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The Gamers of Scotland (GS) | SCOTTISH YOUTUBER'S NEEDED

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The Gamers of Scotland (GS)


Video Content Provider Application:


Good evening ladies & gentlemen,

We are conducting interviews for people who are associated or known to provide content through Youtube & willing to join an exclusive team of video content providers representing Scotland's Gamers. We are looking to make a full launch just after the New Year so we are enquiring everywhere we can to give people the best opportunity to join the team.


Requirments/Equipement needed is as follows:

  • You must be Scottish
  • Have a presentable portfolio (Youtube channel pref.)
  • Competence to edit footage yourself (Adobe or Sony Vegas etc.)
  • Capable of min. 720p recording abilities (Fraps/Mirillis Action! etc.)
  • Alternatively own a PVR/Caputre card/El Gato device to capture console footage.
  • Sound recording equipement whether that be studio standard or plug in head set.
  • A webcam.


Please express your interest by completing the Google Form provided:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1wbaklPzyrbQWshviFHRD3g5x_6kRPRtK-MlRHdZ39ZE/viewform


Applications are already taking place elsewhere so please be prompt in your application. Thank you.



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