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TDU Immersive Radio Stations & DGST Music Pack 1.0.2

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Hello again, this is Ztryka and I present to you my next mod for Test Drive Unlimited:

The Immersive Radio Stations & Driving Games Soundtrack (DGST) Music Mod Pack introduces new radio stations based on real life O’ahu, Hawaii stations, including station IDs, call signs and station names, that plays along with songs based on other driving and racing games aside from TDU (excludes one station which more than half of the songs are based on real life top hit songs list of the decades). The idea of the mod is to bring the real life radio stations to Test Drive Unlimited gameplay and create an immersion of reality while driving around the island of O’ahu.

Guide to Install the Music Mod for TDU:

1. Extract the files from the Zip file.
2. Open Test Drive Unlimited, then copy the folder "Euro".
3. Paste the folder to C : > (Your folder location of) Test Drive Unlimited (For example, in my case C : > Games > Test Drive Unlimited)
4. Press Yes if asked to replace the files. (BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE DOING THIS!!!)
5. Look into "For User Radio:" instructions below.

For User Radio:

6. Go to Test Drive Unlimited > Euro > Radio.
7. Cut the folders "User Radio 1" to "User Radio 4".
8. Paste the folders to Documents > Test Drive Unlimited > savegame > "Your Profile Name" (in my case, ZtrykaTDU, for example) > Radio (create the folder of the same name if there is none)
9. Play TDU, Continue Game, Exit House and Enjoy!

For more information regarding the music files, check the other files that included in the Zip File:

* Description doc
* Description pdf
* New Stations List txt
* In-Game Tracklist txt


Download Link:

Mediafire Mirror Download Link Available:



Stock TDU Music Files:

Vanilla: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6cvcie59cf97fyx/TDU_Vanilla_Music_Files.rar/file
Platinum: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9w140fujphzfi6b/Platinum_Original_Music_Files.rar/file


Special Thanks to people who helped me create the mod. I listed them down in the description files in the zip.

If you guys want to make a request in creating your playlist, I am happy and willing to assist, since music helped playing TDU more fun and immersive.

Enjoy, peace out!

--- Ztryka ---


Edited by Ztryka531

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Update 1.0.1: Birthday Special Update (May 31, 2019):

- One Radio Station added (now also included in the files for download)

Update 1.0.2: School Time Update (June 8, 2019)

- New songs for the Radio Station mentioned above. (now also included in the files for download)

This download link is for those who already downloaded the previous file (so you will not download the large zip file again):


Always read the readme file before doing anything!

Peace out and happy listening!


--- Ztryka ---

Edited by Ztryka531
New Update

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