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TDU1 TVR Tuscan S improved textures (and wheel gap fix)


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TDU1 TVR Tuscan S improved textures (and wheel gap fix)

A custom set of improved textures (and wheel gap fix) for the TVR Tuscan roadster.


  • new front lights
  • new bonnet badge
  • new side repeaters
  • new wheel textures with darker backs
  • new windscreen texture with clear glass
  • new rear lights
  • new exhaust
  • new boot badge


  1. Replace the original file (Euro/Bnk/Vehicules folder) and the wheel file (Rim/TVR subfolder) with the new files
  2. Enjoy


Wheel gap fix (for advanced users, make backups if you're not sure)

For this operation you will require TDUPE

1. Edit the rim size:
1.1. Open TDUPE (you need to create temp/debug.log file and browse game directory if it doesn't work)
1.2. Car > choose TVR Tuscan S > Load car
1.3. Miscellaneous tab > Default Rims > change "Tuscan S" to "288 GTO"
1.4. Click Save car

Launch TDU and check if the wheels look fine. If so - great, enjoy.

If not - keep reading.

2. Edit the tire size (only do this part if the rim edit didn't fix the gap)

For this operation you will require TDUMT and TDUdecGUI

2.1. Make a backup copy of your current Euro/Bnk/Database/DB.bnk file.
2.2. Open TDUMT
2.3. Via File Browser, find Euro/Bnk/Database/DB.bnk file
2.4. Within this DB.bnk contents, pick TDU_Rims.db file and click "Extract..." and get your unpacked file
2.5. Open TDUdecGUI 
2.6. Browse and Decrypt your extracted TDU_Rims.db into TXT format (top line - Source DB file. Bottom line - specify the folder and TXT filename, choose Decrypt, click Execute)
2.7. Open this TXT file with Notepad or any other text editor.
2.8. Search for "56176512" line
2.9. Edit this line so the numbers look like this:
2.10. Save this TXT file
2.11. Using TDUdecGUI Encrypt this TXT into a new TDU_Rims.db file (top line - browse source TXT location, bottom line - browse DB folder and name, choose Encrypt, click Execute)
2.12. Using TDUMT File Browser, browse to Euro/Bnk/Database/DB.bnk file and inside its contents replace the previous TDU_Rims.db with your new DB file (Keep name)

Launch the game and enjoy your good looking TVR

Tool links:

TDUMT >>>  https://turboduck.net/files/file/90-tdumoddingtools-first-gen-tools/

TDUdecGUI >>>  https://turboduck.net/files/file/123-tdudecgui/

TDUPE >>> https://turboduck.net/files/file/91-tdupe-easiest-way-to-fine-tune-vehicle-physics/


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