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TDU2-RS Graphic Mod

Graphic part of the global modification TDU2-RS.

- Changed global textures of the islands of Ibiza and Hawaii.
- Replaced all flora of both islands.
- Replaced all road textures. Well, more precisely, not replaced, but improved.
- Reconfigured grass height.


- Requires unpacked version of TDU2!
- Unpack the archive.
- Put the Euro folder in the root folder of the game with the replacement of files.

Mod VERY greatly increases the load on the computer! Competently calculate the strength of your technique!

More screenshots here - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11WAX9G-YzbEQJEEtCAZoD3zQt3ruHknw?usp=sharing

The attached screenshots of the mod are made with the installed packages of maximum graphics and ReShade 4.3.0
Both TDU2 configurator and this mod are parts of one global game, so it is advisable to use them together to get the maximum result!
Link to TDU2 configurator page - 



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9 minutes ago, Aquarious said:

Does it replace all textures in the game, so also buildings and props?

No. The mod replaces only the global textures of the islands, such as flora, roads, some material textures.
I doubt that I will have the patience to go through all the areas and replace all textures there with better ones. Moreover, right now I have a lot of work on my main modding game - Stalker.
However, I do not exclude that after the new year I will go through all areas and improve both terrain and all textures of materials. Everything will depend on employment in other projects.

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