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  1. Hopefully should be getting the keys to my first house (one on the left) in the next week or two. Nothing special, but I'm forever single and with my income it's the best I can do for now. Two parking spaces for the car to leak differential oil on to though, so that's nice.
  2. Haven't posted on here in ages. Almost bought a late 2008 BMW 330D LCI back in May this year, but there was a problem with its history which I found through doing a car check even though the dealer said it was all clear when I was looking around the car - always do your own checks no matter what. To be fair I don't think he had done as indepth a check as I did so he was unaware and refunded my deposit no questions. Normally I'd do a vehicle check before even setting off to see the car, but experience showed that these E90 330Ds don't hang around when they're a decent specification. I also expr
  3. Nice. I keep getting tempted to buy one of those myself, but other things keep getting in the way at the moment, maybe around Christmas if there are some decent deals on one. Only interesting thing I've 'bought' recently is a Samsung Galaxy S9. After what must be seven or eight years I decided enough was enough with overpriced Apple phones with (in my opinion) tech that's behind the times or at best matches phones with a much cheaper price tag. I stayed with them until now because I liked the familiarity of iOS, but I decided it'll be interesting to get to grips with Android all of the cu
  4. I was going to suggest something like a BMW 330e until you mentioned no hybrid, so I won't talk about it any more than that :p Don't shoot me down in flames, because I have no idea of about 90% of American cars, but have you considered something along the lines of a Infiniti Q50 or Cadillac ATS? I'm looking at the ATS at the moment on the Cadillac website after reading about some UK-based people renting them for a few weeks in the USA and them being impressed with it on the whole (coming from BMW owners, this is). Looking at the Cadillac website at the moment you can get an ATS Premium Lu
  5. I enjoyed seeing so many Teslas when I was in Norway back at the beginning of March, certainly something different to look at. It must have been getting on for one (sometimes more) on every street when I was there, but reading about it the Norwegian government offer some decent incentives to get people to buy them over the standard petrol/diesel choices. In the four months I've been back in England I've seen a grand total of two of the things. Hoovies Garage on YouTube bought a Model S with 106,000 miles on it a couple of months ago. I'd say its a good job most of the work has been done u
  6. Drum and bass isn't my go-to genre of music really, but I really enjoy listening to this song as it progresses. Standard drum and bass beat, but nice varied switch-ups to the rest of the music. Quite easy to fall asleep to (for me) and gives the speakers in the car a decent workout as well :p
  7. I'm not superstitious at all, but today has been a complete and utter nightmare at work. Started off OK, but 1PM until about 4:30PM was just rediculously busy and I was pretty much on my own. I don't think I could breathe for 20 seconds before I had another phone call coming in giving me another problem before I got chance to resolve the other 20 I already had. I don't normally do it, but in the end I just decided I had to let the phone ring and get on with stuff at around 3:30PM. Quite honestly if there are any complaints on Monday I don't care. The place is incorrectly staffed at the be
  8. I've bought most of the parts already, it's just getting the time and inclination to fit them in the current temperatures. I've lived without the auto-lights/wipers (still work as if they were just standard lights/wipers) and lack of air conditioning for a couple of years now so I'm not fussed about those. I was pretty close to trading it in for an E90 330i (N53) a week ago, but those things aren't without their own problems either, so it's a case of better the devil you know for now I think.
  9. To be fair she'll be 14 this year and I haven't had to spend too much on it up to this point in the scheme of things. I guess doing 300 miles a week is starting to take its toll a bit, but generally the engine is solid, it's just every sensor around it that wants to play up currently. Got the sidelight bulb done already so one less light on the dash for now, I've just got the DSC, brake and ABS lights to get rid of now :p I pretty much only take it to BMW to get an oil service done each year as it does have fully stamped service book with only one stamp not being a BMW stamp. Everything e
  10. BMW keeps giving me problems at the moment, today I've had a sidelight bulb go out which is nothing really. In addition to that over the last two weeks I've had two ABS sensors fail, brake pressure sensor fail, EGR thermostat fail, rear top suspension mounts started giving grief and it has decided it likes sipping on oil as well when I've never had to top it up in over four years. Best part is the one ABS sensor that has failed is the one on the rear left which controls the speedometer, fuel gauge, MPG readout, trip computer and overall mileage reading. So I've spent the week driving arou
  11. Congrats on the wedding. I'm off to Norway (Bergen) in March for a short break, always wanted to go to Norway as I'm not particularly fussed about warm weather and sun and the place is just so picturesque pretty much everywhere you go. Plan to look at Bergen itself, some WW2 artillery placements that the Germans put up and naturally a fjord or two. First holiday I've had outside of the U.K. since 2010, so it's long overdue. I also potentially have a job interview on Thursday to do something completely different to the office work I've been doing the last eight years (kind of bored of
  12. Here's an old vs. new with an extra thrown in, I have another wing to go on the driver's side, but didn't have enough time for that today. Before: Inside of old wing once removed: New: Need to have another go at getting the wing a bit more flush with the door, but it's on and will have to do for now.
  13. Occupants were a lot older, but there was a GTA-style chase in Birmingham earlier in the year. They drove a stolen Audi RS6 and rammed a few police cars with it and still got away temporarily. Audi ended up on its roof eventually. If you search YouTube for "Audi RS6 chase Birmingham" you should find it quite easily. I would link it, but not sure if it has a couple of swear words in it - I know I'd be swearing going over the speed-bumps like they do in the video, let alone being rammed. Seems to be a bit of an issue around the UK at the moment where criminals seem to target and steal fast
  14. Another year and it's up to 143,000 miles now, still doesn't clean up too bad and new front wings should be here by the weekend. I forgot to clean the pedals, but that's a job for another day.
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