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  1. Schweet. I finally bought some wheels. I've been searching for these wheels in the right specs for over a year now, finally got hold of them. Bottom photo is a photoshop of how it will look when refurbed. http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy194/MartijnMb/Compos_zpsd1123a02.jpg
  2. Geneva: 31 july - 2 August St Tropez: 2 August - 4 August Cannes: 4 August - 6 August Monaco: 6 August - 8 August You were there around that time? We drove this:
  3. It was quite crazy this year! Not to mention this is like half of it...
  4. Nice tree. I took a selfie.
  5. Some stuff from this summer. Don't mind the phone photos. Just thought i'd share. This is from Monaco/St Tropez/Cannes.
  6. Some plain plane photos.
  7. Well, that might be because 75% of Peugeots are crap :lol: Thanx! It's not quite 'done' yet, if it ever will be done anyway. Straight pipes, nice. :D
  8. Doesn't need much lowering to be honest. Maybe a 1cm in the back and 2cm in the front. Awesome wheels though! Gauges for what... I might get an oil temp gauge later.
  9. Nice! Looks good patch. Decided to clean my interior aswell today. Also did the outside...
  10. Mb

    Camels Mini

    So you bacon'd yourself?
  11. Will sort this later. As Ken says: Battery will be moved ideed. Rollcage will add quite some weight to the back aswell so should cover quite a bit.
  12. http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy194/MartijnMb/IMAG2685_zpsc426ca44.jpg Decided to ditch everything behind the front seats. http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy194/MartijnMb/IMAG2682_zps73ba0a17.jpg Have some panels made up (also for a friend) Went for a spin. http://i791.photobucket.com/albums/yy194/MartijnMb/IMAG2686_zps5186dde9.jpg Without everything in the back the car is a bit louder on the inside. Nothing to bad. Rollcage prep starts now. :)
  13. I like the livery, only misses one thing.
  14. I fill my stickers with helium so car get's lighter you know.
  15. Wish i could go to uni in the evenings. Finish at 10pm, then get wasted :D
  16. Is this the Anonymous Alcoholics meeting? If so, any seats left :D
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