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This is a post to share latest anime updates, and I will start off with this



Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-

Season two and Movie


From official twitter account

https://twitter.com/Rezero_official/status/1109385929033027584 https://twitter.com/Rezero_official/status/1109385929033027584



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  • Similar Content

    • By Rigel
      Hi people. 
      Since I got a plenty of time I don't wanna waste on just gaming, I'm planning to watch some animes. And I'd like to get here your suggestions about that to watch.
      Note that I'm not really a fan of animes and movies in general. Take it easy 🙂 
      Here's what I've watched so far, I'll probably start with similar things:
      - Naruto / Naruto Shippuden / Boruto (maybe skipped some fillers, idc about them)
      - Sword Art Online (all seasons, including the current one being trash imo)
      - Attack On Titan (all seasons)
      - Death Note
      - Initial D (all except the last season)
      - Re: Zero

      Current plans (not in particular order):
      - Wangan Midnight
      - Log horizon 
      - Overlord
      - No game no life
      - Mahouka koukou
      - Youjo senki
      - Made in abyss
      - Roku de Nashi Majutsu Kōshi to Akashikku Rekōdo
      - Boku No Hero Academic

      And please don't suggest:
      - long ass things like One Piece or Bleach. I'm a newbie 🙃
      - stuff with a lot of dismemberment scenes like Re: Zero. It was kind of an exception because I started watching and wasn't expecting heads, arms and legs flying around without their owners. That's why I didn't include Kiseju Diablo suggested in my plans. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against blood at all, I'm against "cutting people like butter / slice of daily life" (© Diablo, 2019).
      Also I like melee fighting.

      Thanks in advance! 
    • By Loz
      Noticed a few anime fans here, lets have a thread. Nothing appeared in search.
      Soo... What has everyone been watching? Discuss.
      I've been a few loads of anime recently. and I thought i'll give a quick review of the ones i've watched.
      K-ON!:Currently my #1. Not sure why I really like it, maybe because it's pretty cheery and light hearted and cute. Would love to see a College type show with the girls.
      Spice and Wolf: Soo close to topping K-ON!. If only it had a 3rd season with some closure and such. Holo is a fantastic charcter and the banter with Lawrence is great. Slightly weird concept for an anime though, Money and trading over combat an so on. My avatar is Holo from this series.
      Lucky Star: Similar vein to K-ON! with girls doing bugger all for the most part. Clever anime culture references were funny. Dat OP too... It won't leave.
      Haruhi Suzumiya: Pretty good. The back and forth between Haruhi and Kyon makes for some good chuckles. Nagato get some unintentional funnies due to deadpan delivery, even more so in the Haruhi-Chan series. I watched the movie before I watched the rest of season 2 (Endless 8), according to some places, it doesn't really matter what order to watch.
      Clannad: Only watch the first 9 eps, but holy crap the feels. Never expected an anime to make me well up like that. From what i've read, more feels happen later on. Will get round to it in the future.
      Rosario + Vampire: Not sure what to make of this one, my brother suggested I watch it. Quite repetetive after a while.
      Baccano: Fantastic show. Was tricky to follow some of the plot for a bit, but ties it up towards the ending I guess? Love the style and setting though. That intro too, it's one that if you're marathoning it you don't skip because it's brilliant.
      Strike Witches: Not sure why I watched this, but it's suprisingly a fun watch.
      Girls und Panzer: Watched this subbed. It's kind of a similar theme to Stikes Witches, girls and military hardware, but pulls it off better but being a bit more rooted in reality.
      That's all i've watched recently, with things like Cowboy Bebop, Initial D and Love Hina watched last year. Tried things like One Piece and Evangelion but couldn't get into them.
      This list doesn't could the few shows i've only watched 1 or 2 eps off, mainly things like Toradora which I will watch at a later date, as i've heard good things about it.
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