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[TDU Platinum] Infiniti G37 Gauge Mod!


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[TDU Platinum] Infiniti G37 Gauge Mod!

Happy new year! 😄

I appreciate all of you and I hope you like it!


It was impossible to square the speed needle with the gauge

indicator due to game limitations; after a certain speed it is

dialed incorrectly. I'm sorry!



This is a gauge mod for Test Drive Unlimited with the Platinum mod.

Replace the gauges (HUD) of the Infiniti G37. 


The download includes the mod and a copy of the original files in

case of uninstall.



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Wow, this Infiniti G37 Gauge Mod is absolutely incredible! Huge thanks to Reymondox for sharing this gem with the nitro Platinum community. The attention to detail is mind-blowing, and it adds a whole new level of realism to the game. I'm truly impressed by the thoughtfulness of including the original files for those who may want to switch back. I can't wait to try it out and see the Infiniti G37 come to life with these awesome gauges. Mods like this make our gaming community so vibrant and exciting!

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