be the same as own Smoke

-Fix other players car exhaust Smoke to be the same as own exhaust Smoke

-Fix other players car exhaust Flames to be the same as own exhaust Flames

-Patches all Drift Smoke a lot Bigger like it was in TDU1

-Pathes Drift and burnout Smoke texture to be more massive (thanks to tomsolo 4 that)


Original Drift Smoke patched to be bigger



Patched drift Smoke (bigger) + New texture to be more massive



Patched burnout Smoke (bigger) + New texture to be more massive




Release will be in a few days.

Did all work, just have to write the Patcher tool.


Cya at Oʻahu


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Hardcore mode beta Tool is still in developtment.

I need to change each Cars physiks behavior.

Done this 4 testing to the Ruf R-Turbo.

Worked great so far but it is a lot work to prog the tool and to find good values for each vehicle.

I am currently working on a beta tool wich i want to give a small amount of people who own a racing wheel and know tdu1 HC mode.

To let them help finding good values 4 each car.

Final H-Mode tool will be like an unofficial Patch.

Start Game through Tool and it Patches all cars and some other things like Disable Online Races, Patches a [H] in Player Names and so on.

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I did a lot research on the vfx_car.bnk in the past 2 weeks.

I now have a tool ready wich can replace the smoke texture in it without rebuilding the bnk.

As you may know the minibnk manager fails on rebuilding it properly.

There are also some .prt, .bfx and 2dm files in it.

I figured out that the .prt file manages the look of the smoke.

Resolution, Shape, how it appears and how it disappears.

The .2dm file tells the game what texture to use, what color and such things.

So i made a huge step yesterday in the smoke patcher mod.

Now i can edit the look and feel of the smoke.

Expect a cool new smoke feedback when drifting.

Tool is almost finish, will be rdy soon.

And sorry for the delay but the research on the vfx_car.bnk took a lot more time as i was expecting.

But with those new knowledege i can build lot better smoke mod.

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Will it be similar to tomsolo's smoke fix or something better? You don't need a tool for it. People will anyway prefer to only patch all changes in vfx_smoke and forget about your patcher/tool. Oldscool hex editing is always the best and much less time consuming ;).

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It will be better, Tomsolo just replaces a Texture.

This texture is only visible when doing burnout.

I already changed the Drift Smoke to burnout smoke.

And i am able to edit the look of the smoke. (not only texture)

I am almost done with the tool and i want to release mod even for those who dont have extracted game files.

They will need a tool.


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