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E30 FTW!!!

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  1. Thank you guys! For a year I drove my mom's car, a Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi . Some photos from today with the car and a very weird parking from a guy with a Mazda CX-5[ATTACH]19777[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]19774[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19775[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19776[/ATTACH]
  2. Thanks! It's kinda funny saying that is a nice car for the family given the fact that I got it for myself, being still sort of a teenager. Hehe :)
  3. Thanks Ryzza! Same for your parents and yourself! Those are very impressive figures.
  4. Wow! It is awesome! Many options and that leather interior...it's beautiful! From what I saw, you have the 1.4 TSi with 170HP, right? Me jelly now
  5. Thanks guys! @mercedes-benz , unfortunately, no. But I'm planning on getting as a weekend car a BMW E28 525i and modify it :)
  6. I remember when I was younger how I came across this thread watching what other users that I was playing TDU had and dreaming that one day I will have one of my own. So, this is it. Finally, after many years of waiting to turn 18 to get my drivers license, at 19 years I got my car. It's a VW Golf 7, Comfortline Edition,1.2TSi 105HP with these optionals: heated seats headlight washers CD-Composition media Leather steering wheel I've had it since September 2013 and until now I got about 9200km with it.
  7. I would really love to get back the TDU servers. After a long time, I thought about the game of my childhood and remembered that I had an account on TDU-Central. After some searching, I found out that this is the old TDU-Central forum. Hopefully, someone will get this done and we will be able to bring back some memories.
  8. i wanna be in your cruising team...can you add me please..??

    1. New pics. 911 Sport Classic and Bentley Continental Supersports
    2. Still got the RT12...nice. Very nice shots. We haven't cruised for ages. Gotta do it again sometime
    3. I think that the problem is the video card overheating
    4. Thanks tdu66. Thought to come back to this community...kinda missed it
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