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I can't get a mod to work.

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So I was just playing TDU2 when I found a Bugatti Chiron mod, so what did I do? Downloaded it ofc. Anyways as I was checking what it said about it, it mentioned it replaces a car, something I hate. And so what anyone who hates having a car replaced would do, search a tutorial online. Found one did everything it said to do, I got TDU2VPE to be shown, changed wheels and stuff, performance etc. and when I put it in the dealership I get nothing, the list of cars shows it's there, replacing another car for some reason, and when I go to the dealership, no Bugatti. Help would be amazing. Thank you! Also I don't know much about modding and stuff, but I know a thing or two I guess, so if it's more advanced than I understand, if I ask you to explain, please explain, if you won't, don't waste your time.


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Here is how you can use the car which was unrealeased:

1. In TDU2VPE, check unrealeased button and uncheck all other boxes.
2. Open the Model tab, and choose the car which has closest dimensions to Bugatti.
3. Press Load.
4. Now, you have to rechange some files which you have downloaded:
   4.1 Rename the files: body goes chiron.bnk; interior chiron_i.bnk; wheels chiron_f_01.bnk.
   4.2 Put these files: 
body: Euro -> bnk -> vehicules -> high
interior: Euro -> bnk -> vehicules -> interiors
wheels: Euro -> bnk -> vehicules -> rims -> bugatti
5. Go back to TDU2VPE, and go to Tires/Rims; press folder/file name. as folder, choose bugatti, and both rims should be chiron_f_01
6. Choose Miscellaneous tab; open sensitive data, file name definition; and rename to chiron.
7. Put the car in a dealership which you want, and press Apply.

this is very basic way to get the car into the game, keep in mind that you also need to change camera position, or even change the location wheels in zmod.

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