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Remastered Controls Gran Turismo PSP

Katie Cookie

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Remastered Controls Gran Turismo PSP

Demo: https://streamable.com/0x3092

Source: https://github.com/Kethen/RemasteredControls_GTpsp

Remastered Controls for GTpsp

  • override internal steering deadzone for fine steering
  • inject vector throttle and brake values for a better RWD experience



  • on ppsspp, throttle is bound to right stick left, brake is bound to right stick down, remap right stick left and down in ppsspp accordingly to your desired throttle and brake control
    • a patched windows ppsspp is provided at the moment to remove hardcoded xinput trigger deadzones, hrydgard/ppsspp#18404
  • camera rotation on bumper and cockpit view can additionally be enabled on ppsspp by creating ms0:/PSP/GTRemastered_camera_controls.txt
    • binds to left stick up and down when enabled, remap ppsspp left stick up and down to your desired camera control buttons accordingly
  • on vita (when supported), throttle is bound to right stick up, brake is bound to right stick down


  • EU v2.00 (UCES01245 2.00)
  • US v2.00 (UCUS98632 2.00)
  • JP v1.01 (UCJS10100 1.01)
  • ASIA v1.00 (UCAS40265 1.00)

FOV and misc CWCheat codes


Hooking references



  • finish real HW hooking when I have a psp again


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