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  1. i want to jump back online soon, but haven't had much time recently...
  2. what texture pack is that, looks very different
  3. I have left a chest by the small chicken farm near base, if anybody goes past there and see some eggs on the floor could they leave them in the chest
  4. trying to build am automated chicken cooker, but its taking far longer then i expected.....
  5. looks very good, need to start on a way of getting food now i guess, hoping to be online later, What texture pack you using
  6. well it seems like people have lost interest in this server, and to be honest so have i, but i still pop on now and again to make sure things are running smoothly. IM thinking it might be time to say goodbye to the current map, and start afresh with some new mods to make things interesting, i've got some plans to do some adventure map night if people are interested. So as a final goodbye, me and ry are going to go through the end portal and fight the ender dragon and finish the game the way it was suppose to end, so if anybody wants to join us then please put your name down below PS i will be making the old map available to download for single player usage once we move over to a new map.
  7. That car seem to have a load of understeer, i would've thought that if anything a car with that much power and RWD would induce oversteer? :confused:
  8. you had to show the video where you beat me!
  9. the one thing i like about these games is the racing to save up for the car you want, having early access feels a bit like cheating
  10. was good fun, be even better with a team of us going online
  11. It is a bit strange how building are managed to survive, but various parts of the IC2 went missing. I've just put a chest in your "Staff Area" with a klein star, some diamonds, block breakers and a few bit of RM to hopefully get you going again
  12. well im online now and working fine for me
  13. well ive been threatening it for a while now, but ive finally made the move to PS3, and picked up a copy of GT so would like to have a few races online at some point so please add me! my PSN is khevolution
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